Title: Nummy ride
Prequel: Beginning of ROTS
Author: Alisha Steele
E-Mail: webmistress@artisticvelour.com
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Ani/Obi
Category: PWP Slash…Challenge. Silly smut is what we're talking about.
Disclaimer: George owns everything; I own nothing, which makes me sad…

Written for a pick up line challenge over at Sith Chicks. We had to use as many of these `guaranteed to rope a man' pick ups as possible in a fic.
It's my birthday. Can I have a hug?
Is my shirt too see-through?
My nails are wet. Can you grab my keys out of my back pocket?
You don't want to loose this napkin. It has my number on it.
We have whipped cream but no ice cream. Hmmm... what can we put it on?
Leaving so soon? Too bad, I was just about to hit on you.
Could you smell my neck and tell me what you think of this scent?
What gym do you go to? It looks like you're there a lot.
I'd love to show you my tattoo but I'll get arrested if I do it in public.
Wanna sample my new lip gloss?
Excuse me, aren't you that model from the underwear ads?
My friends and I took a poll and you were voted the sexiest guy in the bar.
This shirt is itchy. I wish I could take if off right now.
And if you use more than four lines in one story, you get bonus points!


Anakin's eyes widened as he made his way closer. It couldn't be.

It was.

What the hell was Obi-Wan Kenobi doing in a place like this? He wouldn't have thought his partner even knew gay bars existed, let alone frequented them. He shielded himself strongly as he came up behind the oblivious man.

"Excuse me," he whispered as he leaned in close, breathing in the familiar musky scent of his favorite night-time fantasy. "Aren't you that model from the underwear ads?"

Obi-Wan choked on the mouthful he'd just taken of his drink and whipped around on his stool.

"Pardon m… oh, it's you."

Kenobi's eyes widened as he took in the outfit his friend was wearing. Anakin was dressed in skintight black leggings of some glossy, flexible material; a material which hugged every hollow and curve of his body. The illicit pants were complimented by a shimmering midnight blue shirt. The shirt too was a surprise. It may as well have been missing entirely for all it covered. It was completely transparent, the blue only showing up as a glitter of colour when the young man moved.

Anakin laughed at the look of shock on Obi-Wan's face as his gaze traveled over his decadent ensemble.

"Do you think my shirt's too see-through?" he asked with an amused chuckle.

Just then the keep ambled over to their end of the long steel bar saving Obi-Wan the discomfort of having to answer the loaded question.

Anakin held up his empty glass to the small blue man, "`nother Nummy Ride please." The tiny alien nodded and set about mixing up the frothy concoction.

"Nummy Ride?" questioned Obi-Wan. "I've never heard of that one before."

Anakin turned sideways and leaned his arm against the bar as he looked over his steadfast partner. Kenobi hadn't dressed as a Jedi for his evening out, but he may as well have. He wore loose tan breeches and a voluminous cream shirt, cinched haphazardly at the waist with a leather rope. The only good thing about the uninspired outfit was the deep vee in the front of the shirt showing off Obi- Wan's deliciously toned pecs.

"No?" said Anakin as he accepted the foaming purple drink from the bartender, "then you should try one."

He held up two fingers to the tender, who grimaced a bit but nodded again.

"No thanks Ani, I'm fine," responded Obi-Wan.

Anakin shrugged carelessly, "But I've already ordered you one Master…," Ani sniggered at his slip up, "oops, I mean partner."

Obi-Wan's brows drew together as he watched Anakin toss down the drink. Against his will he found himself admiring the flex of his friend's neck when he threw his head back; the sexy bob of hisAdam's apple as he drank. Woah, where was that coming from? Must be the atmosphere and the two synth-ales he'd already consumed. God he hoped so, the last thing he needed was to develop a crush on his partner.

Ani lowered his head to catch Obi-Wan's admiring look. He smirked at the older man and slowly ran his tongue along his upper lip, ostensibly to catch the slight bit of foam left over from the drink. Wan's eyes followed the move hungrily.

