Title: I Will Do What I Must
Author: Obi(Wills)
Rating: G but latter parts will be rated up to NC-17
Distribution: Anywhere and Everywhere, just please be sure and give me credit.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to George Lucas, I claim no ownership, I merely love to write for them.
Warnings: A few definite spoilers if you have not seen Episode I or Episode III. Will be AU later on.
Pairings: Obi/Ani sort of, later on will definitely be Obi/Ani and Padme may play some part, but I don't know yet.
Summary: It's just an introduction to a fic I plan to write. It's written in Obi Wan's POV following the events towards the end of Revenge of the Sith. The following parts will probably not be written in POV fashion, but I'm still uncertain on that. Lol It really is a work in progress, even I don't know where this story is going to go, though there will definitely be an alternate ending to RotS.
Feedback: PLEASE! This is my very first fic, and if no one likes it, and/or no one seems interested I'm not sure if I'll bother to write more. I do let people's criticisms get to me, so don't be too harsh :-)

I Will Do What I Must

I've known for a long time now. I'm not like the others, I never have been.

It is true, I did not know it before, but on that faithful day, the day my Master was killed, I found out that I possess a power greater and darker than that of any Jedi.

I fought the Sith, and ultimately won the battle, despite being a lone Padawan in this fight. Many Jedi Knights have fought Sith, two or three against one, and most of them did not live to tell the tale, and yet I, Obi Wan Kenobi, survived a battle that would've been any normal Jedi's worst nightmare, even before taking the Jedi Trials.

It is this darkness that makes me different. It has the feel of the dark side, but it does not scare me, for to fear it would be to let it control me. To beat Darth Maul I tapped into my anger, my rage, my fear, such a thing is forbidden for a Jedi. It is said that these things pave a path to the dark side, and yet they did not, and have not for me. I've learned to harness this darkness and use it to my advantage without allowing it to take control of my mind as the Sith do.

In this there lies a power greater than that of any Jedi or Sith. The Jedi are limited in their power by barriers they set for themselves. The Sith are weak because they set no boundaries for themselves, they let the force take over, and the dark side controls them. It is this weakness which I must now explore. Now that my greatest, and perhaps only true, friend has fallen victim to one of these despicable creatures.

Master Yoda has sent me to kill him, but this I will not do. It is now, here on Padme's ship that I form my plan. I cannot stand to kill Anakin, I love him dearly. It is the great Lord of the Sith whom I will destroy, and to do this I will have to tell a great many lies. I will have to use my anger and my fear, and I will have to go against the Jedi Code.

But what does it matter now? The Jedi Temple lies in ruins, all of my people destroyed. The only remaining Jedi besides myself is in fact Master Yoda.. And after his battle with the Sith Master will even he remain?

It is now that I must tap into this dark force hidden within myself, it is now that I will become something more. Something not limited by the title of Jedi or Sith, but merely a man doing what's best for the galaxy and those he loves.

I will fight this Dark Lord and save my love from a life of torment and Darkness. Many dangers I will face, and the future is uncertain, but I shall not waver, I shall not give in to fear or to the great loss of the Jedi and my way of life.

I will do what I must. That is the least I can do.

~End: For Now~

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