TITLE: The Guide To Getting It On
AUTHOR: Freaky Anomaly
SUMMERY: Title says all.
ARCHIVE: Sure, but please inform me of where and when it is to happen.
SPOILERS: Come on! We've all seen every single movie, right?!
GENRE: Slight angst/Romance/Humor
PAIRING: Ani/Obi, leeeetle bit of Anakin/Padme
TIMELINE: pre-Revenge Of The Sith (two months before)
WARNING: Sex, sex, and more sex… and a little dramatic plot.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my second attempt at writing a sexually graphic story with two male characters, the first one an aborted and unpublished attempt… so please, bear with me. In fact, I have not really written NC-17 material of any kind. So be prepared to pack up your homes and flee into Sherwood Forest if the story becomes too much… whatever a bad story can become. Also, to those of you who are eagerly anticipating my next installment of The Wheel of Time will have to bite their nails just a little longer… Writer's Block (shiver!). I am drinking plenty of fluids and eating chicken noodle soup to rid me of this illness, never fear.
FEEDBACK: Yes, please. I love to bask in the glory that is my so deserved praise (wink!) And flames will be read and then viciously stomped upon in an angry rage… or I'll just shrug it off, whatever I feel like at the time. Now, onto the story!
AUTHOR'S NOTE 2: Became more serious than I had planned. Anyway, hope you like.

// what // = thoughts


1. Know What You Want

Anakin scowled at his reflection, his scar stretching taught across his right eye. This whole marriage thing really wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Padme was so busy with the Senate and rules and regulations and the opinions of others that they hardly ever spent time together lately. Not that they'd spent so very much time with each other in the early years of their marriage. He still remembered with bitter frustration the first time they'd made love… three months after their wedding ceremony. Three months! Padme had been called in on some Senatorial duty or other and by the time she had finished and returned to her retreat by the lake, Anakin had been recalled by the Council. They didn't even get to say goodbye face-to-face.

Three months and they finally consummated their relationship. Padme was satisfied, not even jealous of the amount of women it was apparent Anakin had had sexual relations with to get to the caliber he had been at that night. Anakin was a little less enthused about the whole process and its conclusion. A smirk appeared on his reflected face, making him look dangerous - or saucy - as Obi-Wan liked to say. He shook his head of that thought and got back to the first one. He was making the whole process of making love to the woman who had held his heart from the age of nine sound like a clean, precise, surgical procedure. And maybe it had been. His body had always been sated, but never his heart, nor his soul was touched.

Padme never realized it. She was oblivious, floating around in a world where she was Senator - a very important person - and had a handsome - though secret - husband. // Trophy husband // flashed through Anakin's mind. He shook his head, his wavy hair falling into his face in the process. So deep in thought was he that he didn't even feel the presence behind him until it was too late.

A slim, delicate-looking hand slid its sinuous way across his forehead, into his bangs and then over, removing the annoying strands from the direct path of his eyes. Then, a warm body pressed tightly against his back. Soft curves - for some reason and quite an unexplainable reason, at that - in all the wrong places, formed to his body's contours. "Hello, darling. How was your day?" The caring words flitted over Anakin, engulfing him in the every day mundane activities of a married man. They swirled around him, spinning closer and closer,cutting off his air supply. The tendrils snaked up, latching onto his spirit in such a way, such a way as to frighten him.

A gasp, a twirl, a flurry of activity and they were in bed. Clothes were strewn every which way, blankets tangled and soiled. Sweat glistened on hard plains and petal soft curves. Cries, groans, gasps could be heard. The blood rushed through two different bodies, gathering, boiling, bubbling, ready to explode. The air moistened, slowed, wrapped the occupants up in a sluggish, cloying essence. The bodies under the sheets undulated in frantic movements, sensing the little death. Soon, too soon for one, not soon enough for another, the end came. It was fast, furious, fierce. "Anakin!" Echoed throughout the room… // Obi-Wan! // Echoed throughout one man's head.


