Title: Enigma of Siesna
Author: Masque
Archive: MA, anywhere else ask and I'll say yes
Category: Obi/Ani, AU, Drama, First-Time
Rating: R for now, hopefully NC-17 if I can write it.
Warnings: um, this is an alternate universe-things will not turn out the way George wants them to.
Spoilers: I'm assuming you've seen the movies.
Summary: Anakin faces the greatest challenge of his life as the true power of the Sith is slowly revealed. But on a remote planet of seemingly little importance, potential allies lie in wait, and a divided soul cries out for balance.
Feedback: Yes please! new writer any comments are like ambrosia
Author's Note: This isn't a crossover, but certain concepts and folklore were inspired by Tolkien. And unfortunately, I own none of the Star Wars characters. Though if anyone has some cheap knock-off's for sale...

Darkness. Spreading slowly as day gives way to night. Creepingsilently, shadows emerge from the thick foliage of the forest. They move unseen, save for the small native species that mark their passage with an unnatural stillness, tinged with fear. This procession ofvague shapes, caught for a fleeting moment by moonlight, are revealed as no more than six humanoids, armed with blasters, thermal detonators, and deadly intent. As the forest gradually recedes into signs of civilization, the figures pause in silent communication; and with whisper soft steps, they disperse into the sleeping city.


Ranuk Gayor strode purposefully down the street, carefullymaintaining a polite smile, but discouraging anyone from approaching.He was late; today of all days, and after berating his fellows only yesterday for not taking the Assembly's vote seriously enough. He sighed. It couldn't be helped. In all the fervor, he'd forgotten Telah wouldn't be there to wake him or see the children off. Thenagain her last observation was probably true; perhaps he was becoming too narrowly focused.

The delegates wouldn't be arriving for anotherfew hours. Ranunk was simply overseeing the final preparations andsecurity checks. But he sometimes felt as though no one else understood the enormity of what they were doing - undoubtedly a turning point in planetary history, not least of which was the upcoming gathering of delegates from each Province. Even the Rangers had banded together temporarily for the Assembly vote, adding a large push to the ultimately overwhelming majority. That in itself as extraordinary, but in light of Nemagi's conspicuous absence, many were unsure whether to applaud the Ranger's participation or or be wary of hidden motivations.

Aware that such thoughts were far too morbid for this early in the morning, Ranuk ruthlessly pushed aside all the speculation and concentrated on what still needed to be done to ensure tonight was a success. After submitting Siesna's petition for membership to the Galactic Republic nearly a month previous, an investigation team was en route to determine the viability of the planet's petition. Ranuk himself thought this was an unusually swift response for such a large bureaucracy, but was interrupted from this train of thought by his arrival at Linnetth.

The only Hall in this Province large enough to accommodate so many guests, Linneth looked well prepared for the imminent arrival, despite the time constraints. Passing through the first security check, he dily wondered what Telah would wear this evening. He spotted Maren at the archway of the main entrance and headed toward her. Thinking of Telah's comment that he was obsessing, he couldn't wait to introduce the two women; if he was obsessed, Maren was a fanatic. Her attention to detail made him dread the coming conversation.

Setting his mind for the tedious discussion, he quietly greeted Maren, and together they disappeared into the spacious foyer.

Five minutes later, the earth shook as Linneth collapsed amidst the explosions. Above the roar of the fire, screams rang through the streets.


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