Title: Lesson Repaid
Author: Angel Force
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None
Pairing: Obi/Ani
Archive: The usual places that host my fics. All others just ask!
Summary: Sequel to "Lessons Learned" and "Lessons Put to Use"
(both can be found in the Obi/Ani list archives, ff.net or at it's hosted site: http://www.dreamwater.net/sydsvaughn/sarasite/sarastories.html )
Remarks: This is for SomeJediGirl. She wrote the last part where Anakin had the fun, so I figured the next part should be Obi's payback! Enjoy!
// denotes thoughts


Anakin felt a spark of excitement as he headed for one of the many conference rooms housed in the bowels of the Senate Chambers. There was a light in his eyes and a spring to his step that would have surprised many, especially after the foul mood he had been in for the past week.

He'd been shuttled off at the last minute on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan, despite his initial protests at leaving. Padme had just returned from a diplomatic conference nearly a star system away and had only a day before having to leave again. Which meant he'd had a little less than 12 hours with her before having to leave. He smiled to himself, remembering what he'd managed to accomplish in those hours, satisfied he'd left a very content, sated Padme behind. Still, he wished he could have spent longer with her, since it seemed they were apart more than together lately.

Added to that frustration was the fact that he hadn't seen his Master in more than two weeks. The Council had sent Obi-Wan to oversee a trade dispute halfway across the galaxy, leaving the same day Anakin had for Alderaan. While they had exchanged mental messages over the past week, they had been few and far between, and definitely non-personal. He'd been looking forward to Obi-Wan's return all this week, only to feel intense disappointment to learn negotiations were going longer than expected.

His brief interlude with Padme had done much to quell his immediate frustration, and he had thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. However, he and Padme had both expressed their disappointment that Obi-Wan had not been a part of their pleasure. However, he thought he had sensed something in her demeanor when she had mentioned how much she longed to receive another lesson from Obi-Wan, and enthused that he must feel the same.

For a moment, he wondered if she knew about his seduction of Obi-Wan several weeks ago, but decided he was simply on edge. There was no way she could have known he had gone ahead and indulged in a private lesson with his master. If she knew, she would have been furious and confronted him. Still, there was a nagging sensation at the back of his mind thanks to the strange look in his wife's eyes. He'd managed to push that aside however after she'd proceeded to show him she'd learned a few things herself and they'd lost themselves in each other for the rest of the night.

Still, while Padme's seduction had placated his initial desire, he still found himself hungering for his master with a desire that seemed to grow daily. And after their last encounter, he wanted nothing more than to get Obi-Wan alone somewhere and beg him to take his 'revenge' for the stunt he'd pulled several weeks ago.

Anakin felt his heart speed up as he remembered the feel of his Master's body writhing beneath him, heard the hoarse cries of his name as he shuddered on the brink of pure pleasure. His lips tingled at the memory of his master's arousal, hard and strong, throbbing as he'd milked it of all its essence. The look in those beautiful bluish-green orbs as his master had sworn retribution that made his heart pound.

Which was part of the reason for his quick step and sly smile as he headed down the long hallway. He'd been in the middle of an impromptu lightsaber battle with a fellow Padawan, much to the amusement of the younger apprentices, when Obi-Wan's voice had echoed through his head.

// Padawan, I have returned and must see you immediately. I am finishing my report to the Senate Committee. Meet me in the Senate Chambers, Conference Room A5, immediately //

He'd sensed something in his master's voice, a ripple of unease maybe but he wasn't sure. Either way, he'd immediately ended the duel and sent a reply as he headed out of the Temple.

// I am on my way Master. Is everything all right? //

He'd added the ending thought as he realized there had been a sense of urgency about Obi-Wan's summons, not the calm, no-nonsense tone he usually used. He hoped nothing had gone wrong with the talks. From what little he'd gathered, they had been heated.

// I am fine Anakin, but come quickly //

Breathing a sigh of relief, he'd made his way to the dome shaped building, taking comfort from his master's words that nothing was seriously wrong. Now that the edge of worry had subsided, his mind had immediately begun to speculate on what could be done in a deserted Senate conference room. The image of the long, metal and chrome tables that were common in each one sent a shiver down his spine as he imagined himself pressed against the cool metal, his Master's heated skin against his own.

Those images still foremost in his mind, Anakin finally reached the designated conference room and with a deep breath, stepped inside. It took his eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness, surprised to find no lights on and no sense of anyone inside. He let his mind do a quick probe for Obi-Wan's Force aura, but was unable to locate it. Feeling frustrated, he turned back to the door, wondering if he were in the wrong room.