Obi-Wan dusted off his immaculate robe in impatience. Anakin was - once again - late. // Though I suppose I should be used to it by now. // To his own very real annoyance, he actually sounded amused in the privacy of his own head. // Why I should be amused I cannot fathom. The boy was supposed to meet me for a game of Chance last night and he simply stood me up. I should be quite thoroughly miffed. //

Before the Master Jedi could rile himself up further, the reason for the riling finally decided to deign his former master with his presence. At one glance at his young friend's face, Obi-Wan's annoyance and amusement fled, only to be replaced with concern. The older man strode forward and - in a gesture given and received many times before - grasped the other, taller man's shoulder and pulled him into a half-body hug. Anakin jerked and wrenched away from the familiar touch, leaving Obi-Wan confused and hurt.

"What's the matter, Anakin?" Obi-Wan asked, masking his feelings expertly and focusing on soothing Anakin's pain.


The young knight started forward, his long stride carrying him to the doors of the Council chamber before his former master's legs could bring him abreast of him. He stopped and waited for the bearded man to catch up, all the while staring numbly at the engravings decorating the doors. "Nothing, M-master." He winced at the stammer, but straightened quickly to stride through the doors and greet the council with a customary bow.

Obi-Wan glanced at his friend out of the corner of his eye, suppressing his concern as well as a slight shiver he'd never been able to identify or explain. It started as a slight buzzing behind the ears and slunk its way down to heat his cheeks. It then slid down his chest, wrapping its heated tendrils around his back and then to the front once more.

"Master Kenobi!" Obi-Wan snapped his gaze forward, having to pull it away from his thoughts. The whole council was staring at him in expectation and slight confusion. Except Anakin. As usual the brat had a smirk on his face, acting as if he knew what had been going on in his mind and body. Obi-Wan winced almost imperceptibly. He hoped not for he didn't even know what was going on inside him… physically or otherwise.

"Yes, Masters?" His voice was properly subdued and apologetic, his stance respectful. His thoughts, though, were an entirely different matter.

Master Yoda leaned forward slightly in his small, round chair and placed both hands atop his gimer stick. "Asked we did, how you felt about the Outer Rim mission. Expect an answer we do."

Obi-Wan swallowed convulsively, wondering where his charm and suaveness had gone. // Out the window with all the rest of your sensibilities the moment Anakin grew into that lanky body of his. // The voice ghosted through his head, surprising Obi-Wan with its words. He glanced at the man his mind always seemed to gravitate toward and quirked an eyebrow in his usual manner. Anakin shifted his head slightly to the right and angled down. Their sign for 'Let's go for it.' Obi-Wan glanced at the Council members and said, "I think I speak for both Anakin and myself when I say we accept the mission."

The Council members nodded in appreciation, never really doubting that their best team would accept. As the two men left the Chambers, Masters Yoda and Windu gazed after the pair in disquiet. Something was not right. They could feel it in the Force, but they couldn't quite pinpoint just what that wrongness was.


Obi-Wan gazed at his sleeping companion in dawning realization. He was in love… with his friend and worst of all, his former padawan. He didn't understand just when it had happened, only a vague thought that it might have been there all along. He'd always been slightly irrational when it came to the boy, especially around Qui-Gon Jinn. He'd always thought it was jealousy for Qui-Gon, for this man who had raised him from an infant to adulthood and now wanted to trade him in for this 'Chosen One'. But with one realization, came a dozen others. He'd been jealous of the attention the boy gave to Qui-Gon, regardless that in Obi-Wan's mind's eye the boy was dangerous.

This love, the one he'd had for his young padawan and the one held in his heart today, was one and the same. He was just horribly glad he hadn't realized the extent of his love until Little Ani was Big Ani. After all, that would have been so very… uncivilized. He laid back onto his back, his eyes still caressing each and every inch of his friend's body. He remembered Anakin's reaction to their friend Padme all those years ago and quietly laughed at his feelings of jealousy.

