Title: Lessons Learned
Author: Angel Force
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Obi/Ani/Padme
Spoilers: The end of AOTC, but only minor
Archive: Sith Chicks, anyone else who wants it, just let me know!
Summary: Ani and Padme get more than they bargained for one night
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em. George does. Besides, he'd never let them do this. Ever.
Author Notes: Okay, this would not have been written without the encouragement of my beta K. She convinced me I could write this, even though I've never attempted this kind of fic before. She called me daily to encourage and support me. She went to see AOTC with me (and still will) again and again and put up with me suddenly noting the 'slashy' undertones to the Obi/Ani scenes that I hadn't noticed before. She convinced me at least one other person out there would want to read a 'threesome.' And she betaed and fixed the scenes that needed fixing. I could not have done it without you girl, thank you!!!
Warning: I state this now for everyone who might go "Oh my God, she wrote what?" as they read. THIS IS AN OBI/PADME/ANI THREESOME HET/SLASH SMUT fic. Everyone gets a little, all three together get a lot. Completely AU, all smut and probably out of character. If you don't like the pairings, you'll want to skip this one. If you want to try it out, please let me know what you think!


Anakin sighed as he lost himself in his wife, still amazed that this beautiful woman wanted him. Her soft moans and cries were nearly enough to send him over the edge as he set about learning the mysteries of her body.

Padme held back the words she so wanted to speak as she managed to groan again, hoping she was convincing Anakin that she liked what he was doing. Which wasn't completely a lie. The sensations he was evoking in her body were pleasant, but not the earth-shattering emotions she'd hoped for in her lover.

She was debating whether or not to try and gently offer a few words of suggestion, when a low voice from across the room startled a shriek from her, and something resembling a howl from Anakin.

"Padawan, did I teach you nothing? You're doing it all wrong!"

Anakin swiveled his head to see his amused master staring at them both, a hint of a smile on his face.

Padme wasn't sure whether to be embarrassed or intrigued by Obi-Wan's words. But for some reason, despite her innate modesty, she felt no need to cover herself from the other man's now inquisitive gaze.

"Master, do I even want to know what you're doing in our room on our wedding night?" Anakin drawled lightly, rolling over so he was now on his side next to Padme, his naked body pale in the moonlight creeping through the window. He made no effort to cover himself, a spark of something pleasurable shooting through his already aroused body as he noted his master staring at his naked flesh.

"Well my very young, very green padawan, I could not help but feel through the Force that Padme was not completely involved in your seduction," Obi-Wan offered in a conversational tone as he moved across the room, stopping as he reached the bed.

"Padme?" Anakin asked in confusion, turning to gaze at his now blushing wife. "Is it true? You didn't like what I was doing to you?" he asked, sounding once again like the lost little boy she'd met so long ago.

"It's not so much that I don't like it Ani," she began carefully, exchanging a knowing gaze with Obi-Wan. "But there are a few things about pleasing a female you could probably work on," she finished almost hesitantly, noting his eyes immediately darken with hurt.

"Padawan, she does not say this to make you feel less than you are," Obi-Wan immediately jumped in, able to sense Anakin's frustration. "She simply says it to help you both find the most enjoyable way of giving pleasure to each other. In the end, it will only benefit you both," he finished reasonably, taking a seat on the edge of the bed.

"Oh, and I suppose you are the expert on pleasuring a woman Master?" Anakin snapped back, still not ready to accept that Padme might not be delighted with him, something else rankling him at the thought of his master pleasuring a woman, or anyone else for that matter. At the moment, he was simply resenting the fact that even now, here, in the presence of his wife, in their marriage bed, he felt an insane rage of jealousy at thinking of his master with anyone other than him.

Obi-Wan's eyebrow raised knowingly as he caught the track of his padawan's thoughts. A small smile appeared on his face as he looked contemplatively between husband and wife.

"You might be surprised at what I have learned over the years my young apprentice," he murmured, reaching to stroke his bearded chin. "And what you both could learn from me," he finished, smiling to himself as he saw Padme's eyes shift to his, a spark of interest in their brown depths.

Anakin felt the anger begin to ebb from him as he watched his master closely, realizing the older man was up to something. Surprisingly, he found his body tensing in anticipation, wondering if his master could possibly be thinking along the same lines he suddenly found himself.

