Title: In Between Changes
Series: post ROTS, AU
Author helgaleena helgaleenas@yahoo.com
Rating: R
Archive/Distribution: yes submitted to Obi-Ani, Sith_chicks, ForceHaven, Like My Father Before Me
Category Slash AU
Spoilers: no
Warnings: In this AU, Anakin has not turned and Padme has died.
Disclaimer: Lucas is the god of Star Wars and owns everything. I am nothing. Authors Notes-- contains my theory of Obi-Ani-Padme-Qui.
Summary: Obi-wan and Anakin grapple with parenthood

"Damn-- Leia's got a chill off her wet nappy again."

Anakin sighed, and pulled himself out of his partner's sleepy embrace. "I have got to get that nurse droid programmed better. The hydrosensor didn't set off the correct alarms... Nurse, change Leia."

"Understood." The nurse droid's flexible arms and rolling torso approached the crib, where a whimpering Leia broadcast her distress to her exceptionally attuned parents. Anakin stood by, letting his daughter's tiny fist wrap around his finger, as the droid attended to her discomfort. Then he eased her back into the slumber of a rapidly growing infant.

Obi-wan had witnessed this whole incident from the comfort of the bed. He lay with his ruddy brown hair and beard pillowed upon one arm, the striking pattern of his chest hairs arrowing downwards, to be interrupted by the veil of the bedclothes. He smiled at the young father, standing naked and unself-conscious in the half-light of Coruscant's night, his golden skin a tantalizing contrast to the flanking metallic droid. They were lucky that both twins weren't discomfited this time; when Luke joined his sister in distress, it was as if a dozen children cried. Neither of them could withstand that misery for long.

At least the disturbance was giving him a chance to appreciate the view of Anakin's lithe body, as he bent to the control console of the now quiescent nurse droid. It was a damn fine ass that squatted before him now, with those long lean thighs bent to brush the heels of those elegant, flexed feet.

"The circuit to the hydrosensor is completely off-line. I'm going to have to deal with it in the morning." Anakin brushed back the long loose locks from his forehead in frustration.

"I have something else for you to deal with," said Obi-wan.

Anakin swiveled onto one knee, his piercing eyes archly returning his partner's gaze, full lips curving in humor. "Why, I wonder what that could be..."

Still on his knees, he bent over Obi-wan, his even features lowering to shadow the brightness of his lover's bearded countenance. Teasingly he rubbed his stubbled cheek over the expectant mouth, then snaked out his tongue to ring the places he'd irritated. With a growl, Obi-wan darted to capture the younger man's mouth with his own, pulling them together tightly.

An answering embrace from Anakin pulled Obi to the very edge of the bed, raising him onto one hip. He ran his metal hand up and down Obi's spine, relishing the shivers this caused.

Reflexively Obi's legs curled up; then he rose to sitting position upon the edge of the bed, never breaking the kiss with which he was sucking up the nectar of Anakin's mouth. Anakin had begun to moan softly at the fervor Obi-wan was displaying for this task. Obi-wan punctuated what he was doing to remark,

"Hush, don't wake them again."

"You started this!" chuckled Anakin, placing himself snugly between Obi's knees. But he did lower the volume of his outbursts considerably. Obi-wan began to press forward against the heated, muscular torso of his beloved, rubbing his sex against its firm warmth.

With yet another groan, Anakin let his mouth trail caresses down the hairs of Obi's chest, discovering and worshipping a nipple, fingers toying with the other, coaxing an answering groan from Obi-wan. Anakin's smooth back was kneaded invigoratingly by his enthusiastic hands, as the younger man's kisses roamed ever lower.

At last Ani's mouth reached its intended destination, and engulfed his lover's rosy organ. Obi-wan had great difficulty keeping silent himself, now, as Anakin's knowing tongue was texturizing every bump and groove of the shaft, while a constant suction teased the head.

//Give it to me, lover; feed me// he heard through the Force, a communication which completely unmanned him. And so he came. "Ohmygods," he whispered.

Anakin smirked to himself as he milked up the delicious flavor of Obi-wan. What a consummate Jedi master, always in charge of himself whatever the circumstance. Yet he was trembling all over now, like a leaf about to fall. He let Anakin push him backward, and ease his own member into his waiting mouth.

Anakin's eyes rolled up into his head at the sensations caused by his former master's mouth upon him. He supported himself upon his arms over the face of his beloved, as Obi's tongue began leisurely to stroke him, as his beard batted gently against his balls.

Obi-wan pressed the golden ass of Anakin closer to his fortunate face. He knew it wouldn't be long until he was on the receiving end of things. The spicy, hormonal scent of Anakin surrounded him like precipitation from the dark cloud of his hovering body. He helped himself to handfuls of that beloved ass. The head of that long cock was banging him into the bed right between the ears. It was marvelous. Saliva sprang out and rolled down his throat, showing the way for what was to come.

Anakin was trying to delay, to fully enjoy what Obi's talented lips were doing to him, but all too soon he was bucking wildly into that throat, grunting out his pleasure as quietly as he could before the inevitable fountaining into his appreciative beloved. His arms shook as he labored not to collapse and smother those green eyes gazing up so provocatively, as the moustached mouth surrounded him to clean him out completely, and the strong fingers dug into his behind so deeply. With a final twitch to either side, Obi-wan tickled his inner thighs with his matchless chest hairs, and he was thoroughly undone.

"Aaaah," he hissed, and fell down like a ceiling onto Obi-wan. His lover gently slid him downwards, through the slickness of their combined sweat, until his feet touched the floor again. And there they rested.


Qui-gon and Padme rested, too.

The four corners of their quadruplicity rested, foursquare, upon the plane of dreams. Life and death were just passing seasons here. In the center of them, two precious blossoms of light unfolded, for the good of the galaxy. These lucky childern had four parents, two in life.


"Damn, it's Luke this time." A shrill whine was piercing the night, but Anakin couldn't be bothered to raise his head from the furred chest upon which he lay. It was Obi-wan's turn.

Obi croaked out the command. "Nurse, change Luke."

"Understood." And as the nurse rolled to its task, the two fathers settled in to catch what sleep they could.


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