Really, he should have known then but he was too busy trying to purge himself of such negative emotions. These thoughts lulled the impeccable man to the brink of sleep, but right before he dropped off that precipice into the waiting darkness below, one niggling fact invaded his mind. // What does it matter if he loves you back or not? As a Jedi - and a Master, at that - you can never act on your feelings. //

Anakin stirred and then awoke. He slowly flexed his abs to pull his upper body up so he was in a sitting position, then he flexed his cramped forceps and biceps. Sweat trickled down the lines of his chest as he twisted about, trying to get comfortable in the small and cramped lacking-an-air conditioner-compartment. As he finally settled his eyes landed on Obi-Wan. He felt a huge wrench of regret at the way he'd greeted the older man that morning. Really, it's not like Obi-Wan was waltzing into his dreams and throwing the weight of his impressively hard erection around on purpose (pun intended). In fact, he was fairly certain Obi-Wan wouldn't even do that on purpose in real life. Sometimes, deep down in a place even he feared to tread, Anakin wondered if his former master was indeed a eunuch. It was a fair question, seeing as how he knew for a fact that the man has not had sexual relations with anyone since they've known each other.

A few more minutes spent dwelling on that fact and then the young knight changed direction with his thoughts and wondered what Obi-Wan would think if he realized Anakin was in love with him. // He'd probably be properly shocked and then say, "Now Anakin, you know what I say about improper emotions?" And then to get on his nerves you'd most likely say, "How uncivilized."// Anakin shook his head at his little fantasy enactment of a scene that he would make damned sure would never take place and then deliberately turned his mind to the question of what had woken him. It wasn't the heat - for he'd grown up on a planet hotter than the room - and it wasn't the cramped quarters; he and Obi-Wan had had much worse over the years.

No, it was something else. Something that was pulling at the back of his mind, whispering in his ear, caressing his neck. Something that wanted attention - that the Force wanted him to realize. But, as usual, it looked as if he were going to have to meditate to understand just what he was being poked and prodded at for.


Obi-Wan rose with the dawn; he glanced out the viewer and noticed their proximity to a star in its prime - and revised his estimate that he had arisen with the dawn to… Obi-Wan rose with the very bright star burning in his eyes. He rubbed said appendages before snapping the viewer shield shut with an irritable flick of his wrist. He took stock of the miniscule amount of supplies before landing on a most surprising - yet terribly pleasing - sight! Anakin. Meditating. Anakin was meditating. Without being coerced! Bless the Force!

Lips quirked up in a disgustedly amused smile. Apparently when a man realizes he's in love - and despite his best intentions - he cracks, falls apart, decides to throw a luau in his head and forget the rest of the universe. Or something to that effect. His thoughts - loopy and otherwise - fled his mind as he continued to watch the serene breathes that were released from Anakin's chest. Up, down, up, down. His bronzed torso was entrancing, though Obi-Wan suspected that that was his overdue teenage hormonal rampage speaking rather than the actual man himself… but if that were true than Obi-Wan would have had similar reactions to countless other men around the galaxy over the past two decades or so.

// Okay, so he really is entrancing. It's not just me - one who has never had cause to stand at attention, down there - until apparently since the first time Ani came into his own. // Quiet filled the man's head as he had no wish to remember that he was in fact a thirty-six year old virgin who's never had occasion to be aroused by any person he's met… that is - to reiterate in case you weren't listening the first time - until his young padawan became… not so young anymore. And then, just to make himself feel better in a slightly twisted way, he finished his thoughts of with // Well, it's good to know his chest can entrance… at least then it'll be our secret weapon against the Sith. //

Anakin cracked one eye open in time to notice his master smiling in a rather scary and demented way. He shrugged his shoulders and closed his eye, not all that concerned. His master had been getting more and more demented as the years passed - as attested by the fact that he was now beginning to think of any landing in a speeder, ship, etc. flown by Anakin was 'another happy landing' delivered with a smile and a wink. // I swear that man *enjoys* my flying now-a-days. It's slightly disturbing. // Belaying that thought was a huge, adoring smile directed in the man's general direction.

