Title - Incriminating Evidence
Author - nostalgia
Rating - G
Disclaim - Me no own Jedi.

"Master, are you Scottish?"

"What? No!"

"It's just sometimes...your accent..."

"Anakin, I'm NOT Scottish!"

"There's nothing wrong with it, Master. Plenty of people are Scottish. And hardly any of them are perverted."

"I'm not!"

"OK. Then why do you have a 'Best of the Proclaimers' CD under your bed?"

"Anakin! You can't just go through people's things like that!"

"I was bored. I was looking for some porn."

"That doesn't make it alright, Padawan..."

"There was a copy of 'Braveheart' too, Master. And-"

"Anakin, if you don't shut up about my nationality, I swear I'll..."


"Yes, Anakin?"

"I'm Canadian."


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