"Yes my Padawan, if Padme is agreeable," Obi-Wan replied to his thought, catching his eye with a hypnotic look that made Anakin swallow hard, as a shiver ran through his body.

"Would you both please stop your mental conversation? I'd like to know what exactly it is I am supposed to be agreeable to," Padme joined in, feeling a strange vibe now flowing between Master and Padawan. She wasn't going to analyze why the feeling suddenly made her skin tingle, her nipples harden and sent a gush of heat to her center.

"I think, what my Master is proposing, is that he teach us both how to pleasure each other," Anakin offered shrewdly, seeing Obi-Wan's eyes light with sly laughter.

"Meaning what?" Padme asked cautiously, feeling the tingling in her body increase as she felt Obi-Wan turn his gaze to her, eyes roving down her body, now only thinly covered by the bed sheet she'd pulled over her during their conversation. She could feel her breasts suddenly swell, becoming extremely sensitive to the material brushing across her skin as his eyes tracked a heated path over her.

"Meaning, if you allow me, I will show my padawan how to most please you," Obi-Wan replied in a deep voice, his eyes now taking on a darker hue as she began to see the desire appear.

"Anakin?" Padme asked carefully, already knowing her answer, but wanting to judge her husband's response before actually voicing it. She felt her heart begin to beat faster as she looked at her husband, noting his eyes were now firmly locked on his master's, a look of anticipation on his face. She was not gifted in the Force like the Jedi, but she could swear she felt an eager anticipation that had not been there earlier in her husband's demeanor. Turning her gaze to Obi-Wan, she noted his eyes were also locked on his padawan's, the anticipation obvious.

She felt a small smile come over her face as she realized she might get more than she bargained for out of this little proposition. She couldn't deny that her body was slowly dissolving into a puddle as she let her mind run free with what could possibly happen in the next few hours.

"I sense your wife is agreeable to my proposition?" Obi-Wan asked, amusement in his voice as Anakin smiled, turning his gaze to his wife. Anakin felt a bolt of arousal slam through him at the look in her eyes, which were wandering back and forth between the two men. The emotions flowing off of her surprised yet delighted him as he realized what else his young wife might find intriguing.

He couldn't deny the desire that had him hardening as his gaze roamed over Padme, then turned to run over the hard, toned body of his master. It was no secret that Obi-Wan Kenobi was a fine specimen, lusted after by men, women and creatures of all kinds, Jedi or not. He'd always heard the rumors, but his master had been close mouthed about his liaisons, sexual or otherwise. Anakin himself was not oblivious to the charm and sex appeal his master seemed to ooze, but had never thought his master interested.

But if the look in his eyes now was anything to go by, he might have to rethink things.

Padme felt her throat go dry as she sensed the sexual tension in the room growing. Her body was aching in a way she'd never felt before, anticipation building to a slow burn as she let her eyes run over the two men on either side of her.

There was no doubt of her husband's attractiveness, the limber build of his body, the darkness of his eyes and the padawan cut that somehow, on him, managed to look attractive. She knew, from the little they'd experimented so far, that her husband was definitely a well-built, well-endowed man. She could only shiver as she imagined what a little bit of practice would do for his prowess with women.

And his master.

She felt another wash of arousal course through her body as she turned her gaze to Obi-Wan, noting the way the moonlight cascaded over his body. He was dressed only in a light billowy shirt and his Jedi trousers. A slight fuzz of hair on his chest could be seen through the part of the shirt, the muscles clearly defined as they rippled with his every move. His long hair and the short beard served to give his face a more mature look, but his eyes sparkled with a mischievous glint.

She swallowed hard at the irresistible picture they presented.

"I sense we are all in agreement?" she finally managed, seeing the lustful smiles Obi-Wan and Anakin sent her way. Feeling her own body tremble, she sighed, relaxing back against the pillows, hair falling across her shoulders and flowing down over her chest. "Then by all means, begin your instruction Master Kenobi," she teased in a breathless voice as the eyes of the master began to sparkle.

Obi-Wan smiled to himself as he felt the arousal he'd been tamping down since first walking in on them rise. He would never admit it to his padawan, but he had long coveted this beautiful woman, dreamed of taking her, making her cry out his name in passion.

