Title: Make You Proud
Author: Kate
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own anything the characters belong to George Lucas
Characters: Obi/Ani
Summary: AU, Episode 3 Poem, Anakin turns back to the light and tries to make things right
A/N: This can be slash or not depending on your preference

I'm sorry.
The words pass my lips, croaked, humbled, tired.
He stared at me for a long time.
Assessing me.
I could barely stand, yet he didn't move to help me.
His eyes staring straight at me
It was too late, too much water and no bridge strong enough
To conquer it
No words to heal the wounds afflicted.
Too deep on both sides,
I hung my head in shame, momentarily glancing at his eyes.
He was crying.
He wasn't blinking because he was crying.
One single tear fell and landed on the ground between us,
I stared at it for a long time.
It stood between us.
Too late
Always too late
I'm sorry
My eyes find the floor again.
The wind rushes through my hair
I cut it, it used to reach my shoulders.
It's cut in a bowl shape.
A jagged, unshaped, scarred padawan's haircut
A warm hand gently cups my head, running his hand across the jagged
I'm sorry.
So very sorry
He hugs me, bringing me in close.
I stumble into his arms, legs buckling
Closer then he ever has done before, into his heart.
Into his soul
And I cried loud, pathetic tears of grief and I feel soft little
drops of
tears on my neck
I'll make you proud of me.
Somehow It's not over.

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