"You are right where I want you my young apprentice."

The menacing words seemed to come out of thin air. Anakin whirled around, but he was too late to halt his collision with the strong, lithe body of his master. He gasped as he felt Obi-Wan's body press against his, pushing him back so he hit the edge of the table.

"Master," Anakin tried, but found his words cut off as Obi-Wan's mouth crashed down on his, stealing his breath and all thought of resistance. Moaning, he reached up and pulled Obi-Wan's head closer, deepening the frantic kiss as his hands clutched the material of his master's soft robes. Teeth and tongues clashed in familiar rhythm, desperation over such a long separation making the kiss even more passionate.

Anakin cried out as Obi-Wan suddenly tore his lips away and began to kiss and nip along his neck and collarbone. He reached to pull him closer, only to find his hands had been Force bonded into place. Moaning in frustration, he could do little more than arch against Obi-Wan's flicking tongue, trying to move his hips against the desire he could feel growing.

"See how it feels to have no control?" Obi-Wan whispered against Anakin's throat as his hands slid down to part his apprentice's tunics, enjoying the hoarse groan as rough fingers met firm flesh. Reaching to tug a small male nipple, Obi-Wan laughed as Anakin tried to plead for his release.

"Please master, it's been so long, let me touch you, I need to touch you," he moaned, feeling a near overload of sensation as Obi-Wan leaned down and sucked a nipple into his mouth, worrying the hard flesh with teeth and tongue. He cried out as Obi-Wan's free hand suddenly found its way to his groin, cupping the hardened flesh their with a firm, sure grip.

"I warned you about paybacks Anakin," Obi-Wan muttered in a hoarse voice, working now with both hands to loosen Anakin's trousers. A few moments later he was cupping his padwan's erection with a firm grip, using quick, hard strokes, knowing it was what Anakin liked best. He delighted to the feel of his apprentice writhing underneath him, the heated flesh growing harder in his palms, the whimpers and cries now coming from those lips he'd spent far too many nights these past two weeks dreaming about.


Anakin couldn't hold back his cry as he felt Obi-Wan's body suddenly separate from his, his hands leaving his staff hard and aching in the cool air. He instinctively tried to move his arms, only to find the bonds still remained. Arching upwards, he moaned again, pleading mentally and vocally for Obi-Wan to continue.

He gasped as he suddenly felt his master's warm mouth close around him. Arching his hips, he moaned as Obi-Wan took him deep, using his mouth to create an arousing suction as his fingers caressed the base of his erection. The feelings swamping him were nearly unbearable and he felt himself climbing to a peak higher than he'd ever been before.


Obi-Wan felt his own desire reach a nearly unbearable level as he felt Anakin shudder then find his release. Swallowing after each convulsion, he used his hands to gently soothe, stroking the warm skin of his apprentice's hips as Anakin slowly floated back to earth. With a small smile, he released the Force bond he'd used, watching as Anakin's arms suddenly relaxed against his sides.

Sighing, he allowed his cheek to rest lightly on Anakin's stomach, enjoying the feelings in the Force around them.

Anakin, for his part, finally felt complete for the first time in weeks. He slowly opened his eyes to find Obi-Wan's bluish-green ones watching him with affection and love. A smaller surge of desire went through him as he read the still evident desire in those familiar orbs.

"Master, let me," he began, trying to sit up, only to be pushed back to the table by Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan smiled, fighting down his desire to allow Anakin to follow through on his thoughts. He wanted nothing more, but knew, in all fairness, it could not be.

Not yet at least.

"No Anakin, I owed you this for your seduction several weeks ago, but it is not right that we do this without Padme," he began, holding up a hand to quiet Anakin's protests. "She is your wife Padawan, and you know how angry she would be if she realized we had done this without her, so we must wait until she returns," he finished, feeling his body protest the words, but knowing it was the right decision.

Anakin knew Obi-Wan was right and knew that Padme would be very displeased if she ever found out. But she wouldn't find out from him. Nor Obi-Wan if he knew his master.

"I understand, but I don't have to like it," he finally muttered, hearing Obi-Wan's slightly hoarse laughter fill the room.

"Do not worry my young apprentice, when your wife returns, I believe there will be much for both of you to learn," he replied, straightening his tunics, fighting down a surge of desire as Anakin did the same.

With one last, heated look at each other, Master and Apprentice left the room.

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