Title: Dreams Come True
Author : helgaleena
Series: ROTS
Rating: R
Category: slash, het, Obi-Ani-Padme
Disclaimer: Lucas is god of Star wars and owns everything; I am nothing
Summary: Senator Amidala consults Master Kenobi about her dream; Anakin assists
Warning: This is a three-way with both sexes--whatever squicks you
Authors note: contains my theory of Obi-Ani-Padme-Qui

"Master Obi-wan, I know that you are skilled in the interpretation of dreams. That is why I'm asking for your advice--personal advice, on the dreams I've been having." The beautiful Nubian senator was looking at him with complete and winning candour.

"Please, just call me Obi-wan. I will help you however I can, my dear. What is the nature of these dreams?"

"I've been dreaming of your master, sir-- of Qui-gon Jinn."

Obi-wan's expression registered surprise. But beneath it, as he drew into himself in deliberation, she sensed that he had expected such a development. Why?

"Padme, the relationship between Master Jinn, Anakin, and myself is-- unique. He has not left us, except on the pyhsical plane. That you are privy to this knowledge of him-- and I don't doubt that it is true knowledge-- dictates that we must no longer pretend that you are not also a part of our bond."

"Me?" Now it was Padme's turn to be surprised. The secret of her marriage had always remained unspoken between them. Anakin said that if Obi-wan were actually told, in plain Basic, about them, that he would be obliged to inform the Council. She was frightened, now, of what this might mean for her unborn child--and its father.

"You must not be afraid, Padme." He reached out to press her hand. "Anakin and I are partners, in every sense. We have no secrets. I have known, since before your marriage, that it was fated to happen. And I myself have a deep affection for you-- and the children you carry."

"Children? More than one?" Padme was overjoyed at the news, and immediately put hands to her belly, trying to sense the presence-- no, presences!-- there more clearly. "They must be Force-sensitive, for you to perceive this, when I cannot."

"That is so, my dear. And the Force also has indicated that these children are extremely important to the future of the galaxy. As are you and I."

"Oh..." Padme let this sink in. "What about Anakin?"

"This all develops from the insurmountable fact that our Anakin is the Chosen One. Prophecy says that he will bring balance to the Force. We are here to assist him, in ways which are still unfolding."

"Oh my. I didn't think to discuss my dreams with him; he's so prone to nightmares himself that the subject is difficult to bring up with him. Especially since, lately, he's convinced that I'm going to die in childbirth." Annoyance flashed accross her regal features, followed by deep despair.

"We shall include Anakin in whatever we resolve upon now. He is central to all of this. And that is why our deceased Master is contacting you. It can only be of help, to explore this together."

With this reassurance, Padme took a deep breath, and essayed to smile. "Very well, I'll begin..."

"The first occasion was before I even knew I was pregnant. You and Ani were still on the Outer Rim. I was beside myself with anxiety for him that evening, as he had missed our usual call time, but at last I managed to sleep.

"I found myself in a strange place, safe and enclosed in feeling, yet wide open in all directions. I was dressed in my Handmaiden's robes.

"You know of the Queen's Handmaidens, Obi-wan; you might not know that the Queen herself is always chosen from among them. We are all Handmaidens, for as long as we live. It's been quite some time since I've worn those robes, though I stll keep them on hand. We are so few, here on Coruscant, that we do not meet for our rituals. But some of those do involve true dreaming. I can't tell you about it. But having the robes on, in my dream, told me that it must have some truth in it.

"I felt that I was not alone in that dream place. There was warmth and compassion radiating from some being nearby. I began to look around for this person.

"Finally I turned to my left and saw that it was Master Qui-gon, as he was before his death, as he was on Tatooine. He looked well, and strong, and serene, and so happy for me! I couldn't understand that, as I was far from serene myself, thinking of losing my Ani in battle. But I was quite willing to accept comfort from him, as a father-figure dream aspect of my unconscious, if it would help me keep my composure in waking life. So I attempted to ask him why he was so happy for me. I'm not sure if I used words or not.

"He seemed to understand my query, and answered by pointing at me, below my waist. So I looked down at myself. My belly was glowing like a lantern! I immediately understood that I was with child-- Anakin's child. And with that reassurance, my fears began to leave me.

"I can tell you something of Handmaiden lore concerning children. We believe that the spirit guidance of children is especially fixed by the Fates, until their twelfth year. All that happens in a child's early life is rigorously pre-ordained, for the spiritual growth of its soul, until that age, when self-determination is fully developed. So, knowing I had a child, whose fate was in the hands of the gods, brought me comfort. I knew that if Anakin were the father, he, too, would be afforded divine protection, for the sake of our child.

"That is why I was reassured. And I woke happy."

