Title: Need
Author: Masque
Rating: R for implied BDSM
Pairing: Obi/Ani
Archive: you mean you want this?
Word count: 116.
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. See the man in plaid.




Voice no more than a ragged whisper. Screams echo in his ears, taste of sweet copper blood, hard metal biting into wrists and ankles, faint whimpers he recognizes as his own.


...please, master...

Pain, fire, aching welts, bruises, cuts. Precise, passionate, perfect.

...i need...


Fear, anger, hatred. Bound together in unending pleasure. To live is to ask for the hurt, the ache, the grief. Acceptance has always been the hardest lesson.

One he has learned to love.

Difficult and dangerous this path is. Secret because so many fail. But this --

...master, need please oh please...

-- this is right. Master became what he needed.


"I love."

And there is balance.


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