Title: Tenth Time

Author: Orilon

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Obi/Ani quick mention of Obi/Qui-Gon

Disclaimer: Everything from Star Wars belongs to George Lucas. I only do this for fun.

Spoilers: Episode III

Summary: Anakinís thoughts when he saves Obi-Wan

Feedback: Please.

After killing Count Dooku, Anakin went over to Obi-Wan and laid his hand on his chest, relieved to feel his heart beat and steady breathing, and mentally checked his bond with his master. He could feel that the connection was just as strong as before.

Anakin picked Obi-Wan up, refusing to listen to the chancellor and leave him. His heart hurt at the thought of leaving his master to die. Their relationship was kept secret because of the rules forbidding master/padawan relationships, but Obi-Wan had experience keeping the relationship secret so they had managed to present a proper master/padawan relationship to the council.

The feel of his masterís body over his shoulders sent familiar tingles through his body which he fought to control; this was not the time for those. Heíd have to wait until they were safely in their quarters to follow up on those feelings. He called into the intercom for R2 to bring up an elevator and waited.

He fought to keep his mind on the task at hand and not on the feeling of his masterís warm body against his, or the scary thought of Obi-Wan dying. He didnít know how he would live without his master, and images of Qui-Gon on the funeral pyre flashed through his mind. He dreaded the day that it was Obi-Wan on the pyre and wished there was a way that he could keep his master alive forever.

As he hung by his rope after sending it out to avoid the out of control elevator, the feeling of Obi-Wanís body along his back sent more inappropriate tingles through his body. He was relieved to hear his masterís voice when he woke up.

ďDid I miss something?Ē

Yes, Anakin thought, you missed me killing Dooku and also saving you for the tenth time. He was glad that he could tease Obi-Wan about saving him for the tenth time and that his master could reply that it was only nine times.

He hoped that there never was a time when he failed and his master ended up on the funeral pyre.

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