"What a beautiful dream, Padme."

"Yes, it sustained me through the many months of waiting for the two of you to return-- as heroes, as usual." They both laughed. "I thought that seeing Master Qui-gon, who first was there when I met my future husband, when he was still a child too, was purely symbolic. But I have continued to dream of him, and that place, in such vividness, so many more times, that I began to think it might truly be him, not just my mental ideal of him."

"That place, can you describe it more fully?"

"Strangely, no, though I have dreamed it at least a dozen times now. It is as if the most important thing about that place is that Qui-gon is there. Usually he is simply with me, that Handmaiden part of me, supporting and calming me when the world of politics has me rattled or despairing. I am strengthened in my resolve to serve Naboo, and the Republic, after these dreams, for the sake of my child-- I mean children!-- and their future.

"But the latest dream I had was different. It was the first time that I dreamed of Anakin in that place, as well. But it also disturbed me; let me explain.

"He and I had just made wonderful love, and I was sleeping in his arms. I suddenly felt the presence of Qui-gon. I opened my dream eyes, to see that I was in that place again, but that I had not changed position from the one in which we fell asleep. My husband's lovely body was still sprawled around me, his head near my belly filled with our child--children. And Qui-gon stood over us.

"He indicated that I should wake up Anakin, so that he could be with us in the dream. So I tried-- I tried my best! I shook him, pinched him, shouted at him, puleed his hair--" a gigle escaped her-- " but it was no good. He simply curled himself around my belly and refused to wake. I looked up at Qui-gon, beginning to panic. He simply looked back reassuringly, and waved his hand. Immediately I was back in my body, awake, with my sleeping husband wrapped around me in real life. He was really there with me, and in the shelter of him I drifted off to sleep again without dreaming.

"But I need to understand. Why wouldn't Ani wake up into the dream? Why should he be there in the dream at all?" Padme looked at Obi-wan imploringly. It was a relief to have told someone this problem, but it still needed solving.

Obi-wan took a deep breath, and let it out slowly. He had thought that this partnership was only between them and Qui-gon, and that he would never have to view Padme any more intimately than as his partner's wife. But the Force was dictating otherwise. It would take delicate diplomacy, of a very private sort, to draw them closer.

She had always been a beauty, but the pregnancy had rendered her ravishing, seeming to glow from within. Now, as she waited expectantly for his answer, lush lips slightly parted over pearly teeth, glowing amber-brown eyes shining beneath winged brows, he would do anything for her. But how to begin?

"Padme, Anakin and I know that dream-place very well. To access it, we must be-- intimate. I know you suspect how close we are."

"Yes." A hint of bitterness crept into her voice, but not her face. "All Coruscant knows you two are lovers. I admit, sometimes, to being a little jealous, that you are allowed to spend so much more time with Ani than I am. How can you not?" --small laugh-- "You work together, and I don't have the right job. I have to be the secret."

"Padme--" he reached out to hold her hands again, squeezing them-- "I would never take him from you."

Her hands returned the pressure. "Nor would I take him from you. The whole galaxy needs you both. So do I." Her eyes began to fill, with the welling up of love for them both, just as they were, the team of Kenobi and Skywalker.

"Thank you, my dear." And Obi-wan placed a gentle kiss upon her lips. That made those lips smile again, and the golden brown eyes blink away their tears.

"What's going on, partner?"

It was Anakin. They hadn't heard him enter. He strode up to them, so handsome and tall, wrapping his dignity around him even as he dropped his cloak onto the chair, at the sight of his lover and his wife kissing.

Padme began to blush; Obi-wan rose to meet him.

"She's been dreaming of Qui-gon."

The hooded menace in Anakin's blue eyes immediately dissipated. He quickly dropped to his knees before her, gripped her shoulders.

"Padme, is this true? Why didn't you tell me?" He seemed happy yet worried, much as he had when he learned of the coming baby. "This changes everything-- again." He began to laugh with relief.

"How, Ani?"

Anakin exchanged a significant glance with his partner, and the two men came to sit on either side of her upon the couch. Both put an arm around her, resting hands upon one another's shoulders. She looked from one to the other, ressured yet bewildered.

"Padme, we must go there together, the three of us, as soon as we can."

As the implications of what her husband was telling her began to sink in, Padme found her color rising like a tide of heat, from her belly up to her face. She was embarrasssed, indignant, ---intrigued...

"Could you care for Obi-wan just a little, Padme?" Her young husband was grinning wickedly, his luscious mouth all curved, his fingers stroking light as a feather over her cheek. She began to breathe more quickly.

"What about the babies?"

"Babies? What did you see, Obi-wan?" Anakin's mood was elevated yet more, as they turned to the older man.

