Title: So Special
Author: Vee017
Disclaimer: Not mine, it's all George's.
Spoilers: None.
Setting: Pre-AOTC. Anakin is about 18.
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Anakin attempts to find out what everyone goes gaga over his Master for and makes some discoveries on his own. ObiAni slash

"You have no idea how *pleased* we are at having two of the Jedi's most *gorgeous* men visit our lovely planet."

Anakin rolled his eyes. Yes, sure the *two* of them, that's right. So why then was Prime Minister Shk'sa Mekrain, focussing solely on *Obi- Wan*. If her arms tightened around his arm anymore, he was certain that it was going to come right off. The woman had latched herself onto his Master the second they had come off transport and had been blathering on non-stop.

That was three days ago.

He glowered as Shk'sa's arm starting stroking Obi-Wan's back. Anakin was standing right there! But no, everywhere they went, no one noticed him at all no matter what they said; it was always Obi-Wan who got the attention, who was fawned over.

Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan.

What was so special about Obi-Wan?

Stupid women.

Anakin bet Padme hadn't draped herself all over him when they had first met. Every politician should act like her. Brave, caring, independent, and hands not wandering down towards Obi- Wan's...Anakin's heart lurched.

"Thank you for the tour Madam Prime Minister, it was a lovely reprieve from negotiations but now my apprentice and I need our rest if we are to continue tomorrow." Obi-Wan had managed to twist himself out of her grasp before her hand hit its mark.

"Of course Master Kenobi, you and the boy get your 'rest'," Shk'sa winked and looked over to Anakin, giving him the once over and took her leave.

Jedi misconceptions. It wasn't the first time they had gotten it, nor other Master/Padawan teams at that. Some people just thought that a sexual relationship went along with the word 'Master', though Anakin would be lying if he said he hadn't ever entertained the thought because really, what Padawan hadn't had the occasional naughty thought about their Master? It didn't mean anything. Testosterone did strange things to a boy. Master Windu had even been heard saying that it turned them all into animals.

Maybe that's why he wished that just for once, he had someone permanently attached to his arm instead of his Master's. It wasn't fair.

"Mind your thoughts Anakin, I can hear you from here."

"Then stop listening!" Anakin crossed his arms. He knew he was pouting but just didn't care. He didn't need a lecture on shielding right now.

"Well I'm glad you like all the attention because I-" Obi-Wan left himself fall face first onto the bed, "-do not."

Anakin stared at him.


"You couldn't have done anything to keep that horrid woman away from me?"

A small smile tugged at Anakin's lips as Obi-Wan's words processed in his brain. And here all this time...

"I thought you were enjoying it Master."

"I was being polite as is befitting a Jedi, we're Republic Ambassadors here Anakin."

"So that includes being molested by political leaders then?"

"Shut up and go to sleep."

Anakin smiled and started changing, earlier jealousies forgotten as he climbed into his side of the sole bed in the room. Obi-Wan took longer to fight his way out of his clothing and fell asleep rather quickly once he was settled. Anakin on the other hand tossed every which way to find a comfortable position, he finally ended up on his side facing Obi-Wan.



...even if he didn't want the attention it always had a way of finding him...

Anakin sighed. It was probably inevitable that the thought would return to him so quickly.

It was always Obi-Wan.

But why?

He blinked and looked at Obi-Wan's sleeping form.

Anakin shifted closer. A slight elbow movement here, a shift in hip here. Silently and carefully creeping closer to Obi-Wan on the bed until he soon found himself face to face with his Master so he could study him.

As Anakin watched and watched some more, he kept looking for what all the women tended to find so attractive and he had to admit that they were right. There was something.

It wasn't the first time Anakin had admitted it to himself either. When he had been thirteen and sleeping with Obi-Wan after a particularly rough nigh, he'd been unable to fall back asleep. He had spent most of the night watching Obi-Wan and had come to the conclusion that his Master was kind of pretty.

And now here he was five years later coming to the same conclusion, thinking as he watched.

He had always liked Obi-Wan's hair. When it had grown out from his Padawan cut, its reddish auburn colour stood out all the more. On bright, sunlit days the light would make it shine like crimson gold. The light also made his eyes shine. How anyone could have such blue eyes, Anakin didn't know. Just that they shifted from blue to green throughout the day. The Lakes on Naboo did the same thing.

After the Trade Federation had been defeated and Qui-Gon's death still fresh, some of Padme's handmaidens had been nice enough to take him around and let Obi-Wan spend some time alone to prepare for the Council Masters arrival as well as his own mourning.

The lakes were beautiful and Anakin had forgotten everything for a moment. The clear reflections of the glassy surface rippled with such colour. Everything was so different from Tatooine.

The night before the Victory Celebration, Obi-Wan had been fashioning him his very first Padawan braid. That was also the first time Anakin had gotten a real good look at him, other than the fleeting peeks that he had been doing before. He had been so young. and even if he wasn't sure of Anakin back then, his hands had been gentle when cutting his hair and doing his braid. And even after that. Whenever Anakin had fallen or had some minor scrape, Obi-Wan would always clean it up for him and bandage the wound. It seemed that they had the same reservations about the Healer's Ward, so if the wound wasn't anything they couldn't take care of themselves, Obi-Wan did it for him.Anakin liked his hands. They were always warm, calloused but strangely soft.

And his nose was cute too.

Anakin smiled and gently tried to blow a piece of hair from Obi-Wan's forehead. The Jedi shifted in his sleep and his lips parted slightly. Anakin's gaze drifted down at them. His Master had thin lips, half hidden by beard; they usually held a small smile for him, yet he was convinced that someday he'd make Obi-Wan give him a full smile. He'd make him happy. And proud.

Anakin's brow furrowed as he stared at Obi-Wan's lips and then back up to make sure he was really asleep. His heart started beating a bit faster as he wondered.

What would it feel like to kiss Obi-Wan? To feel his beard against his own lips.

Anakin leaned closer, prompted by this new thought. He glanced up at Obi-Wan every so often and checked their bond to make sure he wasn't waking up. He would never get to do this if he were awake. Closing the remaining distance between then, Anakin gently brushed Obi-Wan's lips with his own before deepening it a bit more.

It was...different. The light scratching of his beard felt oddly pleasant against Anakin's own bare face and it ticked at the edges of his lips just right. Obi-Wan's lips, soft and a bit dry, felt nice and pliant against his own. He couldn't help but wonder what they'd feel like if Obi-Wan were awake.

Anakin shook himself.

He'd already buried such thoughts, why'd they have to bubble anew whenever someone who wasn't him draped themselves all over Obi-Wan. Where he should rightfully be.


Anakin rolled over onto his back and berated himself.

He was acting just like everyone else now.

Stupid Obi-Wan.

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