Title: Lament
Author: nostalgia
Rated: PG
Disclaim: Lucas owns the Jedi, but not the Anglo-Saxons.
Archive/Feedback: ...both beloved.
Etc: I read a bit of 'Beowulf'. Then I took my four semesters of medieval history and did what I could. This is me first attempt at 'poetry'.
For Di-ana Wolf, whose words are beauty and whose slash is...hot.


The rain hits hard the ground, the drops shatter
Turning the stone black. Above the sky is broken,
But such tears are not for me.
his season past I lost my mother,
Lost her to sandy winds on a far shore.
Winter now, and still I tremble. Unsure of myself.
Son now to no one, my heart beats heavy,
As chill as iron. I am a warrior yet a sage,
Fierce even as I weep.
Born, one night among the sand-hills, the stars
Watching as I struggled forth. Never did I know a father,
Many say I had none. Born, a slave in a land of dust.
This was my past, but now I must forget it. Abandon
The roots that held me firm. My birth now replaced
With the beginning of my studies. A warrior now,
Death hanging from my belt. A prayer with the dawn,
Begging for forgiveness. My battle-robes
Are dyed in blood. I left my mother to the beasts.
I watch the tears of heaven as they fall before me,
Can they wash away memory? I slaughtered the demons,
The beasts who took my mother. Their blood is added to hers,
Drying brown upon my skin. A tale of vengeance,
Hidden from my mentor. I know what ways are forbidden.
To seek revenge, I was darkened, to take it doomed me.

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