Title: Fulfilled Fantasy (1/1)
By: SaraC
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: None really, set probably a year BEFORE AOTC
Pairing: O/A/F (het/slash)
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Summary: A woman has a fantasy fulfilled by two of her favorite Jedi
Disclaimer: All Star Wars characters belong to George Lucas, Zara is mine
Notes: I originally wrote this story as a Qui/Obi/Female one, then, becoming infatuated as I have with the Obi/Ani relationship, I rewrote and reworked it a bit to make it an Obi/Ani/Female story. Warning, this does contain het and slash situations! I just couldn't help myself at the thought of having both of them at once!


Zara sighed as she settled deeper into the couch, trying to alleviate the tension pulsing through her body. It had been a hell of a day at work, where everything that could go wrong had gone wrong.

She made a mental note to kill whomever had come up with the bright idea of making a holovid of a full-scale amateur musical production of 'The Sound of Music.'

She was still surprised to see how many people turned out for performances of the ancient musical production. It had been centuries since it was first performed on stage, and even quaint and out of date as it was, it was still popular with creatures of all kinds from around the galaxy.

Go figure.

Not that the production hadn't come across great.

In fact, she was rather proud of the project.

But dealing with the antsy actors of various species, production crews, cameras, a full-scale orchestra and far too much repetition of the phrase "the hills are alive" was extremely trying on one's nerves.

Not that she hadn't gotten a good laugh when one of the crew members, a rather overeager Gungan, had suddenly jumped onstage in the middle of an argument over some line delivery and stuttered out "the hills are alive" in his best "Christian-The-Penniless-Poet-From-Moulin-Rouge" fashion.

Another ancient movie that had stuck around for centuries, and surprisingly was still one of the best selling holovids of all time.

Go figure.

But the impromptu performance had been the highlight of her long and tiring day.

The rest of it was filled with arguments and technical work she'd rather not think about anymore.

She'd breathed a sigh of relief as she'd finally arrived home, determined to do nothing but relax in a nice hot bath, make some tea and find some old video to watch for the night. She refused to think about what else she could be doing, if a certain Jedi Master and his padawan were anywhere around.

Zara blushed as she remembered the last encounter she'd had with Obi-Wan and Anakin.

Their energetic bout of passion had taken her several days to recover from. It had been wonderful, but it had been three months ago. The duo had been sent out on continuous missions, and hadn't been able to make it back for any visits. She frowned, wondering where they were, hoping they were safe. Not that she wanted to spend her night worrying about them, but she couldn't help it.

The three of them had formed an immediate, intense and lasting bond when they'd been thrown together months ago at the Jedi Council meeting. They had been the only two people there willing to help her get the information and interviews she'd needed for the piece she'd done on it. Why they'd helped her, she didn't know, but working together had somehow led to sleeping together and it had spiraled from there.

Despite how strange it sounded, she loved both of them, and knew they loved her. It might not be the most conventional relationship, but it suited them. Their Master/Padawan bond seemed to flourish with the addition of her affections, though she did sense a creeping darkness every now and then. She chose most often to ignore that feeling, concentrating on what the duo could accomplish when they put their minds together.

Zara sighed, bringing herself back to the present, body already in a low state of arousal.

She shifted uncomfortably on the couch, willing her heated body to relax. She flipped aimlessly through the programs on the holo-screen in front of her, hoping to find something interesting to distract her. Smiling, she finally settled on the 'Classic Holovids' channel, which ironically, happened to be showing 'Moulin Rouge.'

Not a bad way to end the night.

Especially since the actor playing Christian looked a lot like Obi-Wan.

Feeling her body still humming with arousal, she settled more comfortably into the couch and began picturing Obi-Wan in Christian's role.


An hour later, she was sniffing as she watched Satine haltingly try to explain why she couldn't see Christian anymore. She always got teary around this part. Luckily, she always watched this movie alone, so no one would notice.

As she reached for a tissue, she jumped as she heard the beep from the door panel.

Frowning as she noted it was past 11PM, she shuffled to the door, glad she'd pulled a robe on over the short silk nightie she'd donned earlier that evening. Checking the video monitor, she felt her breath catch. With a small cry, she punched the button, allowing the door to slide back. Before it had completely opened, she threw herself at the two smiling men who stood before her.

"Well, obviously you're glad to see us."

