Title: One Soul.
Author: Erin Maloney
Rating: G
Distribution: The Archive. Force Haven.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. GL does.
Warnings: Not a one, as far as I can tell. Unless opinions about certain things count. Then I guess it does because it has my own personal interpretation of whom the other hope Yoda meant in ESB.
Pairings: Ani/Obi.
Summary: Yoda thinks about things.
Author's Note: Another in the drabbles series.

Much danger saw I in the boy.

Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker may be but unstable.
Clouded is the Dark Side and centered on him it was.
Centered on Obi-Wan it became.
Twisting both until they become one.
Unity between them, balanced but not so.

One Force.
One destiny.
One soul.

Palapatine, a dark shadow on the light as one they shine.
Dark days for us I see.
Seen his shaping of events sooner, I should have.
Trusted Obi-Wan to do so when not ready he was.
Burdened him unfairly, Qui-Gon did, as did I.

Watched with reservation all they had done, I did.
Did not approve then.
Will not approve now no matter what they do.

Never should I have let the Council do this to them, to us.
Never let them be together at that time.
Listen to the Council's wishes, I did.
Live to regret it, I know I shall.
Walk through the fire of my mistakes, I must.

Come through it stronger, I will.
Survive to protect the children of Skywalker, I have.
Our hope for the future of the Jedi, they are.

Told Obi-Wan later as watched Luke go, there was another.
Like him to not listen, not hear the truth.
To blind to his own worth, we have made him.
Only one hope have we left now.
Only hope we have ever truly had, unique bond of Skywalker and Kenobi.

Obi-Wan must find it within him to believe in them again.
To reach out and grab Anakin, find him wherein Vader's darkness he lies.
For still ever reaches he for his Obi-Wan.

The only hope for Anakin Skywalker's redemption, he is.

Listen to Luke he should.
Young man not blinded by his eyes, sees truly the one behind the mask.
Sees that broken, jagged connection between the two of them, he does.
Knows that his Uncle Owen lied not about Obi-Wan's death.
Truthful words were they that Obi-Wan died when Anakin did.

Father they both were to Luke.
Connected then, as now, they must see and follow that call to each other.
Hold onto the Kenobi inside to reach the Skywalker in Vader, Luke must.

Only way for them to reconnect and find home.

The End.

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