That arousal now mixed with the strong desire he'd always harbored for his padawan. He felt himself grow hard as he noted the sensual way Anakin's eyes were now moving over his body. How long had he dreamt of feeling his padawan's strong body against his? Imagined those beautiful lips wrapped around his hardness, milking him to an ecstasy he had only once known, with his own former master?

Tonight it seemed he was going to get to indulge in both his secret desires.

"Now watch carefully my young apprentice, and I will show you how to thoroughly pleasure a woman," he began in a deep voice, seeing Anakin's gaze follow his hand as he placed it against Padme's cheek.

She drew in a breath at the sensation of his warm, calloused palm against the smooth skin of her cheek, his greenish-blue eyes glittering down into hers. He swallowed hard as he let his fingers begin to graze her cheekbones, across her nose and forehead and down to her chin.

"A woman enjoys the sensation of being touched," he began, his voice low and hypnotic as he continued to stroke her face, smiling as her eyes closed and she leaned into his caress. "I find in most cases, light, gentle touches serve to build the anticipation," he continued, now letting his hands slip to her neck and collarbone, brushing daintily across the skin with teasing touches that served to draw little gasps from her throat.

Padme could not believe the sensations she was feeling simply from Obi-Wan's touch. Sparks skittered across her skin wherever his fingers roved. The intense, eager gaze of her husband combined with the feel of Obi-Wan's eyes on her body made her shift impatiently against the sheet. She was growing frustrated that Obi-Wan seemed to deliberately avoid her breasts, keeping his touches feathery, and roving no lower than her neck.

"Obi-Wan, please," she moaned, unable to string any other words together.

"Master, I think she wants something," Anakin offered, watching his wife's flushed skin turn even darker, her gasps becoming ragged moans as Obi-Wan brushed his fingers across her lips.

"Patience young padawan, what she wants will come in time. Half of the pleasure is in building to that point," his master replied, smiling as Padme's eyes fluttered open at the words. The look in her eyes took his breath away, and he turned to smile at Anakin.

"Now as I am sure you're aware, a woman's breasts are one of the most erogenous areas on her body," Obi-Wan continued in an even voice as his hands finally strayed to the top of the sheet. Padme moaned as he pulled the material away, feeling the coolness of the night air on her skin. She watched as Obi-Wan's eyes sparked at the sight of her bare flesh, feeling a deep sense of womanly satisfaction that she could bring that look to his eyes.

"What's wrong, Master, cat got your tongue?" Anakin teased, his own heart racing as he observed his wife's loveliness now bared to their gazes.

"Now that you mention the tongue young Padawan, it is one of the most useful tools in any seduction," Obi-Wan replied, his voice now containing a note of hoarseness that had not been there before. Leaning over, he gently ran the tip of his tongue along her collarbone and down the valley between her breasts.

Padme moaned as she arched towards him, wanting nothing more than the heat of his mouth on her now burning flesh. Obi-Wan smiled as he noted her reaction, repeating the movement again as he heard Anakin's breathing deepen.

"The tongue has many uses, the trick is to figure out which use will bring her the most pleasure," he continued, this time leaning so his face was mere inches from hers, his chest nearly, but not quite, touching her now bared breasts. "Observe carefully Padawan, since words will not be possible at the moment," he replied, before covering Padme's mouth with his.

Padme moaned as she reached up to wrap her arms around his neck, drawing him down to her as she parted her lips and let his tongue roam inside her mouth. The sensation was incredible, heated, hot and different from any kiss Anakin had ever given her. Obi-Wan's mouth caressed hers like a lover who had known her forever, his mouth easily molding and shaping hers.

Obi-Wan sighed, losing himself in the kiss, enjoying the feel of her lips under his, the way her body strained up against him as his hands wandered slowly down her neck and towards her chest.

"Master," Anakin complained, feeling his own arousal nearing a fever pitch, simply from watching his wife kiss another man. Part of him supposed he should feel a wave of jealousy, but a larger part found himself wishing his master would kiss HIM the way he was kissing Padme.

Obi-Wan smiled as he gently released Padme's lips, turning his knowing gaze to his padawan. "Was there something you wished to know Anakin?" he offered quietly, licking his lips as he noted Anakin staring intently at his mouth. "You know I encourage you to ask questions, to seek answers," he went on, sensing his padawan was close to losing control.

Anakin swallowed hard, unable to believe this was his master, staring at him with desire in his gaze, their mental bond allowing him to feel things he'd never hoped, never dreamed Obi-Wan could feel for him.

