Title: The End
Author helgaleena helgaleenas@yahoo.com
Rating: R
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Category Slash POV angst non-con
Spoilers: ROTS
Summary: Vader's POV just before the duel on Mustafar. End of the team of Kenobi and Skywalker.
Warnings: dialogue differs from movie a bit, but I am trying to stay canon
Disclaimer: Lucas is the god of Star Wars and owns everything. I am nothing. Authors Notes-- contains my theory of Obi-Ani-Padme-Qui. Written for the Order 66 Challenge at livejournal.com

"Though General Grievous has been stopped, an indication of Kenobi's triumph, I am certain that your former master will not escape from Order Sixty-six." Sidious was smirking, enjoying the distress that his apprentice was struggling not to display.

No-- he can't be dead-- I would have felt it!

" I would have felt it..." He hadn't realized he was saying it aloud.

"Would you, young Lord Vader? Are you certain?" The being to which he had sworn allegiance, whom once he had thought of as a friend, was leering at him knowingly. He could have heard every thought in his head, effortlessly and without compunction. Sidious...even as his words reached his ear, the apprentice felt certainty deserting him, frightened off by the will forces of the Sith. But Vader refused to give in. I knew it, I knew the mission to Utapau would be dangerous for him without me. I knew they should have let me go with him... But the Jedi Order stood between him and his loves no longer. And no matter what, he was sure Obi-Wan still lived. He would heed the summons being broadcast by the Temple beacons. And when his presence was near enough, his beloved would be there, waiting. He would not die like the rest. He will return safely to me, thought the former Anakin Skywalker. That is my will, and so it will happen.

Pity about the younglings. But they gave their lives in the cause of peace and order. The Force will accept them readily. School's out, kids.

"You think you need him, do you?"

Palpatine was still invading his head. He was getting used to the sensation, oddly enough. Suddenly, a wave of pure pleasure began to corruscate up and down his body, even as he stood there in the Supreme Chancellor's office. It circled his genitals like invisible hands, massaged his mouth and throat, rocked his hips, made him gasp before he realized what was happening. Palpatine chuckled.

Vader whirled to face his superior, breathing hard. "Get out," he snarled.

"No, apprentice, not until I am ready to leave." And the young Darth found himself racked with sharp spasms of ecstacy, blood rushing to his head and groin, till finally he fell to his knees, crying out in orgasm and in humiliation. He raised himself slowly, feeling soiled, clothes sticking to his crotch, to see his new master chortling and fondling himself.

"Shall I do it again?" he said, licking his pasty lips.

Vader didn't answer. He simply diverted all his mental resources to personal shielding. He felt the presence of Palpatine--no, not his old friend, but this new reality, this Sidious!-- receding, gradually like a scummy ebb tide on a water planet, from the fixtures of his mind. He felt great hatred. He fed it into the shields.

He would kill this Sidious. Soon. Never again, he vowed...

"I am departing for Mustafar to carry out your orders-- Master." He straightened his robes, bowed, and withdrew. Sidious was still chuckling, still groping at himself, as the doors closed.

He changed clothes completely and used the fresher, scrubbing until he felt somewhat cleaner, before stopping to see Padme. She would be worried at the smoke rising from the occupied Temple complex. Their children might be adversely affected by their mother's anxieties. For his family's sake, he would set her mind at ease as much as he could.

Later, on Mustafar, the command center was littered with the corpses of the war-mongering Separatist leadership. Young Vader left the stink of mingling bodily substances behind, to stare from the balcony upon a molten river, to be buffeted by the heated air currents generated by the cooling of liquid metals.

He couldn't leave yet. Sidious was coming. Sharply he curbed his imagination of what uses his master might make of the corpses. Purely ceremonially, of course.

Tracks of tears were drying in the furnace-like breeze. If only it were Obi-wan he was meeting here. Then this whole infernal scene would be completely insignificant. They would be too busy congratulating each other on being alive, with peace before them. But no, there was still Sidious in their way. Hatred flared his nostrils---

I'm going to kill him. Right here, and pile his disgusting remains with all the others. But not before I cut off his dick and stuff it down his throat. He knows I want to. The only reason he's still coming is because he thinks I won't do it yet. Little does he know. I don't value his lure of eternal life now. Not eternal life as a sex-toy to him.

I'll wipe him out like the infestation he is, then rule for as long as it takes, then go with Qui-gon...

In this strange moment of decision, he truly longed to communicate with Qui-gon Jinn, feel his deceased Master's reassurance. I will do it, Master, he tried to send to that spirit. I will bring balance. But it was so much harder without Obi-wan.