Obi-Wan caught the look and smiled, his cheeks heating up as he gazed into those beautiful swirling blue pools. He was thankful he'd thought to grow a beard all those years ago; it hid the telling redness in his cheeks. The swirling pools that had captured his own steely blue ones started swirling faster, getting darker. The thickness of the air changed abruptly, turning heavier and hotter, moist. Obi-Wan couldn't breath. His lungs were arrested in his body, as were the rest of everything in his body. None of the parts of Obi-Wan could pull away from the inferno that was Anakin Skywalker… and none of the parts wanted to.

Anakin's breath caught at what he heard in the Force. This. He and Obi-Wan. Together. It was set in motion by the Force before either was born and the feeling, that knowledge was beautiful. It sent a jolt of pure joy through every pore, every vein in his body. Flooded all his senses with the smell, the texture, the sight of his best friend… and soon to be lover. That thought, oh that thought brought tears absolute wonder to the younger man's eyes. Just imagining being inside Obi-Wan, over him, around him made him feel lethargic with passion and satisfied, satiated all at the same time. It felt right, beautiful.

All of the sudden, he knew what his thing with Padme had been. He loved her, yes, but never as much as what he felt for Obi-Wan. After all, the Force had just told him that Obi-Wan was his other half, the missing part that filled the void in his spirit. In a desperate attempt to not be left behind or alone, he'd jumped at the chance to anchor someone to him. Someone he loved and who loved him in return. But that love hadn't been enough… not when his other half was near him almost every day and every night. He knew, he *knew* instinctually, definitely, finitely, that had he never met Obi-Wan after meeting Padme that they could have been happy, that he could have been satisfied. But he also knew that a part of him would cease to live.

Those swirling pools of blue that Obi-Wan was so addicted to lifted to gaze once more at the man across from them. A slow, predatory smile spread across the superfine bone structure that sent a thrill down Obi-Wan's spine… and a warning, not one of danger but - imminent capture. Anakin couldn't wait for the games to begin… they were bound to be fun… especially now that he knew what he wanted.


2. As With All Wild Animals, Courting Must Happen Slowly

Obi-Wan ran his hands over his forehead for the millionth time. His temples were pounding and the constant grinding of technical droids and medic droids and kitchen staff droids wasn't helping one little bit. It had been three weeks since the meeting in the Council Chambers and he and Anakin - as promised - delivered on their… well, promise.

Another set of hands joined and then replaced Obi-Wan's own on his throbbing temples. Anakin was so very skilled at head rubs… a fact Obi-Wan had only learned the second day they'd been in the Outer Rim. It had started off slowly at first, a fact Obi-Wan had been grateful for. He was still jittery around Anakin - you would be too if your virgin heart felt a love so deep for the very first time - and it had been a surprise to feel another man relieve the pain. Over the last few weeks the massages got more and more frequent as the pain became chronic. He was truly appreciative of the care and consideration Anakin had for him. Yet another reason why he loved the man.

"Hmm. That feels so good Anakin. Thank you." A soft, affectionate bump of the other man's knee was all he received as his answer. The pain receded and the warm, rough hands were removed from Obi-Wan's head just as the doors to the Strategy Room slid open and Commander Nuratu strode in. Anakin turned and smiled at the long-legged beauty, eliciting a very strong urge inside Obi-Wan's chest to strangle the beautiful woman. He quickly suppressed such thoughts and presented his charismatic smile… which faltered slightly when he witnessed the lusty caress the raven haired temptress gave to Anakin's mechanical arm.

Anakin smiled and suppressed his instinct to move away, not wishing to insult his host, and focused on the brief yet profound revelation of feeling Obi-Wan had granted him. Extreme jealousy. A small smirk graced the aquiline features of the younger Jedi then just as quickly disappeared. If the head rubs and other small yet thoughtful things he'd been doing throughout the weeks weren't getting Obi-Wan's attention then maybe this will.