// It is all right Anakin. Whatever you wish to learn, I will teach //

He started at his master's low voice inside his head. Could he really mean the words? Could he really be encouraging him to find the answer to a question he had been keeping at the back of his mind for what seemed like years?

// Why don't you find out? //

The mental words, and the way Obi-Wan licked his lips, were the final straw.

With a slightly trembling hand, he reached over Padme and pulled Obi-Wan's face to his, quickly pressing their lips together in a tentative first kiss. He sighed as he felt the soft touch of his master's lips, surprisingly firm and warm. He couldn't help but moan as Obi-Wan's tongue flicked against his lips, urging them to part. He sighed as he allowed the questing tongue inside. His hands tightened on his master's face, and he unconsciously deepened the kiss as he let himself get lost in the sensation sweeping his body.

Obi-Wan, for his part, was struggling to retain some form of control. Not easy when the feel of those luscious lips he'd harbored fantasies about for years were devouring his. Anakin certainly took direction well, he thought, feeling the young man's kiss grow more aggressive. His felt himself grow even harder as he allowed himself a moment to revel in the feel of finally having Anakin's lips on his.

Padme's eyes had grown wide as she'd watched the two men stare at each other. She'd been about to demand that Obi-Wan kiss her again, needing the feel of his lips against hers once more, when she saw Anakin reach for his master and pull them into a kiss. The wave of desire that swept over her nearly made her lose control then and there. She gasped as she watched them kiss, their tongues tangling as their breathing grew rapid. She'd imagined, deep in her wildest fantasies, this very scene. Those imaginings were nothing compared to the reality.

Moaning quietly she allowed her hands to wander down her body, stopping to cup her breasts, stroking the sensitive skin, noting her nipples were tight and hard, the sensation only augmented by the sight of the deep, intense kiss going on above her.

Obi-Wan forced his lust down as he finally pulled away from Anakin, stroking his hand down the other man's cheek with a tender gaze. He sensed Padme's arousal at the site of them, and it only served to heighten his desire. With another fond gaze at his padawan, Obi-Wan turned his attention back to Padme, feeling his passion for her leap as he noted she was now stroking her breasts, her breath coming in rapid pants.

"Now my young padawan, let us see if we can't put that talented tongue to use, since I fear your wife is feeling neglected," Obi-Wan murmured, seeing Anakin's eyes darken as they too focused on the erotic image of his wife, pleasuring herself.

Padme could only moan as she read the intent in their eyes. Before she could do more than gasp, Anakin and Obi-Wan were leaning over her, their hands, almost in tandem, coming to remove her own hands and replace them with theirs.

"Now young Padawan, as I was saying, the breasts are a major erogenous zone for the female, note the way they grow fuller, how the nipples harden as we touch them," he whispered, letting his fingers begin to tug and pull at one of her nipples, smiling as he noted Anakin was matching him move for move, his gaze now locked on his wife's heaving bosom.

"Now, try using your tongue," Obi-Wan offered, leaning over and capturing a breast in the heat of his mouth. He felt the jolt go through Padme's system as he took her sensitive skin deep into his mouth, using his tongue and his fingers to stimulate her even more.

Anakin followed his master's lead, his mind still reeling with the combined effects of watching his wife writhe in ecstasy and remembering the sensation of Obi-Wan's lips against his. But he pushed that desire to the back of his mind for the moment, deciding to concentrate on Padme, enjoying the way she felt against his tongue, using his teeth to lightly bite, then soothe as she arched against him.

Padme saw colors flash behind her eyes, the sight of both Jedi bent over her nearly too much to bear. Somehow, she suspected through the Force, master and padawan were working together in perfect tandem, seeming to anticipate the other's move, and her reaction. She cried out as she felt Anakin nip her with his teeth, immediately feeling Obi-Wan copy the move. She couldn't help but reach out her hands, locking one behind each of their heads, pulling them harder against her, begging with whimpers and moans for them never to stop.

Obi-Wan felt his desire build to a fever pitch at Padme's unbridled response beneath him, able to sense Anakin was nearing the edge as well. Sending a quick mental touch to his padawan, he withdrew his mouth from Padme's skin, smiling at her whimper of protest as Anakin followed suit.

