Series: Teaching the Padawan
Author: Di-Ana Wolf
Pairing(s): O/A
Rating: NC-17
Archive/Distribution: My Site, list archives, anyone else that wants it, just keep my name and all disclaimers attached and let me know where.
Category: Humor
Summary: Vanilla covered Obi-Wan, chocolate covered Anakin.
Spoilers: None
Feedback: Need it, want it, crave it. On-list or offlist.
Disclaimers: Anakin and Obi-Wan belong to George Lucas, no money being made.
Author’s Notes: Modeled after "The Ice Cream Files" by Sidra. 100 word challenge SERIES. Sheesh. Each piece is exactly 100 Words long, and if anyone wants to pick up where I leave off, you are more than welcome to.


"Master I met these strange women today…"


"They gave me this big carton, smiled at me, and told me that they were sure it wouldn't go to waste."

"That's interesting. What's in the carton?"

"I don't know I haven't looked yet."

"Well open it and find out."



"Well? What is it Padawan?"





"Master? Do you know what … vanilla ice cream is?"




"Why'd they give you *that*?"

"I have no idea. Oh wait there's a note!"


"Master… It says, hope you enjoy Obi-Wan in vanilla as much as we do."

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