His Force-assisted senses informed him of the arrival of a small ship at the classified landing area. It was the wrong ship, though. He sensed no vacuum of darkness pulling at him, the essence of Sidious. Instead he felt love, and sorrow, and -- Padme!!

With the shock of this development, the sense of his deceased mentor seemed to fly completely away, to be replaced by her questing thoughts of him. She was fine, just terribly agitated. He hurried forward, to shield her from the sight of the command center and its contents. She might not appreciate how he'd--- redecorated.


"Padme, what are you doing here?" He drank in the sight of her, even when she was in a panic. She rushed down the ramp to him, and he raised her hands to his lips to kiss them.

"Oh, Anakin, Obi-wan has been telling me terrible things about you-- he said you killed the children in the Temple---"

Obi-wan? He was all right! --but wrong to tell her these things, though, in her condition.

"Do you really believe that?" He smiled at her, his sunlight. Nothing mattered except that she cared for him, was trying to protect him. The details would resolve themselves later.

"He's going to try to kill you, Ani!" Now that he really couldn't believe. He snorted dismissively, still smiling. Whoever had told her that was going to pay for causing her such fear.

"It's true." An all-too familiar voice echoed from the companionway of the vessel. Padme whirled around, shocked at the sound, then whirled again to face her husband.

"You--" The word came from Vader's throat like a reptilian hiss.

Their eyes met, blue and green bleached yellow in the deep reds of Mustafar's atmosphere. Obi-wan. My love. How can you mean that?

Oh, yes, he meant it. And he had come from Coruscant. He had followed the summons to the Temple, survived to see the carnage, without any explanations from his partner. And he had come to his own conclusions.

And then he poured poison into my poor wife's ears! How dare he! How could he! And made her bring him here---

Suddenly the whole world turned inside out. The green of Obi's eyes was red. Up was down. Black was white. Friend was foe, love was death--- and the red haze in his vision was the perfect solution to it all....

"You-- brought-- him-- here--"

Padme's throat was swelling shut, as he Force-pushed her, inch by inch, away from him. Her punishment would come later, after she lost consciousness, after he dealt with Obi-wan. Her wild, beautiful brown eyes at last began to glaze over, and he eased her gently to the pavement.

Obi-wan had rushed forward as if to prevent his dealing with Padme, but had wisely refrained from coming between husband and wife. But he looked appalled. Hypocrite. He's here to kill me, after all.

"She's fine, she's alive," he assured the traitorous, beloved meddler. Fury was eating him up, so he channeled it into personal invulnerability. Unless he could talk sense into Obi-wan, he might need that. But sense, could he remember what that was?

Obi-wan was shielding his own throat from a similar choke, which was only prudent, considering the huddled example of the unconscious Padme before them.

"Padme is innocent in this." Yes, right, whatever you say, former boss.

"Why should I believe you?" he spat.

The hatred was boiling out of him now, the surrounding Force-currents prickling with it. A tiny segment of him, ever on guard, reminded him not to shoot Force-lightning from his hand, or he might fry the circuitry.

"Let her go, Anakin." Obi-wan was circling, trying to draw him farther from his wife, his children, thinking he would endanger them-- ridiculous slander to think that. Further rage flared.

"You will not take her from me!!" He began to pace back and forth, layering the swirls of Force into a wall between her and Obi-wan. With every stride, grief tainted his rage.

We were a team. We shared everything, even her love. How could you do this, key to my heart? How did you upend all my plans for us into this red furnace of betrayal? But Obi-wan was keeping his mind closed. He had to yell.

"How could you do this, Obi-wan? The way you made me feel---" Yes, you made me, grew me this way, used my love for you, pushed my buttons, jerked my heart around--- " I would do anything for you, dammit! Anything! I am even kissing Sith ass for you---"

That brought up some disgusting memories. Grimacing, he continued to pace. Obi-wan merely shut his eyes, hands at his sides.

"I have brought peace to the galaxy, do you realize that? Once I'm done with Sidious you could rule at my side! Do you hear me?"

Obi-wan was as still as an ivory statue in the flickering red light. His face was blank and empty of both joy and sorrow. Slowly, he opened his eyes, shook his head--no. No. And his green light-sabre ignited. It had been in his hand all along.

Darth Vader's eyes filled with tears. The next moment they evaporated in the maelstrom of his rage, and he rushed forward with is own sabre set to clash with that of the man he had loved.

So, Obi didn't care if he lived or died, now. To him, there was only the Force. And if it was going to take the murder of this duplicitous lover to bring down Sidious, Vader would do that, too. He would still have Padme. He would still have his children.

And, in some other place, Padme and Qui-gon held each other and cried.


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