Title: Role Reversal
Author: Ginny Powell
Rating: NC-17, for graphic m/m sex!!
Setting: Pre-EpII
Pairing: Obi/Ani
Archive: Sure, just tell me.
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Disclaimer: George owns everything. Literally. But as long as he doesn't let them play, someone has to be their cruise director.
Note: My very first attempt at slash! Don't know what took me so long.
Inspired by http://www.queerasjedi.com/emma/patience.html - loved it, but couldn't help thinking about a somewhat different ending. ;-)
Summary: Obi and Ani reveal their long-buried feelings. Yeah, that's SO original. But the sex is great (I hope)! ;-)

Part 1: Impatience

"What were you thinking?!" Obi-Wan Kenobi asked, his voice a bit shriller than he had intended. He'd just found his Apprentice in a somewhat compromising position with the daughter of the Governor of this planet, and dragged him back to their adjoining rooms in the Palace.

"I was thinking she wanted me," Anakin replied petulantly, holding his robe wrapped around himself as he stood just inside the closed door.

"She's to be married in the morning!" Obi-Wan sat heavily on the edge of his bed, running his hands through his hair in exasperation. All those days of negotiations, all that work to end the conflict, with the marriage to seal the deal, and his padawan was willing to jeopardize it for a few moments pleasure with a girl he hardly knew.

"Well, you're always telling me to respect the mores of other culture-"

"This isn't about you not hurting her feelings," Obi-Wan spit back, not letting himself think about where all this anger was coming from. "It's about you having no control, trolling for sex every chance you get."

"Well, if I could have who I really want, I wouldn't have to go `trolling'," Anakin shot back.

"Oh, and who would that be?" Did he have some other trollop picked out, but she spurned his advances? Did he think his Master was going to act as matchmaker for him? Then he had another thing coming.

"You," Anakin surprised Obi-Wan by replying. Lost in his speculations as to the possible candidates, he almost missed it.


"You, Master," Anakin said, softer this time. He moved forward, kneeling in front of the wide-eyed older man. "She kept whispering in my ear all the things she was going to do to me, and all I could think about was you doing them." The younger man's hands were on his Master's knees now, moving slowly upward. "I'm still hard, you know," he continued, unable to keep a note of pleading out of his voice now that he was so close to his goal. "It wouldn't take much…" Taking Obi-Wan's hand, he urged it gently toward his aching groin as he stared beseechingly into those mesmerizing eyes.

Obi-Wan's pupils were dilated, pressing his irises into aqua rings. His expression was a complex mixture of emotions too difficult to sort out. Anakin cursed himself, sure he had gone too far and was about to be ripped into by a seriously angry Master.

"Oh, Anakin, I've waited so long," Obi-Wan moaned as he leaned forward just enough to touch his padawan's lips with his own.

Anakin, startled but pleased, returned the kiss fervently, kneeling up and wrapping his arms around his Master, his fingers twining into the hair on the back of his neck. "Obi-Wan."

"I love you, Anakin," Obi-Wan whispered as the kiss broke in favor of necking. "But I had to wait until you were ready, until I knew you wanted me, too. You understand, don't you?"

"Yes, yes, Master," Anakin replied against the succulent skin he had found, wondering if he was dreaming. The hand he felt snaking into his still-unfastened leggings certainly seemed real.

"If we do this, Anakin," Obi-Wan continued against his padawan's ear, "then there can be no one else. I sent away the governor's daughter out of jealousy. I don't think I could stand it if-"

Anakin shushed his Master with a kiss, then gazed deeply into his eyes. "If I have you, I won't need anyone else."

Obi-Wan moaned, once more leaning in for a kiss. Anakin sighed against those sweet lips as the hand that had been tentatively circling his belly, boldly took hold of his cock.

True to his word, Anakin was still hard, and very close. Obi- Wan's `saber-callused fingers ghosting down the length of his erection was nearly more than he could stand, especially when coupled with the loving closeness of this man whom he'd desired for what seemed like forever. Since his very first wet dream, it had always been Obi-Wan in his thoughts, even through all the substitutes he'd managed to find. Now here was the real thing, and it was as good as his fantasies. Anakin moaned loudly and thrust into the hand that pleasured him.

