Title: My Master Fucks Me
Author: Di-Ana Wolf
Pairing(s): Obi/Ani, Q/O mentioned
Rating: R (language)
Archive/Distribution: My site, list archives. Anyone else want it, keep my name and all disclaimers attached, and let me know where.
Category: (a little)Angst, Slash
Summary: Ani's thoughts about Obi fucking him.
Spoilers: No
Feedback: Want it, need it, crave it. On-list, off-list.
Disclaimers: Obi and Ani belong to George. No money being made.
Author’s Notes: 100 Word Challenge Fic. Good lord the bunnies love 100 word challenges. From Ani's POV.


My Master fucks me.

Not every day, but most days. He just slips quietly into my quarters and I know what he wants.

I don't mind, not really. Obi-Wan is a very considerate lover. But I know when he fucks me, he's thinking of Qui-Gon. That bothers me.

I don't think he knows that I know.

I won't tell him either. He must be lonely, I've got Padme, but Obi-Wan… Obi-Wan doesn't have anyone but me.

No one knows that Obi-Wan fucks me. Some people have speculated. But no one knows for sure.

And no one knows that I like it.


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