"Yes, Anakin, I sensed a boy and a girl. And no, they will not be harmed by anything we do. They will be strengthened." The young couple exchanged glad smiles. Padme spoke.

"To answer your question, my love-- you are the two most beautiful men I know. And I admit that I have now and then been jealous of you. As well as curious about what you-- do-- together." Padme was blushing again.

"You mean, like this?" And Anakin pulled his partner to him, right accross her, for a passionate kiss inches from her face. Padme's eyes grew wide as the bearded lips met her husband's, as Anakin's tongue entered them, and was met by Obi-wan's, in an incredibly arousing display, even as they both were embracing her.

"Oh!" she said, as they parted, and the next instant, it was her mouth that Anakin's was invading. The thought of where that tongue had been, only moments before, made her all hot and wet between the legs. The kiss ended, leaving her gasping for breath; then Anakin's mouth was replaced by Obi-wan's.

Obi-wan was a good kisser, she thought muzzily. He was exploring all of her mouth, as his moustache brushed titillatingly around her lips. She reached up to feel his hair, to compare it with--

Anakin was watching! Her eyes swiveled to his in momentary panic, only to find complete approval-- and arousal, on his handsome face. He was stroking the backs of his two beloveds proprietarily, incendiarily-- he knew them both so well...

A moan of arousal escaped his wife, as Obi-wan began to kiss her neck, her collarbone, right in front of her husband! Whose fingers had somehow gotten under her dress, into her underwear... and were finding that secret place, that sent electricity shooting to all parts of her, at his touch--

Padme's feet left the floor, first one, then the other, as she began to writhe under their combined attentions. Anakin smiled with satisfaction at their results of their efforts. His partner paused in his caressing to undo her bodice for her, and Anakin slipped her out of it, leaving shoulders and breasts bare.

Exchanging another significant glance, the partners each placed a hand upon one of her thighs, and began upon a breast. She exclaimed again at this double assault. They were doing similar things to each, but the teeth and tongue of Anakin felt completely different from the tongue and beard of Obi-wan, overwhelming her with delightful variety. And a strange new feeling was beginning in her breasts themselves. It was as if her bones were dissolving and coming out through her nipples, with a pull that made every inch of her bosom, enlarged by pregnancy, feel more alive.

"Did you taste that, master?"

"Yes, padawan; it is the first of the mother's milk."

"I-- already?" Padme was overjoyed. She would have no trouble feeding her children the best possible way, when they arrived. And meanwhile, these two beautiful men were responsible for her new pleasure.

"Please, more." And she grasped the backs of both their heads, bending them to their task again. They set to it willingly, while Padme's legs kicked and Anakin's hand stroked her until she cried out yet again, climax taking her. Her eyes misted, her belly leaped, her lips grew ruby red.

Then she watched, contented, as her lovers stopped their work to taste again of each other's mouths. Her hands cradled her belly as she enjoyed the sight of their enjoyment. She knew they must both taste of her. The notion made her eyes narrow with self-satisfaction, like a tree-cat's.

Anakin was working loose his partner's belt and trousers, even as his mouth never lost contact with Obi-wan's. And Obi's hands were similarly engaged, sneaking inside her husband's tunics to stroke and tweak at his beautiful chest.

Padme gasped at her first sight of Obi-wan's most personal parts. He had-- a nice butt, she thought, with a fleeting sense of disloyalty to the most beautiful one on the planet, mere inches away from her. And the rest of him was large; not as long as her husband, but thicker. She wondered how he would feel. One of her hands slid lower, to stroke at herself.

Both completely disrobed now, the two men turned to her. They were so beautiful. Her admiring eyes took in the fully revealed splendors of the team of Kenobi and Skywalker, at her service. Her husband's golden skin and yellow-brown hairs surrounded the violet prong of him, rooted at the base of his endless tapering chest, his muscled shoulders, his sky-blue eyes. And Obi-wan's red-gold pelt began upon his chest and continued in a line to his groin, where his sturdy endowments nestled between the muscular thighs.

For her part, she knew she was spread out wantonly before them, nipples still moist and erect, belly swathed in the remnants of her attire but legs gapped wide below, just as completely revealed to them. It pleased her to allow herself to be seen thus.

They approached her, pricks level with her appreciative eyes, to stand to either side of her. She put a hand around each of them, enjoying their shivers at her boldness. Obi-wan spoke.

"It is your choice, my lady."

She looked up at her husband for reassurance. She knew and craved his taste, always. To taste his former master would be so different-- but should she? And in his eyes she saw trust, and excitement to see what she would choose. His breath was escaping his parted lips, lips that had also surely tasted-- oh my--

Without a word, she turned to Obi-wan and placed pursed lips upon him in a soft kiss. Obi groaned, and her lips were suddenly moistened. Yes, he was sweet! She opened her mouth to take in more of him, even as she felt Anakin moving behind her, holding her around her hips, inserting fingers in places he knew so well.