"Good God Anakin," he suddenly blurted out, "are you wearing lip- gloss?"

Anakin smiled sensuously and leaned in until their noses were almost touching.

"If I said yes…would you be interested in a taste?" he breathed.

Obi-Wan stared into his former student's huge dark eyes, losing himself in their inky depths. Ani's eyes didn't even look blue anymore, all he could see was deepest, darkest black. The pupils were huge... and that was odd, the club wasn't that dark.

Obi-Wan gasped as the implications of that hit home. "Anakin, you're stoned!" he accused loudly, pulling his head back in shock. Well, at least that explained his strange behavior.

Anakin rolled his eyes and accepted two more lilac glasses from his little blue friend.

"Could you say that any louder?" he asked sarcastically. "Here." He pushed one of the drinks into Kenobi's limp hand.

Obi-Wan immediately brought the liquid to his lips downing almost the entire contents in one large draught. He hardly noticed what he was doing he was so dismayed. `What is Ani doing in a gay bar, stoned out of his mind?' he thought in confusion. The boy wasn't gay, he was almost positive. In fact, he was sure his partner had something going on with Senator Amidala. Not that he'd ever say anything. `Don't ask, don't tell' was his new motto regarding his former Padawan. But that knowledge just made him doubly mystified as to why Ani was standing there in a `fuck me, please' outfit, hitting on his best friend.

"Ani," he said, reaching out to lay his hand on the youth's shoulder, "are you in…"

Suddenly Obi-Wan had to stop speaking. All of his concentration became tied up in the simple act of breathing.

"Gahh," he gasped as the drink hit him with all the subtlety of a runaway cruiser.

After the initial rush he felt a warm tingle starting to creep its way through his body. It began in the center of his chest and, as it moved outward, he felt every nerve ending come sizzling awake. His skin pebbled with goose flesh and his nipples hardened to razor sharp points. Only two seconds later he felt the effects on the organ between his legs.

"Oh my God," he moaned. Obi-Wan's eyes rolled back in his head and he started to slide limply off of the stool. Anakin was watching for just that reaction and he quickly stepped closer, offering his long lean body as support for his shivering friend.

"Nummy Ride isn't it?" he chuckled, pulling Obi-Wan's legs around him and lowering his head to nuzzle at the stunned man's neck.

"Mnnah," whimpered Obi-Wan as his suddenly exquisitely hard cock bumped against Anakin's equally rigid one. He wrapped his arms around the youth's neck and held on tight while the world swooped and spun around him.

Anakin licked and sucked at his galloping pulse before reaching a hand between them to tilt Obi-Wan's head up to his.

"It'll lessen in a minute," he said softly, "so I'd best do this now."

Kenobi couldn't gather his fractured wits fast enough to protest when his partner lowered his mouth to his.

`Blast it,' he thought distractedly as Anakin's lips moved over his own, `this is really going to fuck up our friendship.'

Then Ani was kissing him. And, Oh…was he ever good at it. Obi-Wan had never been kissed by a man before. It was different, harder. Anakin's mouth was aggressive and firm, obviously masculine. When he pushed his tongue between Obi-Wan's lips it was larger and rougher than he was used to, but it felt great anyway, wonderful in fact. And talented…shit, he felt like he was going to come right there, just from the feel of his friend's tongue thrusting and sliding along his own. Almost without his knowledge he found his legs wrapping themselves tighter around Ani's slim waist, his hips grinding to the rhythm of their kiss.

Anakin groaned thickly and grabbed at his ass, supporting most of Obi-Wan's weight as his partner moaned and rubbed against him.

It was the catcalls and whistles that finally broke their intense focus on each other. When Anakin lifted his head, panting heavily, Wan saw just how much attention they were attracting and hastily dropped his legs, scrambling off the barstool. Ani laughed and bowed to the appreciative crowd but Obi-Wan didn't share his friend's aplomb. With a fiery face he quickly turned away and began to thread his way through the press of people.