Obi-Wan, hearing this, chuckled deep in his chest, enjoying the feel of the eager flesh in his hand, the eager tongue in his mouth. He and Anakin had never been quite right as Master and Apprentice, forced into it as they had been. Theirs had been a delicate friendship, sometimes approaching rivalry, the younger man always wise beyond his years, with abilities to match. As he had grown into manhood, Obi-Wan had come to notice him in a new way, to hope for a new sort of relationship between them. It had been difficult, being patient over the years, getting by with a few discreet trysts, his true desire so near and yet so far. But at long last he had been rewarded. He wanted to laugh, to dance, to sing his joy. Instead he trailed his fingers to the tip of the firm shaft in his hand and rubbed his palm across it, distributing the warm drop of pre-cum he found there.

Anakin jerked under the touch, grunting as he shoved his tongue even further into his Master's mouth, clutching at the broad shoulders for fear he would swoon. Obi-Wan seemed to know what he was doing, and it felt so good. All he needed was-

"Oh, yes, Master, unh," he whispered as the merciful hand stroked the length of him, and he came, hard. Then he found himself keening in heretofore-unknown pleasure as that hand milked every last drop of satisfaction from his quivering body.

"Love you, Anakin," he heard as he swam back towards awareness. Obi- Wan was leaning over him, kissing his forehead, having lowered him to sit back on his feet, steadying hands on his shoulders the only thing keeping him upright. The young apprentice gazed up at his mentor with glazed eyes.

"Are you alright?" There was a note of smug amusement in Obi-Wan's voice.

"Never better, Master."

Obi-Wan had only a moment's warning, as his padawan's content expression changed suddenly to that feral look he had come to know presaged naughtiness. But in this case, that was a good thing.

Anakin surged up on his knees, his swollen lips finding Obi-Wan's, as his hands traveled smoothly up his Master's thighs. "Your turn," he said between labial assaults.

Obi-Wan had the sense not to fight it, leaning back a little to allow better access as he felt hands firmly stroke his aroused cock and balls through the fabric of his leggings. Then those hands moved up, to unfasten the waistband, and tug insistently down on the material. The older Jedi leaned back on his hands, lifting his hips to allow the garment to be removed, all without breaking contact for a moment. Next he felt his belt being removed, his tunics opened. Only then did Anakin draw back.

The smoldering blue gaze flickered over the exposed skin before him. Then the blonde head ducked down, and Obi-Wan felt a warm tongue circle the head of his cock.

The Knight moaned, but barely had time to get it out before Anakin's talented tongue was on to other things. Starting at the base, it licked a trail along the sensitive cord to the tip, while a hand snaked up to fondle the sac below. Then a warm mouth closed over the head of Obi-Wan's cock and began to bob.

It seemed that the apprentice also knew what he was doing. And that this also would not take long.

Obi-Wan could hear the sucking noise as Anakin hollowed his cheeks on every upstroke. He could feel the tongue swirl around the glans, dipping beneath the foreskin, before the mouth once more took his entire length into its warmth. Then a hand was added to follow the mouth, stroking firmly, and he felt his balls begin to contract.

"Anakin, I-" he began, feeling he should warn his apprentice. But as he spoke, he looked down, and the sight of his own cock being engulfed by his padawan's lips – in reality, not just fantasy – well, it was just too much. With a breathy grunt, he pumped his essence into the waiting mouth.

There followed an eternity of bliss in which Anakin, having learned this skill from his Master as easily as he learned battle tactics, suckled and stroked the maximum amount of pleasure from his Master's organ. Obi-Wan was barely aware that he'd fallen back onto the bed. Distantly, he noted the mattress shifting as Anakin sat and then lay down beside him. With difficulty, he managed to roll toward his padawan and throw an arm over him.

They lay like that for a long time, as breathing slowly returned to normal, enjoying each other's warm presence. Obi-Wan stirred first.

"I'll be right back," he reassured, before heading for the `fresher, hobbling in his semi-clothed state. When he came out a few minutes later, he was nude. Anakin, who was sitting up, removing his boots, looked up.

"Master, you're beautiful," he breathed, his eyes drinking in the vision before him.

Obi-Wan smiled. "So are you, Padawan," he replied as he closed the too-great distance between them. "So are you." And leaning down to softly kiss his apprentice, he helped the younger man out of the rest of his clothes. Then he sat beside him, sharing gentle kisses while their hands explored each other's bodies. Obi-Wan's hand brushed Anakin's groin, and he was not terribly surprised to find his apprentice was hard again already.

