Title: Flickers
Author: Chelle
Discs: If they were mine, I'd have better things to do with my time than write.
Rating: PG
Warnings: DRABBLE!fic, and a dash of angst
Notes: Yeah, okay. I swore never again, but I couldn't *help* it. It's such a great little challenge...


The soft glow of the stars drifts over us, sketching us in cool radiance.

I've a thousand dreams, all starting and ending this way. In sleep. Curled together, illegal, impossible. Perfect. There is no place in all the universe dark enough to dim the light of my heart. I kiss his bared, beautiful shoulder, and he stirs.

And then--

"Padme," he murmurs.

I pretend not to hear, burrow my face into his neck and tighten my arm around his waist. Love is blind. So will I be, and deaf as well.

I have no choice.

But oh, the light flickers.


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