Obi-Wan's mellow voice flowed over her body as she held both men tightly to her, breathing them in as their arms came around her.

"I think that's an understatement Master," Anakin managed in a wry voice, his words softened by a boyish smile and impish grin.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to attack you, I'm just so glad to see you both," Zara murmured as she pulled back to smile at them.

"We're glad to see you too," Obi-Wan replied with a soft smile as he pushed a strand of hair behind her ear, his fingers lingering as they brushed across her cheek.

Zara felt her already overheated body begin a slow burn as she caught the flash of desire in the older man's eyes. Her heart began to thump in triple time as her gaze slid to the padawan, who had a hungry expression in his dark orbs as he deliberately gave her a once over.

"Come in, please," she finally managed, pulling back far enough to let the men enter her apartment.

As they stepped inside, she slid the door closed and engaged the lock. Turning to her guests, she grabbed each by the arm and dragged them to the sofa, wrapping their arms around her as she settled comfortably between them.

"You're watching that movie again," Obi-Wan suddenly said in a wry voice as his attention was caught by something on the video screen.

Zara smiled.

"Well, it just happened to be on, and since I was thinking about you both," she began, getting a laugh from Anakin.

"You have to admit Master, that actor does bear a striking resemblance to you, if you got rid of the beard and the mullet, and learned how to sing," Anakin offered as Zara burst into laughter.

"A woman can dream, can't she?" she asked, smiling as Obi-Wan pulled her a little closer to his side.

"And would you care to tell us just what you've been dreaming of these past few months while we were gone Zara?" he whispered, brushing his lips against the shell of her ear, sending a shiver down her body at the contact.

"My Master and I have been anxious to hear your answer to the question," Anakin murmured against her other ear, allowing his breath to puff gently across the sensitive lobe.

She shuddered at the twin sensations of the master and padawan's breath against each ear. Her arousal was quickly peaking in the presence of both seductive men. It had been far too long.

"How about I show you instead?" she managed, before reaching up to pull Obi-Wan's mouth down to hers.

Zara moaned as she lost herself in the kiss, delighting in Obi-Wan's groan as he crushed her lips with his. Her tongue reached to spear with his, tangling and twisting against his mouth, drinking in the familiar spicy taste that was his alone.

She shuddered as she felt Anakin's lips burning a trail of kisses across the nape of her neck, his teeth nibbling on the sensitive juncture just below her earlobe.

She couldn't help but moan against Obi-Wan's mouth as Anakin nipped and licked at the spot, causing her body to shudder with pleasure.

"She is so sensitive, so quick to respond to our touch Master. It's delightful."

Zara barely heard Anakin's whisper as Obi-Wan's hands suddenly slid beneath her robe and under her nightie, gliding across her stomach, moving slowly upwards until they were cupping her breasts. Her strangled moan was lost against Anakin's mouth as the eager young Padawan replaced his Master, who had turned his attentions lower.

She sighed, twining one arm around his neck, loving the way Anakin tasted, just as much as his Master. She also knew he liked the taste of Obi-Wan on her lips. It was one of the little things that aroused her to no end.

She moaned and she grabbed a hold of his padawan braid as he deepened the kiss, his hands sliding up and down her back, pushing her gently against Obi-Wan's hands and soon after, his eager mouth as he licked and sucked at her breasts. She cried out at the feel of Obi-Wan's lips tugging at her nipples, his teeth nipping every now and then to increase her pleasure. She could feel Anakin's hardness pressing against her back, hear his soft moans as he watched his Master pleasuring her.

Zara was nearly beyond control at the moment, lost in the sensation of Anakin's kisses and panted breaths and Obi-Wan's touch. She arched her hips forward frantically, hoping one of them would get the message and move further down her body.

The ache spreading through her body intensified as Anakin's fingers slid around her waist and began to move tantalizingly lower, brushing over her navel through the silk of the teddy. She arched her hips again, holding her breath, praying he'd slip those talented fingers underneath the silk.

Coherent thought left her body with a cry then as she felt his fingers brush quickly over her curls at the same instant that Obi-Wan nipped gently at one of her nipples. Her hands flew to his head, holding him tightly against her as he suckled her sensitive flesh, his free hand massaging her other breast into a hard, aching peak.

"Please, more Obi-Wan, take more of me," she managed on a low moan, gasping as he obliged.