He's seventeen – what did you expect? he thought wryly. Then, What am I getting myself into? Smiling, he pet the turgid organ gently with the back of his hand.

"Anakin?" he whispered, resting his forehead against the other man's, as he continued his soft strokes. "Have you ever had a male lover? Inside you, I mean?"

Anakin, his breath coming a bit faster again, answered with his eyes closed. "Only in my dreams."

Obi-Wan smiled at his apprentice's implied willingness. But it was not yet the right time for that learning experience. Perhaps a slightly simpler lesson. "Would you like to be inside me?"

Anakin's eyes shot open, and he nodded fervently, shaking their heads apart.

Obi-Wan chuckled again. Sometimes it was a lot of fun to be a teacher. Leaning down as Anakin watched expectantly, he rummaged in the pack tucked under the bed, came up with a dispenser of a lotion he particularly liked. Very slippery, and with a nice scent. He set it within reach on the nightstand, then laid full-length on the bed, urging his padawan to join him.

"Now, just as a woman requires some preparation, so does a man. Do as I do," he instructed. Then he softly kissed his student while his right hand found its way down his body to rest on one firmly muscled buttock. Dutifully, Anakin did the same with his left hand. Languidly, he squeezed and caressed the cheek and thigh. Anakin followed suit, causing an anticipatory tingle to start in his Master's groin. It was time to move on.

Reaching a little lower, Obi-Wan found the smooth piece of skin behind Anakin's balls. Then, slowly, gently, he trailed his finger up the cleft, not delving too deeply, just getting him used to the feel. He seemed to like it. The younger man moaned and replicated the motion on his Master's body, not quite as gently. In a hurry, are we? Obi-Wan thought amusedly. Well then…

Obi-Wan brought the finger back to its starting point, but this time pressed it deeper into the cleft, making sure to rub across the puckered opening there. He knew he'd found it when Anakin gasped into his mouth.

"Do you like that?" A moaning nod was the only answer, as Obi-Wan began to swirl his finger around the sensitive area. He could feel his own body responding to the mirrored stimulation it was getting. "Just wait," he promised. And he reached across his padawan to obtain a squirt of lotion. Anakin watched him with interest, grasping what was expected when his Master held out his lotion-globbed hand. Dipping his fingers into the creamy substance, he waited for his next instructions.

But he seemed to forget to reciprocate, his eyes closing and mouth opening, as Obi-Wan placed his now-slippery finger where it was needed.

"Oh, Master…"

"Touch me, Padawan," Obi-Wan urged, rocking his hips, rubbing his nearly-there erection against Anakin's insistent one. Anakin roused enough to get his hand into place, then tentatively circled Obi- Wan's hole with a fingertip. Obi-Wan could feel his body opening in anticipation. It was time to take it up another notch. Pressing more firmly, he allowed just the tip of one finger to penetrate the virgin ground.

"Mmmm," Anakin encouraged, mimicking the movement. But whereas his body was constricted, albeit pleasurably, around the invading digit, his own finger found little resistance, sinking into the prepared territory as if sucked by an unseen force. He seemed to find this even more stimulating than what was being done to him. "Obi-Wan, want you," he begged through a new bout of kisses.

"Almost, my love. Try another finger." And he did. Obi-Wan made a mental note as he did so to see to his padawan's fingernails in the morning, but chose to ignore that tiny detail for now. Instead he concentrated on the delicious feel of being filled, imagining what would come next. All the while, he continued to stroke against Anakin's opening, feeling it relax under his fingertips. It wouldn't be today, but sometime soon he fully intended to take Anakin as he was about to be taken.

The images that thought evoked were enough to make his cock rock hard, and his ass ready to be penetrated.

The younger man gave a tiny disappointed moan when Obi-Wan's fingertip was removed. But he got over his disappointment quickly as his Master's hand moved to his cock, and began to spread lotion all over it. He did a very thorough job, so that Anakin had almost forgotten the point until Obi-Wan whispered in his ear, "Take me," and moved away. When Anakin opened his eyes, he found his Master on hands and knees, waiting for him.

If that wasn't a sight to inspire, he didn't know what was.

Quickly, he moved into place behind the other man, grasping a slim hip with one hand and his slippery erection with the other. Aiming well, he began to push into the willing flesh.

