Title: ...Grows Back
Author: Chelle
Discs: Yes, I DO own them! Muahaha! (oh, the lies)
Rating: PG (for mature themes)
Warnings: DRABBLE! Oh, drabble...
Notes: You guys are no fair. You already took the unrequited angst,you took the steamy sex (twice?) -- all I've got is... well.

"Think I could glue it back on?"


"I take it that means no."

//This is very upsetting, Padawan.//

//I didn't know it was that *important* to you, Master.//

"Of *course* it's important to me!"

"...I always thought it was rather ridiculous..."


"...always getting in the way, and it stands up in strange directions -- people point and laugh!"

"Force's sake, Anakin, it's a mark of *pride*!!"

"You're the one who bit it off in the first place!"


"Ha! No clever rebuttal, Master?"

"Shut up, Padawan."


"It'll grow back, you know. Hair does that."

"Shut up, Master."


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