Title: In Vino Veritas
Author: BoDeeWan (bodeerls@yahoo.com)
Rating: NC17
Archive/Distribution: Permission freely given to archive and post
Category: Coming of age / Slash / 1st Time / Angst Spoilers: None – Unless there is still someone out there who doesn’t know that the boy with the braid and the big blue eyes is someone important.
Summary: When Anakin gets into some unexpected trouble it is Obi Wan who must ultimately face the consequences of his young Padawan’s decisions. Warnings: Consensual M/M sexual content
Disclaimer: All characters are owned by George Lucas who has the ultimate jurisdiction over their use. No claims are made on behalf of Lucasfilm, nor are any implied.
Authors Note: I have made every effort to stay as true to the spirit of the characters and the continuity as possible. If I have faltered on any technical detail I offer my most sincere apology. It was not for lack of trying, I assure you.
Acknowledgments: The Star Wars Online Databank, [http://www.starwars.com/databank/] and Wikipedia Encyclopedia, [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page] for help with story and character details.

Chapter 1

Obi Wan Kenobi could hardly believe what he was hearing. Standing alone in the apartment his eyes were trained on the Holocam as his hand absently stroked his beard, “Are you certain?”

The glimmering image of Dexter Jettster hovered before him, all four arms waving to emphasize his point, “Yes, old friend, there’s no mistake!” The Besalisk’s husky voice was highly agitated as he strained his thick neck back and forth careful not to loose sight of the situation unfolding out of Obi Wan’s view. “It is him, the Padawan”.

Kenobi had just returned from the Jedi Temple when the Holocam had alerted him to an incoming communication. Switching on the unit Dex’s hulking image had begun excitedly recounting the events unfolding in the Uscru District. It had seemed rather odd to arrive home to an empty apartment but Anakin had informed him earlier that morning that he was considering attending the “Padawan Roundtable” that evening and he should not wait up for him. Obi Wan had thought nothing more of it … that is until now.

“This is not good, Dex.” He said keenly as his mind starting to play out the next few difficult hours. Thoughts coalescing he tried to calm the gentle behemoth by assigning him a task to focus on until he could personally attend to the situation. “Stay where you are,” he instructed, his voice calm and temperate, “Let me know if anything changes … I’m on my way”.

Disengaging the Holocam he stood for a moment considering his next tactical move. Nothing in his formal Jedi teachings had properly prepared him to face a situation quite like this. For now he would just have to draw on his considerable wits, experience, and cunning to face down this rather formidable task on is own.

Exiting to the balcony he vaulted into his repulsorlift and steered into the hive of early evening Coruscant traffic. Navigating the barrage of vehicles that clogged the airways around the Capital was, at best, challenging and at worst, a nightmare. Tonight it seemed that every resident of the planet had urgent business along the busy corridor to Vos Gesal Street. Snaking in and out of the streams of traffic he steered his vehicle along the Ginjei Throughway and into the bowels of the Lower City. The stench of countless open air restaurants and radiant marquees assailed his senses as he brought the vehicle down to rest on the street. The sector was replete with an abundance of gambling dens, cabarets, and bars, all catering to the hard trade of Coruscant nightlife. It was not an area in which one could let their guard down, even for an instant, as rogues and Slythmongers roamed the promenade seeking out their share of the night’s willing prey. Crossing to the corner nearest the promenade he spotted Dex still dutifully standing sentinel dressed in the greasy apron he wore as the sole proprietor of his diner several blocks away. Since his “fresh start” in Coco Town no one ventured into the district without Dex knowing about it.

“Gra'aton’s Cock! I’m glad you’re here,” Dex rubbed two of his hands through his casque with relief while pointing across the street with the other two, “There,” he motioned, “near the back”.

“Thank you old friend,” Obi Wan assured him with a firm squeeze of his friend’s heavily tattooed arm, “I’ll handle it from here.”

“Be careful Kenobi,” Dex warned with a quick flip of his eye ring, “I can get your back. These places can get pretty nasty real quick.” he said pulling back his apron to reveal a vibro cleaver hanging from his belt.

“That shouldn’t be necessary,” he smiled acknowledging the Besalisk’s offer, “Another time old friend, another battle. For now at least, I think I can handle this particular rabble.”

After several more offers to back him up Dex finally relented looking rather hurt that this would not be the grand reunion of the team, Kenobi and Jettster. Obi Wan watched his lumbering figure disappear into the alley that led back Dex’s Diner before turning to see face the once majestic facade of the “Outlander Club”.

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