"Slowly. Oh, yes. Wait there just a moment." Truly his padawan had grown into a man, Obi-Wan noted, as he felt himself stretched taut. He rocked forward and back on his knees, helping his body accommodate to the invasion. Behind him, he could hear his padawan's little noises as he fought to do as he was commanded and wait. When the Master felt the last bit of resistance melt away in the face of hot pleasure, he pushed back, hard. "Fuck me, Anakin."

"Yes, Master." His words were breathy, almost slurred, as he obeyed, thrusting his hips forward until his swollen cock was sunk to the balls in his Master's body.

Words were not needed after that. Anakin began to thrust hard, his long-denied need driving him on, forcing excited grunts from the body before him. The feel of his Master surrounding him was different than anything he'd felt before, as were the masculine skin and curves under his gripping hands. It was, incredibly, even better than he's dreamed, and he sensed his orgasm building deep inside him.

Obi-Wan had to brace himself against his padawan's onslaught, but he had no complaint. Whereas he usually required some manual stimulation during penetration to reach orgasm, his lover's enthusiasm, and his own imagination picturing the cock entering him and the body it adjoined, was doing quite nicely. He thought he would come soon, desperately wanted to come around that beautiful cock. Angling his hips in just the right way to make the filling organ stroke against just the right spot inside him, he pushed back, increasing the tempo. Oh, yes, that's it. Groaning his release loudly, he pumped hot semen onto the sheets beneath him.

Behind him, Anakin was ready to explode, but holding back as best he could, reluctant for this experience to end. When he felt Obi-Wan's already impossibly tight passage constrict around him, heard his Master vocalizing his pleasure, he could no longer hold back. Pulling his Master to him, he thrust as deeply as possible, throwing his head back in exultation as the waves of pleasure crested and broke. He wanted to stretch it out, to stroke into that tight ass forever, but his legs would not hold him up. Soon he was collapsing onto a sweaty Obi-Wan, wrapping his arms around the other man as his softening cock slowly slipped from its sheath.

"Oh, Master…that was…amazing," Anakin breathed between sloppy, exhausted kisses to the broad back in his arms. Much as he craved the contact, though, the heat their two bodies were generating was overwhelming, and he rolled away, flopping onto his back with a sigh, letting the air cool him.

Beside him, Obi-Wan propped himself up on an elbow to smile at his sated padawan. Unable to resist, he reached out to stroke the expanse of golden skin.


"Uh-huh." Anakin's eyes were closed as he arched up against his Master's touch.

"Afraid I'm not. This bed seems to have gotten a little…sticky. Why don't we sleep in your bed tonight?"

The word "we" earned a glance and a smile.

"Okay," Anakin replied, sitting up. "I'll go, uh, get the room ready." And scooting to the end of the bed, he was off through the adjoining door.

Obi-Wan watched him, chuckling. The other room was probably a horrible mess. If only I'd known this was what it took to make him clean it. Smiling widely, he began to clean himself up.

A few minutes later, Obi-Wan padded into his apprentice's room to find it, if not immaculate, at least on the neat side. Anakin lay on the bed under a thin sheet, looking a little nervous. He scooted over at his Master's approach.

"Good night, Anakin," Obi-Wan said, palming the lights off as he crossed the room. Lifting the sheet, he slipped in beside his padawan, throwing an arm across his stomach.

"Good night, Master," came the reply as the younger man cuddled up a little closer.

They lay in companionable silence for a while, listening to each other's heartbeat, getting used to being so close. Anakin had never spent a night with anyone before, and he found it…warm, nice, reassuring. Arousing.

"Obi-Wan?" he ventured quietly into the darkness. When he heard an answering inquisitive grunt, he went on. "Would you like to…be inside me?"

A chuckle he could feel more than hear emanated from the solid chest beside him. "Very much, Padawan. But while you may be seventeen, I'm not anymore. Besides, I didn't bring the lotion. Tomorrow, okay?"


Another minute of silence passed, in which Anakin tried not to think about tomorrow, but failed miserably.

"Anakin?" Obi-Wan's warm voice arose. "I love you, do you know that?"

"Yes, Master." The amusement was audible in Anakin's voice as it occurred to him that his Master had told him that four times in just the last hour. The amusement vanished as he realized he had never replied in kind.

"I love you, too, Obi-Wan," he said seriously.

The only response was for the hand on his stomach to move purposefully toward the nearby tent in the sheets.

End Part 1

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