Title - Length
Author - nostalgia
Disclaim - Yeah, yeah, etc.
Rated - NC17
Etc - I can't believe I'm doing this...

"Fuck me, Padawan!" he yelled hoarsely.

His breath condensing on the cold air as he clutched at the railing. Anakin gasped loudly and started to thrust harder. His braid flapped stupidly in the midnight air. He wished he hadn't married that woman...what was her name again?

Obi-Wan blasphemed in several languages in praise of this hot jedi lovin'. Truly, his Padawan was the greatest of all - the Chosen One.

He tried to remember if he had ever done this with Qui-Gon, or if that was just an urban myth. Anakin moaned into his ear:

"It's how you use it, Master"


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