Title: Little Anakin
Author: Di-Ana Wolf
Pairing(s): Obi/Ani
Rating: NC-17
Archive/Distribution: My site, list archives. Anyone else want it, keep my name and all disclaimers attached, and let me know where.
Category: PWP
Summary: Obi + Ani = Smut
Spoilers: No
Feedback: Want it, need it, crave it. On-list, off-list.
Disclaimers: Obi and Ani belong to George. No money being made. A
uthorís Notes: 100 Word Challenge Fic. The last one was Pg-13 and the only
PG-13 piece I've ever written *hides*.


Warm fingers spreading me, oiling up my body.

Hot, blunt pressure, and me screaming.

It hurts so bad, and feels so good.

The slick slap of bodies echoed in my ears and grunts from my Master, as he fucked me.

If Padme could see this now, see her Ani, that little boy on Tatooine, getting fucked up the ass by his Master.

Didn't matter, as he touched that spot within me.

Loud moans coming from me as he reached around.

Bright flashes of light going off beneath my eyelids and hot liquid crashing into my body as we came together.


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