"Obi-Wan, Anakin, please, don't stop," she begged, reaching out to try and draw them back down to her.

Obi-Wan smiled, soothing her by placing a gentle hand on her cheek. "Patience Padme, the best is yet to come," he whispered, leaning down to brush his lips across hers, smiling as he felt Anakin lean in to do the same when he pulled back.

Anakin sighed as he felt the familiar sweetness of his wife's lips, mixed with a smoky taste he knew was undoubtedly his master's. It added something to the kiss he'd never felt before, making him even harder than he already was. He shifted against the sheets, rubbing his hardness against the silk, knowing he needed some form of relief, be it from his wife, or his master.

// Patience Padawan, the wait will be worth it //

Obi-Wan's mental words, along with a deep mental kiss soothed him for the moment as he gently withdrew his lips from Padme's and turned to look at his master. "What else do I need to know about pleasure?" he asked in a husky voice, his hands unconsciously moving to stroke Padme's breasts as he watched his master's eyes gleam with approval and barely contained desire.

"You are learning very well, would you not agree Padme?" Obi-Wan asked the woman panting beneath them. He smiled as all she managed was a hoarse moan as she arched into Anakin's wandering hands. "She is speechless, always a good sign, my young padawan," he finished as he turned his attention back to Padme. Reaching for the sheet, he pulled it completely off of her body, catching his breath at her beauty as she was revealed to them in the moonlight.

Padme felt no shame, no awkwardness, just an overwhelming desire as she watched Obi-Wan's eyes heat. A quick glance to her right revealed her husband's eyes had also gone dark, his hungry stare sending licks of fire over her skin.

"What do you suggest we do next Master?" Anakin asked, his gaze shifting for a moment from his wife to his master, feeling his member stiffen as he observed the huge bulge now visible against the front of Obi-Wan's trousers. Licking his lips, he waited for Obi-Wan's next instruction.

Obi-Wan had caught the gaze, and felt his arousal strain against the now tight confines of his trousers. He also became aware that Padme's gaze had followed her husband's, and she was now staring at his crotch with undisguised arousal.

"I think you have too many clothes on, Master," Anakin finally murmured when Obi-Wan did not reply. Exchanging a glance with Padme, they both turned their gazes to him. Obi-Wan smiled and managed to stand and slip his shirt over his shoulders, tossing it into a heap on the floor.

Padme felt her throat go dry at the wonderful chest that was now bare to her gaze. She noted Anakin seemed fascinated as well, his eyes running over the broad shoulders and muscled arms. How she wanted to touch that golden skin, feel his small male nipples harden under her tongue. Watch as Anakin did the same to him. She couldn't help but moan at the image, unsure how much more she could take.

Anakin swallowed hard, his eyes turning deep and dark as he watched his master slide his trousers down his legs and kick them across the floor. He couldn't help the slight whimper that emerged from his throat as he saw Obi-Wan's manhood, huge and full, standing upright in the bright moonlight. He could sense Padme's awe as well, but was unable to tear his gaze away from the perfect male specimen in front of him.

Obi-Wan smiled, feeling his passion surge as he saw their eager gazes. He could feel the answering desire coming off of them in waves. Moving carefully, he again settled himself onto the bed, trying to gather his thoughts, needing to retain some control if he were to see this through to its natural conclusion.

"Now Padawan, we come to the most important lesson in the art of seduction," he intoned, his voice rough and hoarse as he allowed his gaze to focus on the nest of curls revealed to him between Padme's thighs. "Watch carefully, since actions again speak louder than words," he whispered, before leaning down to brush a quick kiss against the inside of her thigh.

Padme arched up off the bed, the scratch of his beard and the softness of his lips combining to send a streak of lightning through her body and directly to her center. She clenched her hands in the sheets, unable to stop the cries that now emerged, breathlessly, from deep in her throat.

Anakin had never felt such desire as he did then, as he watched his master begin to kiss and caress his way along the inside of Padme's thighs. He watched the ecstatic expression bloom on his wife's face, able to feel her intense pleasure at the sensation of lips and beard against her most sensitive skin. Her entire body was flushed, her nipples a dark brown as they pebbled in the coolness of the night air. Unable to stop himself, he leaned over and captured one in his mouth, rolling his tongue around the tip, while one hand began to stroke the other.