Girding his loins, steeling his nerves, and doing any other antique expression Anakin had ever heard wasn't quite enough to get him ready for the clinginess of the woman. As she leaned in and giggled in his ear, Ani started to wonder just what he'd gotten himself into.

Obi-Wan gripped the chair arms with his hands, his knuckles turning white, the bone pushing to the very surface. His breathing kicked up a bit, his chest heaved. He narrowed his eyes and before he could regain his composure and send his negative emotions into the Force, his body surged to its feet, exhaled a miffed huff, and stormed out of the room.

Anakin gazed in surprise at the closed doors to the Strategy Room, realizing that he may in fact be closer to his goal than he'd previously thought. He turned to excuse himself from the woman's company, only to encounter her predatorily smiling face and a half opened blouse. Stunned beyond any capacity to recall his senses, Ani just watched in what he would later describe as morbid fascination as the woman latched onto his forearms like a Corellian leech and - taking advantage of the fact that he was still shocked immobile - tossed the tall man onto the table in the center of the room.

He landed with a slight bang, but it was just enough to jar Anakin's senses back into action. As the lusty woman took a flying leap, he rolled onto his side and right of the edge of the table. The slight incline of the land rolled the man slightly under the table after he landed with a thump, an `oomph', and a dust induced sneeze. The commander landed with a slam and a curse… then silence. But Anakin didn't trust that silence; his internal alarms were blaring and just as he wiggled his glorious ass out from under the table he felt something faintly sharp. He paused and slowly, ever so slowly raised his head.

Stormy blue eyes widened as he spotted a pair of scuffed and dusty boots dangling over the side of the Presentation Table. // Please, let it have been something else. Please. // He turned his head to the back gradually, inching his eyes closer to the scene of the horrible crime. // I don't want to look. I don't want to look. //

There, sticking out from the bottom of the Presentation Table, was Anakin's behind, wearing a woman's face and teeth like a pair of under britches. Her hands came down and silkily slithered along his calves, squeezing at uneven intervals. Obi-Wan couldn't take it anymore. He stomped into the room and headed straight for the couple, his mind in overdrive. // Stop! If he wishes to engage in such lewd activities, than that is his prerogative. Attachment isn't the Jedi way! You cannot act on the principle that if you can't have him, than no one can! // And yet the Jedi Master's legs continued to sally forth.

"Anakin 'Shakes-His-Ass-In-Any-Face-Attached-To-A-Pair-Of-Breasts' Skywalker! What the ruddy hell do you think you are doing with this - this… home wrecker?!"

Anakin's head - thoroughly occupied with strategies on how to save his ass from further torment - shot upwards at a velocity somewhere near to light speed, slamming into the bottom of the table. "Ooow!" He yelped, which in turn shook his body, which resulted in the jolting of his buttocks. The teeth clamped down harder, succeeding in squeezing another squeaky moan from the propositioned man.

Obi-Wan fastened his hands around the commander's head and yanked, utilizing the Force to help lend strength to him in this endeavor. Strands of long, wavy hair caught in between fingers and were pulled loose in the unclamping process which resulted in a bark of pain from the woman… that was drowned out by the howl of enraged pain that rip-roared through the young knight's throat.

Acting on instincts that had been groomed over the years to a fine honed response, Obi-Wan dropped the woman and grabbed onto Anakin, pushing calming ripples into his body. Anakin fell limp in his Master's arms, relieved to have the weight lifted from his ass. He sighed contentedly and snuggled into the older man's arms, closing his eyes.

Master Kenobi glanced fondly down at the silky haired head ensconced in the crook of his elbow and one corner of his twitched up charmingly. He ran his hand across the other man's cheek, down his neck, circled around over his abdomen and continued to the throbbing pain in the ass. His long, elegant fingers gently massaged around where he assumed the edge of the angry red welt would be and received a pleased moan in response.