"Obi-Wan wait!" Called Anakin as his partner slipped away. "God damn it," he muttered angrily shouldering past the throngs of young men eager to get a piece of him.

By the time he reached Obi-Wan he'd been groped and fondled by nearly every guy in the place. He'd never been this horny in his life. Of course the four Nummy's he'd consumed in the last hour probably weren't helping either.

Obi-Wan was standing by the coat check impatiently waiting in line and Anakin simply grabbed his arm as he strode past and shoved him through the nearest doorway. This door happened to lead into a dim hallway that was crowded with empty liquor and food boxes. Anakin tossed his friend against the closest wall, pinning him in place with his own lanky frame.

"Anakin just stop this," said Obi-Wan hoarsely. True, the effects of the drink had lessened, but that didn't mean he wasn't still a mass of twisted, twitching desire, because he was.

"Why?' growled the youth rolling his hips wantonly against Obi- Wan's. "Isn't this what you came here for? Why else would you be in the most notorious gay club in the district? Shit Wan, if I'd known you were up for this…" he shook his head wryly, "we've wasted so much time."

Obi-Wan tried to speak, tried to set his friend straight, but before he could Anakin reached down to cup his tender balls. Wan gasped and Ani immediately angled his head to take advantage of his open mouth. Then, somehow, his pants were around his ankles and Anakin was giving him the best hand job of his life. Wan grabbed at his last inch of sanity and reached down to stop the thrilling motion. He turned his head away and used his free hand to push his partner back a step.

Anakin bared his teeth at him in dark humor, "I had no idea you were such a cock-tease Kenobi," he said, as his fingers continued to pump gently under Obi-Wan's palm.

Wan's head rolled against the wall helplessly as Anakin stroked him.

"The band!" he managed to grit out through feverish moans, "I have a friend in the…Oh fuck, Ani."

Anakin's hand finally stilled as he heard what his partner was saying.

"You're here to see the band?" he asked incredulously.

Obi-Wan nodded and opened his eyes. He licked at his dry lips, before he continued. "An old friend is the lead singer, this is their first big gig…I…I told him I'd be here." He panted.

Anakin's eyes widened and he stepped back further running both hands up over his face and then back down to cover his mouth. Holy shit, what had he done? His eyes roamed over Obi-Wan's flushed features, taking in his swollen red lips, the rapid rise and fall of his chest, and, finally, the impressive length of his angry purple cock. His gaze traveled back up to Wan's face and he noticed that his partner's eyes were busy with their own journey. They came to rest on the enormous bulge in Anakin's tight pants and his friend's gulp was clearly audible. Ani smirked. Maybe things weren't completely fucked after all. Watching Obi-Wan carefully he undid the buttons on his leggings and pulled out his long, thick erection. Wan moaned but made no move to step away, his eyes seemed to be riveted to Anakin's crotch. Ani's smile widened and he quickly pulled his shirt over his head and let it drop to the floor. Stupid thing was itchy anyway. He'd been wanting to take it off all night.

"I'm really trashed,' Anakin commented softly as he stepped back into Wan's personal space, "and I'm sure I won't remember any of this in the morning." So saying he took his friend's hand and placed it firmly over his pulsing cock. As he pushed into Obi-Wan's palm he lowered his head to run his tongue around the shuddering man's ear. "I'm sure you won't remember either," he whispered soothingly, flicking his tongue inside, "those drinks are just so damn strong."

Wan held off for approximately a quarter of a second before wrapping his finger's firmly around the hot flesh pressed against him.

"I'm sure your right." he groaned, tangling his free hand in Ani's long hair and tugging his head back violently.

Ani grunted as his neck was bared, that hurt. But then Obi-Wan was kissing it better, running his hot tongue along the underside of his sensitive chin and biting sexily at the corded muscle of his throat.

"Oh yeah," he moaned. Wan's hand started moving faster on his cock at the sound of Ani's voice. The friction was great, but it was starting to chafe just a little.

"Fuck," hissed Anakin, "wait, wait."