She was so lost in the sensation of his hot, wet mouth on her skin that it came as a complete shock when she felt Anakin's fingers slide against her thigh and curve against her mound. She cried out again as he slipped a finger inside her, his thumb circling her sensitive bud with a skill that never ceased to amaze her.

It also aroused her more than anyone or anything ever had.

"Oh Anakin, please, I need more," she groaned, arching desperately against him as he slipped another two fingers inside her.

"So hot, so sweet, so tight, oh Master, please, it's been too long," Anakin uttered on a low moan, breathing hard as he watched his Master lick a path from her breasts to her naval.

"Tell me how she feels Anakin," Obi-Wan muttered, earning a soft moan from Zara and a harsh sigh from the younger Jedi.

"She feels wonderful Master, so wet and tight, she's more than ready for us," he growled in satisfaction.

Obi-Wan smiled as he noted the desperation in his padawan's voice. His body was crying out desperately for release as well.

"Please, someone, anyone, harder," Zara moaned, delighted when she felt Anakin speed up his thrusts, gasping as she suddenly felt Obi-Wan's heated breath against her center.

"What do you want Zara?" he whispered, looking directly into her eyes.

Zara could barely form a sentence, lost in the sight of these two men, hovering between her legs, bringing her the greatest pleasure she'd ever known.

"Tell us, please, we are here to please you," Anakin murmured as he slipped a third finger into her tight channel.

"Please, I want your mouths on me," she managed, unashamed of the brazenness of her words. All she knew was that she wanted them. And she wanted them bad.

"Whatever the lady desires," Obi-Wan murmured with a quick smile for his apprentice.

She watched, body humming as the two exchanged a mental message. She hated when they did that, feeling excluded from their thoughts. But, on the other hand, the result was more than rewarding.

Zara cried out as she suddenly felt Obi-Wan's tongue spear against her now throbbing bud as Anakin's began planting kisses against her inner thighs. Her hips arched off the bed as Obi-Wan closed his mouth over her center, licking in long, slow sweeps, making sure to stab her pleasure points at every possible opportunity.

Anakin's fingers never stopped moving, and she wondered how in the world he managed to plant kisses up and down her thighs while stroking her into what was sure to be the most massive orgasm she'd had in months.

Thought was suddenly lost as she felt Anakin's fingers twist inside her, hitting that perfect spot at the exact same instant Obi-Wan took her aching bud between his teeth and pulled.

She came with a scream that echoed off the walls as her hips thrust frantically against Obi-Wan's face and Anakin's fingers. Everything inside her seemed to come together then fall apart in a freefall that sent her soaring up to the heavens. The waves swept over and over her, as both Jedi gently slowed their actions, bringing her back to earth with gentle kisses and whispered words of love.

She sighed as Obi-Wan slid his body up hers, kissing her gently, letting her taste herself against his lips. She relished the flavor of their combined tastes, letting his tongue tangle with hers as she tugged Anakin's ponytail to bring him against her.

She sighed as she turned to kiss the apprentice, letting the waves of bliss swamp her. When she finally pulled back for breath, she found herself staring into the amused and very aroused faces of the two handsomest Jedi she'd ever met.

"Wow, now that was what I call a welcome home," was all she managed, glad when both men broke out into hearty laughter.

"We aim to please," Obi-Wan murmured as he slid his hand to her breasts.

Zara moaned as she felt him begin to knead the sensitive flesh, amazed to find her nipples hardening again.

But she wanted to touch them this time.

With a small smile, she pushed his hand away, lifting herself so she could straddle his lap. She smiled at his groan as she pressed against his hardness, feeling a new surge of wetness fill her core as he grew against her.

"Gods, you feel so good," he muttered, his hands tangling in her hair as he brought her lips to his.

She moaned against him, arching just a bit harder against him as she felt Anakin begin to plant gentle kisses against the back of her neck. With a sigh, she adjusted herself so his hardness was pressed against the small of her back, Obi-Wan's desire pulsing against her now burning center.

She smiled as she heard both men groan as each arch and retreat of her hips rubbed her tantalizingly against them.

"Gods, I need to be inside you," Obi-Wan managed around a groan as Zara flicked her tongue across his small male nipple, her nails raking down his back as one hand held him to her, the other reaching back to pull Anakin closer.

"Then take me," Zara moaned, reaching one hand down to unfasten the ties at his waist.