Commander Nuratu rose grumpily and glared at the Master Jedi, who in turn glared back. She shivered and stood, realizing maybe she shouldn't have messed with Knight Skywalker. After all, she knew of his reputation - had seen it first hand - and knew that shock was the only thing that had permitted her to do what she had so forcefully done. She wasn't looking forward to his wrath… though, of the two men in the room, the commander was more afraid of the Master than the Knight. She quickly turned heel and stalked from the room with as much dignity as she could pull around herself… On second thought, she probably shouldn't have aimed a bite at the young man's ass.

Obi-Wan turned from the retreating woman back to Anakin and his angered rump. A low, pleasurable moan was now keening from Anakin's throat and Obi-Wan soon found out why. His fingers - all on their own, of course - had decided that they were going to massage rather more closely to the man's cleft than was entirely proper… especially since the welt was wholly in a different direction. Acute embarrassment invaded him, pushing aside the antagonism he'd felt. Once again his face flushed red, this time reaching all the way up to his forehead.

Anakin bit his lip in ecstasy. Obi-Wan's elegant, graceful fingers were caressing the sensitive valley between his butt cheeks, eliciting tingles all along his back bone. Then suddenly, it stopped. Opening eyes that had drifted shut in desire, Anakin watched the realization and subsequent withdrawal of his master. The red flooded his face swiftly, just like every other time he blushed. Only this time, Anakin couldn't pretend he didn't see it as it wasn't contained behind the beard.

Obi-Wan started to pull back further, his hands dropping from their exquisitely pleasurable resting place. His knees shifted in preparation of getting up, but Anakin stalled him with a hand placed tenderly behind the neck. Once again eyes clashed and before Obi-Wan knew it a pair of delightfully dry lips clasped his, roughly yet tenderly taking him.

Lips parted and a very agile tongue entered the older man's mouth delicately, probing and learning. Calloused fingers slid upwards into the mass of ginger hair, twisting into it so as to never be removed. Obi-Wan shifted his position as Anakin exerted power on the back of his head. A Quick roll brought the Master onto his back, somewhere around two hundred pounds of muscle weighing him down. A soft laugh escaped his mouth only to be muffled by a firm press of the lips from his lover. It started long and hard, then frittered down to soft, passionate butterfly kisses. Lips pressed, shifted, pulled apart, and clung. Any thought on Obi-Wan's part to pull back, reprimand, and leave was quashed the moment Anakin pulled back and gazed into his eyes.

The look on the young knight's face released something inside Obi-Wan that he'd never felt before. It felt as if a star had burst inside of him, sending shockwaves so hot that he felt as if he were burning up upon reentry. "Oh…mmm." As aroused as he was, the feeling evoked even more pleasure, engorging him even further and entwining in his soul. Soon, clothes began disappearing. A boot here, a sash there, until both men were completely naked.

Anakin lay Obi-Wan back down, only to wince when the man let out a short howl as his bare ass hit the cold tile of the floor beneath them. Thinking quickly, Ani lifted Obi-Wan into his arms and carried him over to the luxurious couch ensconced in a secluded corner of the Strategy Room. Once they were settles, the games began.

Anakin ran his hands down his lover's side, garnering breathy moans. Legs tangled together, rubbing sensuously. Lips glided over bared neck, lapping up the taste and smell. "Hmm…" Obi-Wan moaned as he shifted his head from side to side. His mouth opened, closed, breath came in bursts. Lips ghosted over his chest, brushing his nipples over and over until they were unbearably hard.

Anakin continued smoothing his hands over the other man's body, memorizing every nook and cranny - // especially the crannies. // Anakin smirked slightly and then sobered. This was special, beautiful… not a time for perverted jokes. He moved his right arm up and over Obi-Wan's shoulder, massaging along the way. As he started his hand's descent, Obi-Wan caught onto it and squeezed. Anakin took the cue and looked up in question. The steely blue eyes looked at him in reproach, shaking a doubt lose in the younger man's eyes. But before it could turn into anything other than a brief twinge, Obi-Wan turned to the glove-encased hand and proceeded to pull it off inch by inch.

