Title: Shelter
Author: Mel
Rating: G for now
Archive/Distribution: Sugar and Spice: http://www.geocities.com/melly_blissbubbles/ Anywhere else just ask.
Category: PreSlash leading (eventually) to Slash
Spoilers: The Phantom Menace and later perhaps Attack of the Clones
Summary: Moments in time for Ani and Obi
Warnings: Fluff/Sap, Ani starts off young, but grows. Perhaps a little Angst later on.
Disclaimer: The whole Star Wars universe, contrary to popular belief, does not belong to me but to George Lucas. I am making no money from this.
Authors Notes: This might go forever, as all my stories that don’t start off with astory line do. Be ready for a long wait into the actual Ani/Obi getting together and perhaps a bit of an AU storyline. Don’t get me wrong, I love Amidala, but that doesn’t change the fact I think Obi and Ani should be together. Any characters that show up that aren’t directly from the SW universe more then likely belong to me.

*I will train you, as Qui-Gon wanted*

“But is it not what you want also?” The young Anakin Skywalker watched the sun rise over the horizon. The boy was growing, as all boys did, and had recently had a growth spurt. The extra height meant he was in need of new clothing soon, though for the time being the simple robes would do. As a Jedi’s Padawan no place was home to Anakin, home was everywhere because the force was everywhere. But still, on mornings such as these, with the sun coming slowly over the horizon and reflecting into his hazel, he imagined he was back on Tattoine and watching the sun come up with his mother. He missed her, though he’d never admit such a thing to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

The man was the closest thing to a father the boy had ever had, and though he had only been under his tutelage for less then one cycle, he trusted him with his life. He missed Qui-Gon as well. The older man seemed to be much more of a father figure then Obi-Wan would ever be. He had had complete faith in him at all times. It seemed that he could do nothing right for him though he tried every day to do better. He wiped the lone tear from his cheek, angry with himself for getting upset. He had known this was going to be hard when he started but still-


The young boy looked away from the rising sun and into the apartment that was their home while they were on this planet. He stood, dusting off his clothes, the eight year old gave the sun one last longing glance before he moved inside and to the Jedi Master who awaited him.


“Focus Anakin, you are not paying enough attention.”

The Jedi Master watched the young boy as he moved around the room, the practice light sabre held gently in his hands. The boy was not use to the new weapon, even though the light blade would give little more then a light burn to his skin, and he was testing the new limitations it offered. Till now he had been working with crude weapons with plastic and metal blades. Such weapons were useful when a Jedi had no other weapons on hand. The only problem was that the weight of the weapon was distributed across the blade.

A Light sabre, even a training one, had no weight in the blade and it meant that Anakin had to get use to the new weapon. Whilst deflecting the beams shot at him from the hovering droid above him. The boy had been hit by the beams numerous times and he had stopped counting the exact number. The blade had only nicked him a few times and was followed by a hiss of surprise more then pain.

Obi-Wan Kenobi did not let on that he was most impressed with his progress. It had not taken Anakin long at all to get use to the other weapons and using the force to enhance his skills. This was only part of his training however it was most impressive for someone who had had no formal teaching. At Obi Wan’s voice the boy glanced over at him, breaking concentration completely as the droid fired another volley. The boy cursed fluently in the base language of those of Tattoine, retracting the Sabre and automatically stopping the droid.

Obi-Wan smothered a smile, trying to look as stern as possible. “Anakin, your thoughts are elsewhere this morning, perhaps we should do some other exercises and continue with the training Sabre tomorrow.” Anakin looked up to the blue eyes of Obi-Wan and slowly shook his head.

“I would like to practice some more Master, I just have to get used to the weight.”

Obi-Wan bit back a sigh and nodded, he could not deny the boy when he looked up at him like that, his eyes impossibly wide and young. “Very well, but let us try a slight variation,” he stepped forward, tying a silk band over the boy’s eyes, riding him of his sight.

“Rely on the force young Padawan, trust in it to guide your hands.” He stepped back, watching the silent frustration war in him. “Trust me Anakin, I have yet to steer you wrong.” The frustration eased with Obi-Wan’s words and the boy reactivated the training sabre, the droid buzzing into life as he did. The first volley struck the boy but stubbornness kept him from removing the blindfold. It went like such for a few moments but Obi-Wan had faith in the boy and his abilities. He watched as the boy relaxed, even when struck, getting use to the stinging sensation the lasers produced. He eased into the force as a babe would into his mother’s arms. The sabre moved as an extension of his arm, deflecting the lasers back.

Obi-Wan watched him, pleased. The boy was learning quickly, though he had a lot of work to do till he was as good as other Padawan’s his age who had been learning how to use the force since they were old enough to walk. One of the lasers hit the droid, short-circuiting it. Anakin lifted blindfold, grinning at Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan graced him with a smile.

“Very good Anakin,” the boy’s smile rose at the praise. “Come, we have much to do today, you can fix the droid at a later date.” Anakin nodded and followed after the Jedi Master, placing the silken material from his eyes into his pocket as they left the small training room.


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