Obi-Wan needed no further urging, and within seconds, his hardness was pressed against her softness. She had a quick thought that she was glad she hadn't worn underwear tonight, but found it disappeared quickly as Obi-Wan thrust gently against her.

"Please Obi-Wan, I need to feel you inside me, it's been too long," she managed on a strangled groan as she heard Anakin moan at the desire in her voice even as he reached around to stroke her breasts.

With a soft cry, Zara felt the Master thrust upwards, burying himself to the root in her willing body. His strangled groan let her know he was enjoying the sensation as much as she was.

For a moment, they remained still, simply absorbing the feel of being locked against and inside each other.

Then, Zara locked her gaze with his and slowly lifted herself until he was barely inside her. She gasped as she felt Anakin's hands suddenly wrap around her hips, pushing her down until she enveloped him again.

"I want to see you lose control on my Master Zara," Anakin whispered harshly in her ear as he guided her hips up and down Obi-Wan's shaft. Zara shuddered at the words, as his fingers pinched her swollen nub in time with Obi-Wan's thrusts. Each move also rubbed his fingers against Obi-Wan's shaft, wringing aroused moans from both men.

"Gods, feels so good, don't stop, please," Zara moaned, broken words and phrases spilling from her lips as she felt Obi-Wan thrust deeper inside her. The sensation of him filling her, while his padawan's hands guided her against him, his back sandwiching her between two hard chests, was nearly enough to send her over the edge.

"Oh Gods, nnnnggggghhh," was all Obi-Wan could manage as he felt his body begin to tense, the waves of ecstasy almost upon him.

"That's it Master, take her over the edge, make her come, make her scream for us," Anakin moaned in a breathy voice against her ear.

Zara felt her body teetering on the edge, the whispered words only serving to send her desire spiraling higher and higher. She completely lost it as she felt Anakin lightly bite the back of her neck at the exact instant Obi-Wan thrust hard against her, hitting the exact right spot that sent her screaming over the edge.

Zara wondered only if she would survive the intense waves of pleasure bombarding her system. She was swept away on a passion greater than any she'd ever known as she felt Obi-Wan shudder and release himself inside her.

The feel of Anakin's arousal, still pressed against her back only heightened the sensation as she let the waves carry her away, before slowly returning her to shore. As she floated down from her high, she leaned over to plant a soft kiss on Obi-Wan's lips.

"Wow," was all she could manage, earning a sleepy laugh in reply.

"Glad I didn't disappoint after all this time," he muttered, as Zara laughed in reply.

"That was very educational Master," Anakin murmured with a smile, his body still tense and aroused, pressed tightly against Zara's back.

"I learned from the best," was Obi-Wan's cryptic reply as Zara turned her head to face Anakin.

"Well, we'll just have to see about that, won't we?" she murmured devilishly as she leaned up to capture his lips in a hungry kiss.

She moaned as a fresh wave of desire hit her as Anakin lifted her off Obi-Wan's lap and pulled her up against his body. Without a second thought, she wrapped her legs around his waist, rubbing her center against the massive hardness she could feel between her thighs.

She moaned as she felt his hands slide down her back while his tongue dueled with hers.

"I need you Zara, I need you now," he muttered against her lips as he planted frantic, eager kisses across her jaw and cheeks.

"I'm more than ready Anakin, please," she panted, feeling the wetness seeping from between her thighs, amazed at how ready she indeed was.

"Hold on to me," he whispered as he began to move across the room.

Zara moaned as each step pressed them closer together, their bodies rubbing against each other in all the right places.

"Anakin please, I need you now," she moaned, wondering where he was taking her, wanting nothing more than to feel him deep inside her before she went insane. She gasped as she suddenly felt the hard wall of the living room against her back.

"How did you know this is what I've fantasized about?" she managed as she felt him slip two fingers inside her to test her readiness. Her desire multiplied as the Jedi simply chuckled.

"You really need to ask?"

The reply came from Obi-Wan who had risen from the sofa and was watching them with heated eyes.

"Now Zara, I need to feel you wrapped around me," Anakin muttered as he struggled to release the ties on his pants.

With a small moan, she slid her hand down between them, helping him loosen the material until she was able to cup his hardness in the palm of her hand. Stroking him slowly, she moaned as he arched into her.

"Please, I can't wait anymore," she pleaded as she positioned him against her.

With a harsh groan, Anakin thrust high and hard.