As Padme had her new experience, her husbands was coating himself with her delicious fluids, stopping to taste and drink, and putting his wet fingers up her ass. This was how they had been making love lately, in order not to disturb the child-- children, he corrected himself. Soon he would be surrounded by the glory of his Padme's last bastion. She was wriggling in pleasure at the fingers there, reminding her of other times together.

With a new urgency he slipped himself into her wetness, to be coated anew, but only shallowly. Then he changed to the other entrance, holding her precious belly steady between them. And thrust.

The contractions of her muscles began immediately, so that he could barely hold himself to his schedule of gradual penetration. He was lover triumphant. His eyes met Obi-wan's as they tackled the two ends of Padme, who was making cries of pleasure all over Obi's organ, testing his self-control as well.

There-- all the way in! His blinding smile flashed out through his eyes, to meet the green fire in Obi-wan's beneath his bedewed brow-- and then passion took over, the sight of his two beloveds' pleasure pushing him to pound to his own blissful release.

In the aftermath, Kenobi and Skywalker kissed again, still engulfed by the ecstatic Padme. This kiss spoke of obstacles overcome, objects achieved, goals met and surpassed, through the power of love. Anakin picked up his drowsy wife and nestled her between them. Obi-wan used a Force-touch to fetch Anakin's cloak to cover them all. And they slept.


There they stood, the four of them, face to face. For the first time, Padme could see Obi-wan and her husband, here and comfortable with it. She was close to them all now, but closer to those two which she also knew in life.

Her glowing belly was there too, a fifth presence at their center. They surrounded that new life, shielding it from whatever could possibly threaten, from the physical or the spirit world.

Qui-gon reached out a large palm to stroke her hair in welcome, as he had so often before. Suddenly Anakin bristled.

< No, don't touch her-- she'll die!!>

Padme turned shocked dream-eyes to her beloved. It was as if his fear was darkening the very air around him, shinking him into a child right before them. Obi-wan began to grip his partner tightly. She immediately took Ani's hand in hers. She thought at him--

< Ani, I won't die. Don't you see? Only the body dies-->

The hand she was gripping was cold metal. Could he feel her? Could he hear her at all? Fear began to eat at her too; she clutched her other hand around her belly. The darkness was increasing.

Suddenly Qui-gon was wrapping his great arms around the two others. Obi-wan was enfolded by him; Anakin was within them both-- and she was no longer surrounded by them, she was much too far away from them--

And all at once, Anakin reached for her. she heard, and she stepped into his arms.

The incandescent light of the children between them spread through them all, radiating out the very bones of their bodies and permeating that uncanny space, driving the darkness away.

< We can never lose this; I will always be here.> She thought it as hard as she could, as many times as she could, while Obi-Qui supported him from the other side. Slowly, the huddled form of Anakin began to stand erect again. He opened his eyes, to see the love in hers.

< You aren't afraid to die?> she heard. Smiling, she shook her head. This was the real Padme, the one which existed here, which always would. Over her husband's shoulder, the eyes of Qui-gon met hers in understanding. And someone else's-- far behind them, also turning upon them her loving gaze--

Shmi. His mother.

As one, all of them turned. Padme stood by her Ani's side, revealing to this ghost-Shmi her full belly. And Shmi saw them, though she came no closer.

Most importantly, Anakin saw her. The joy that sprang from him in that dream place was like a fountain of sparkling particles. He became his grown-up self again, the joyous self that had welcomed the news that they would be a family.

Only then did Obi-wan release his partner.

With a quick glance at his companions, dream-Anakin ran towards his mother--- and was stopped.

< Don't touch her-- you'll die.>

It was as if a glass panel had smacked Anakin in the face. Shmi smiled at him still, with a bit of amusement at his predicament, but also reinforcing the truth of Qui-gon's words.

Padme saw her beloved's shoulders lower with his disappointment. He continued to stand there for some time longer, gazing at his mother, some private form of communication passing between them, as she and the two masters who loved him watched in compassion.

At last he turned back to them. He was smiling his brightest smile, yet tears had leaked down his cheeks. Once again, they became the four corners of a group hug, surrounding the glowing new life within.


They awoke together. Padme turned onto her back, the better to appreciate both of the beautiful men beneath whose arms she was entwined. Geen eyes and blue smiled down at her with love.

She raised both arms, to grasp the backs of both heads. She grinned wickedly.

"Can I offer you gentlemen some refreshment?"


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