He pulled away and he searched the area at their feet for anything resembling lube. `C'mon, c'mon…please.' he prayed silently. There was nothing. Shit! He kicked at an empty box and was surprised when a can of whipped cream rolled tinnily along the floor, coming to rest against his left foot.

Anakin shot his partner a grin and knelt down to retrieve the gift of good fortune. Luckily, the can was still cold. It must have been dropped earlier this evening. With a quick twist he removed the lid and spurted a small amount of goo on the end of his finger. He tentatively touched the tip of his tongue to the cool foam. It tasted fine, rich and sweet. He laughed in delight.

`Tell me this isn't the Force at work,' he though smugly to himself.

Anakin remained kneeling and turned back towards Obi-Wan - towards Obi-Wan's hard-on, now conveniently at eye level.

"We have whipped cream but no ice cream. Hmmm... what can we put it on?" he wondered aloud as he trailed one finger along the prominent vein on the underside of his friends cock.

"Just do it already!" groaned Wan, his hips thrust forward in invitation.

Ani laughed. He'd finally made Obi-Wan Kenobi lose his cool. Something he'd been trying to do for years with no success.

"As you wish Master," he said smugly, giving the can a quick shake and aiming it the base of Obi-Wan's penis.

"I'm not your Master anymore," said Obi-Wan a trifle breathlessly as he waited for the cool liquid rush.

Anakin shot the foam and Wan's erection jumped.

"Oh yes, you are," disagreed Anakin.

When the entire length was shrouded in creamy goodness Anakin put the can down and set to work with his tongue.

Obi-Wan swallowed a scream as his best friend licked and sucked at his hyper-responsive prick. When Ani opened his mouth and took his whole length in, inch by slow inch, Wan stopped trying to hold his cries inside.

"Anakin!" he shouted, fisting his hands in the youth's hair and pumping his hips furiously.

Anakin placed his palm against Obi-Wan's scrotum. The second he felt the skin shrinking, pulling tight, he stopped his movements and lifted his mouth away.

"No, no, no,…don't stop," moaned Wan, trying to pull his partner's head back down.

Anakin grabbed the can and stood.

He looked straight into Obi-Wan's eyes and his smile was wicked.

"We come together," he said huskily.

Then, he bent his knees slightly to place his cock flush against Wan's. He wrapped his long fingers around them both.

"Here," he said handing over the can, "you do the honors."

Obi-Wan nodded and immediately depressed the nozzel. Ani hissed at the shock of cold.

"Ready?" he asked, bringing his free hand up to caress the older man's cheek. Obi-Wan hesitated for a split second, and then bobbed his head in ascent. "Don't come without me Master," Anakin warned.

His partner didn't bother to correct him this time.

"I won't," he promised, wrapping his arms around Anakin's neck.

Anakin's head darted forward and his lips caught at Wan's as his fingers moved up the slickness of their combined lengths. Obi-Wan moaned, low and long, plunging his tongue into Ani's mouth, pulling his friend closer against his bucking body.

Anakin's hand moved faster and faster, pulling, twisting. His hips started to pump to the frantic pace. Finally, he could stand it no longer.

"Now Master! He cried, jerking his head away from Wan's mouth to sink his teeth into his shoulder.

If Obi-Wan hadn't been wearing his heavy shirt a chunk of flesh would surely have been Anakin's reward. Wan howled at the searing pain and then exploded. Countless skeins of pearly white liquid mingled in the tight space between their thrashing bodies.

When the last throb subsided they fell limp against each other and Anakin unlocked his jaw.

"Sorry about that," he mumbled, sending a pulse of Force power into the small wound.

Obi-Wan didn't answer and Anakin pulled his head back to tilt his friend's face up to his.

"You alright?" he asked hesitantly.

Wan opened his eyes slowly and gave his partner a beatific smile. "I'm a little thirsty…" he croaked. "Want to do another Nummy Ride with me?"

Anakin's answering smile was pure carnality. "I can't think of anyone I'd rather have a Ride with."


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