Zara cried out as she felt him bury himself in her to the hilt, stretching and splitting her body on a nearly unbearable wave of pleasure. For a moment, Anakin let his head rest against her neck as they both absorbed the familiar sensations sweeping over them.

Then, with a small groan, they began to move.

Zara moaned as she felt her head slam against the wall with each powerful thrust, the pain lost in the intense pleasure of feeling him take her. She'd dreamed about being taken against the wall by these men, and the reality was far surpassing her dreams.

"Please, harder," she managed, crying out as he slammed into her, his body shaking with the effort.

Zara could feel her own body nearing another, almost incredibly unbelievable peak. She moaned as she clenched her muscles tightly around him, hearing his groans as he panted against her throat. As she teetered on the edge, she managed to pry her eyes open, only to see Obi-Wan stroking himself as he watched them, passion burning in his gaze.

The sight, combined with a powerful thrust from Anakin, sent her soaring over the peak. With another scream, Zara let herself go, clenching around him as he groaned his release into her neck.

Her third orgasm was the most powerful yet, leaving her nearly unconscious with pleasure as it washed over her. She clung tightly to Anakin's neck, feeling the shudders consume his body as he spent himself inside her. She felt more delicious aftershocks shudder through her as she heard Obi-Wan's labored breathing as he continued to stroke himself, his eyes locked on their entwined bodies. She smiled as she felt Anakin become aware of his master's arousal, whether through their mental bond, or the soft groans clearly audible across the room. She smiled as his own shaft hardened again inside her.

"Go to him Ani, he needs you now," she whispered against his ear, kissing him gently as he pulled himself from her, setting her gently on her feet and giving her a soft smile though his eyes were now sharpened with a different kind of desire.

Barely able to stand, but feeling her excitement rise, she sank to the floor as she watched Anakin approach his master. She caught her breath as the tall young man slid to his knees, his hands immediately reaching to cup Obi-Wan's considerable length.

She felt a shiver run through her body as she watched the fire burn brighter in Obi-Wan's eyes as his hands fisted in his padawan's hair, pulling him even closer as Anakin wrapped his lips around his prize.


She watched fascinated as emotions flashed through Obi-Wan's eyes, able to sense through the bond she had with them both, his pleasure at his padawan's ministrations. Literally, as if she were seeing through his eyes, she let him draw her into his mind, let her feel what he was feeling.

She cried out softly as she felt the Master's pleasure, each shudder coursing through her like a tidal wave, swamping her with its intensity.

She opened her eyes as she felt a sharp spike of pleasure, groaning low in her throat as she watched Anakin take Obi-Wan's desire deep into his throat, reveling in the hoarse cry that came from the Master's lips as he finally reached his climax. Anakin swallowed, refusing to pull his mouth away until he'd milked every last drop. With a small smile, the apprentice then rose to take his master's mouth in a deep kiss, the two clinging together in an obviously familiar pose.

It was the most erotic sight Zara had ever seen. And even though she saw it often when they were together, she was still amazed how much it turned her on. Although her body at the moment was so weak, she didn't think she could stand any more stimulation. She sighed as she saw the two men finally break apart, noting Obi-Wan brushed a finger across Anakin's cheek tenderly before releasing him completely and turning to her with a satisfied smile.

"Padawan, I do believe we should move this to some place a little more comfortable, Zara needs to recuperate and I think we all need some sleep," Obi-Wan offered, his breath still coming in uneven pants as he ran a fond hand through Anakin's hair.

She smiled as Anakin nodded, again exchanging some mental words with his Master as they both moved towards her.

With a soft sigh, she relaxed as Obi-Wan lifted her into his arms, smiling down at her as he carried her towards the bedroom, Anakin flipping off the video and turning off the living room lights as he followed.

As Obi-Wan placed her gently on the bed, she looked at them both with her heart in her eyes.

"How long can you stay?" she whispered as both Jedi settled themselves on either side of her, pulling the covers up around them.

"At least two days," Anakin murmured as he buried his head in her hair, his arm tightening across her waist as he drifted off to sleep.

"Good, we've got a lot of time to make up for," was all she could manage as she snuggled down between them, smiling as Obi-Wan rested his head against her chest and closed his eyes.

She smiled as she felt waves of sleep overcome her.

Her last thought as she lost consciousness was how glad she was she had the next few days free.


The End

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