Padme cried out as she felt both master and padawan again begin a rhythm in tandem, possibly unaware that they were doing it. The feel of Anakin's lips and tongue against her breasts and Obi-Wan's teasing mouth against her thighs was almost unbearable. She moaned and arched against them as best she could, begging, pleading with incoherent phrases for them to give her release.

Obi-Wan smiled as he felt her wetness against his cheek, felt the desire coursing through her body as she lost herself in the sensations he and Anakin were giving her. Deciding to test their endurance once more, he finally allowed his tongue to slip across the tight bud at her center, gasping at her scream as she bucked frantically against his mouth. He noted Anakin had stopped his ministrations to her breasts at the cry, his gaze now intently focused on what was going on below.

Using his tongue to alternately stroke the tiny nub and run over and against her lower lips, he skillfully drew her desire to the breaking point. He loved the way she tasted against him as he quickly thrust his tongue deep into her willing depths. He gasped as he felt her legs suddenly clamp tightly around him as she bucked into his lips, urging him on with cries and strangled moans, begging for something she could not name.

For a few more moments, he drew out her pleasure, only increasing his own in the process. Bringing his fingers into the mix, he gently inserted two of them into her depths, gasping as she instinctively tightened around them. Stroking and teasing her gently with his fingers, he allowed his tongue to concentrate on the small nub of pleasure, feeling her body tense at the sensation.

Padme couldn't keep her eyes open as Obi-Wan bombarded her, the feeling of his tongue, teeth and fingers delving into her too much to bear. Crying out, she writhed against him, begging for release, arching higher and harder against him. She moaned in frustration as she felt herself teetering on the brink of release, only to have Obi-Wan withdraw his talented mouth and fingers.

"Obi-Wan, please!" she cried out, trying to bring him back down to her.

Obi-Wan smiled, noting Anakin was now stroking his own hardness, his eyes glazed with desire as he watched his wife cry out. His own arousal was nearly painful as he shifted position to rub lightly against the silk sheets. All he wanted was relief, but he knew he had a lesson to finish first. Drawing on every ounce of control he could muster, he smiled as he tilted Padme's chin up so her gaze was locked on his.

"Now Padawan, watch as your wife experiences true bliss," he whispered, leaning over to plant a quick kiss against her trembling lips. Then, before she could do more than moan, he thrust three fingers deep inside her weeping body, twisting so they perfectly hit that pleasure spot inside.

Padme screamed as her climax hit like a freight train, the waves of ecstasy slamming into her, lights, colors and sounds exploding behind her eyes as she lost the ability to do anything but feel. Her mind was lost to everything as she wallowed in the blinding pleasure, unable, unwilling for the moment to come down.

But eventually, the waves subsided, and she found herself floating back to earth, surprised to find two sets of arms cradling her gently. Opening her eyes, she found two chins resting on her chest, two pairs of eyes dark with desire waiting for her to acknowledge them. Words were beyond her at the moment, all the strength seeming to have left her body. She managed a weak smile, hoping they understood she was incapable of more at the moment.

"Well Master, I do believe my wife is a completely satisfied woman," Anakin offered, his voice still rough with passion as he smiled into Padme's eyes. Obi-Wan returned the smile, nodding his head slightly in Anakin's direction as he reached up to stroke a finger down Padme's cheek.

"Satisfying and pleasuring a woman is a most important lesson to learn my young apprentice. I hope you will heed it well and remember it for future reference," he replied with a small smile, seeing Padme's eyes light with amusement. He felt a surge of pride that he had been the one to bring her to such heights, the added boon of having his padawan watch an even better stimulant. He shifted again as he felt his nearly unbearable hardness pressing against the sheets, sensed his padawan's lustful gaze turning towards him. Raising his eyes carefully from Padme to Anakin, he caught his breath at the look of desire in the young man's eyes.

Padme felt a tingle of arousal stir in her body as she suddenly watched master and padawan turn to gaze into each other's eyes. Her heart nearly stopped as she heard her husband's next words.

"I am a fast learner Master, but there are a few of the finer points of pleasure I believe I still need instruction in," Anakin began, a sly smile on his face as he slowly stretched out next to Padme, baring his naked body and very obvious arousal to Obi-Wan. "And since my lovely wife seems exhausted, I suggest you demonstrate on me," he finished, pleased to see Obi-Wan's eyes turn fiery with desire.


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