Anakin hook his head frantically, not wishing to lay the cold, dead thing on Obi-Wan's naked body. Firm hands gripped the shaking arm and yanked quickly, finally finishing the job and baring the steel appendage for all eyes to see.

Shame filled Anakin, almost completely dousing his desire. It was shame for a foolhardy action that could have gotten Obi-Wan killed and managed to kill part of his spirit. Shame for the horrible vision it made and the reminder of that day. He started to pull it away, but Obi-Wan drew it toward him, lowered it to his chest, ran the fingers and palm down, down, until it encased his manhood. "All of you, is precious to me." His whisper flitted over Anakin's ears, filled his eyes with grateful tears. His mechanical hand started moving over the hard member, slow and lazy, lovingly. A moan escaped Anakin's lips, his breath tickled the chest beneath him. He twisted his hand around clockwise, then counterclockwise. He moved his ice cold attachment up and then down. A glance up gave him a beautiful vision that would stay with him for all eternity.

Obi-Wan with is head tossed back on the cushions of the couch, his mouth open, lips swollen, and hair mussed. His hips moved with the rhythm, arching his back. Hands were buried in the sheets and in Anakin's newly grown hair. Sweat glistened on his body like the stars in the sky and trickled down the planes and contours of his body. Anakin's hips jerked forward in response to the sexy moan the reverberated from the man's chest. His erection brushed against the thigh under him, sending shivers throughout his whole body… and enough was enough. He wanted to take Obi-Wan, own him, be the only one for him. He wanted Obi-Wan to know that and to know that the same feelings of protective domination were expected to be reciprocated.

With one quick, slightly jerky movement, his left hand was slicked down with enough pre-cum to lubricate nicely. He steered his hand for the delicate entrance and lightly pressed around it. His fingers started a massaging motion to relax the muscles, then slowly, oh so slowly, he pushed one finger in. Obi-Wan tensed slightly, his right leg coming up in surprise. A hand stilled the invading one before it could go any further and earnest eyes looked into confused ones. "Ani… I've never been aroused by anyone… other than you. I never had the same… urges. I…" Humiliation flashed briefly through the Force, enlightening Anakin on the facts of the matter.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of. It just means that I'll have to make it last twenty years or so… just to get you caught up, of course." A soft, amused smile spread across Anakin's mouth, mirroring the relieved, amused smile of Obi-Wan.

Anakin bent down to continue his relaxation of the fragile muscles ensconced inside his love's body. He inserted a second finger, pulled them out, scissor them. He jabbed them back in, gaining a surprised yet pleasured yelp from the man below him. Soon, he felt the loosening of the ring, felt the stiffness give way and a third finger entered. The ring stretched and a groan of discomfort echoed in the small space. Anakin stopped a moment and allowed the body to get used to such an intrusion.

Another wet kiss was laid on the upraised knee of Obi-Wan's right leg, sending a thrill through his body. Once more, Anakin moved his fingers, pulling out excruciatingly slowly and then pushing them back in just as slowly. Obi-Wan tossed his head from side to side, breathy moans falling from his lips. A few more pulls and pushes and Anakin deemed Obi-Wan's body ready to take a little something more, a little something new. Like a feline of prey, Anakin raised himself to his knees and straddled the helpless man. His glory stuck out from his body; long, hard, glistening. Obi-Wan couldn't look away, didn't want to look away.

Heart rates sped up as both men watched the beginning of the joining between the two. Anakin positioned his hips, slipped his tip in between the set of thighs, licked his lips and asked, "Obi-Wan, it's your choice. This is going to hurt the first time I penetrate so what do you want? Slow or hard and fast?"

"Hard and fast." His words were almost completely obscured by the breath wheezing from his throat. A nodding head was the last thing he saw before a red haze filled his vision and pain like none he'd felt before filled his whole being. He waited, felt a hand running through his hair, smoothing something wet from his cheeks… tears. Obi-Wan's eyes popped open in surprise. He hadn't cried since he was two.

Anakin was smiling tenderly down at him, his hand wiping a few more tears from his face before stilling in his hair. The pain had dulled and pleasure shot through him as Anakin shifted, his length rubbing against his insides.

Anakin noticed the pleasure return and the pain recede. He pulled out slowly and moved back in, his hands gripping the perfectly proportioned hips beneath him. A few more leisurely strokes, hands caressing backs and the pressure got to be too much. Soon - to high pitched pleas of his lover - Anakin was slamming into the body beneath him, filling him to the brink with every forward motion. Moans, groans, howls filled the room. Breathing sped up, became hot, heavy, and wet. Hands gripped hair, arms, waists. The pleasure became more and more intense. Their nerves tightened, became taut, wound tighter and tighter and tighter until -

"Anakin! Oh- Oh- Ani - Oh Force Anakin! Uhh!" Obi-Wan exploded first, semen streaming out so fast it stung as it hit the younger man's chest. The feeling ricocheted throughout Obi-Wan's body, making him feel whole, complete… especially when Anakin burst inside him, his cum pouring into Obi-Wan's body as if there was no tomorrow. The warmth of the other man's fluids filled him with a sated feeling that not even his own climax had achieved. It was as if they were meant… no, they were meant. No as if about it.

Looks of love and satiation were exchanged before both men laid their heads down to rest. Anakin didn't even pay attention to the slight sting on his back, didn't even care that it was scored with ten angry red, half-moon shaped lines that disappeared underneath Obi-Wan's resting hands. At that moment, nothing mattered.


3. Acceptance

Obi-Wan didn't even know how it had happened one minute they were fighting about what had happened. Anakin saying it was meant to be, that he loved him, that he wasn't going to let him go. Obi-Wan had shivered at the possessiveness, delighting and disapproving at the same time, at the implications. His soul argued with his mind. The next minute, ceiling blocks are falling, people are scrambling about, screams are heard and their argument is put on the backburner.

Soon enough, blaster fire is seen and heard, men and women are falling and droids are spilling into the base. Light-sabers are whipped out and shots are deflected. They are separated by droids, humans, smoke, and debris. There's no time to worry or to think. Reaction is all that is needed. Flips, slides, tumbles, and long-armed swings. Droids fall, Republic soldiers fall… a pain shoots through his chest, debilitating him, wounding him. He is on autopilot now, his training kicking in as his mind wails. // The last thing we did was argue! Anakin! //


He has no intention of letting this young man out of his sight, out of his life. He felt the crack, the almost-break. He knew. He had been scared, he had doubted. He no longer did. He belonged to Anakin and Anakin belonged to him. They always had and always would. That love had been there forever, had strengthened them. That was why they were the best, the most requested Jedi for any function. Because love strengthened them, not weakened them as had been the belief of the Jedi Order for so many centuries.

They were two halves of a whole and Obi-Wan was going make sure Anakin survived to hear his former Master admit that he was wrong. It was an event that Anakin wouldn't miss in a million years.


4. Bask

Anakin sighed in contentment as he watched Obi-Wan sleep, wrapped up in his flesh and mechanical arm. He was getting better. His shoulder was healing, thanks to lots of care from his lover and sugary sweets from the woman he'd taken the shot for. He brushed his metal fingers through his Master's bangs, pushing them back from his eyes. They hadn't said it yet… at least, not out loud. Obi-Wan wasn't ready. He still needed time to adjust, recent revelations or not. But it was there and both men knew it. It would be said soon.

The young knight leaned back and basked in the feeling of rightness. This is what had been missing. What he needed… what Obi-Wan needed. He was happy and his love was happy. The smile slipped off his face. There were some who weren't going to be happy, though. His wife first and foremost in his mind.

Obi-Wan stirred and snuggled closer to Anakin, clamping his arms around his waist as a child would a favorite toy being threatened by a sibling wishing to play with it. His brow furrowed and he frowned. His chin firmed and took on the stubborn tilt Anakin loved to see… but not this time.

The End

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