Title: I do it for him.
Rating: G
Distribution: The Archive. Force Haven.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. GL does.
Warnings: Not really. Nothing spoilery is here, unless you really haven't seen any of the movies.
Pairings: Obi/Ani, not explicitly.
Summary: Something that came to me while working on something that isn't related to Star Wars at all. My life is being over run by SW, isn't that great?
Author's Note: Weird. Just a weird little drabble thingy.

I felt it, you know. Far away though I was, flying out in deep space, I felt the heat of the rage and pure anger of Obi-Wan Kenobi as he fought that Sith. I could feel the pure depths of the darkness within him and knew that if it were ever unleashed, all would tremble at his feet. There would truly be none who could stop him.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a man of deep convictions. Deep conviction and passion that, when truly engaged, move the foundations of space itself. May the Force help us if he were ever to fall into that pit of darkness that I see at his feet. Darkness that he doesn't really understand that he has for he is so pure and good.

I see behind all the hypocrisy and the lies to the truth. I see the arrogance and the sheer neglect of the Jedi Council. My Master does not. Not that he cannot or will not but does not. There is a difference in him that separates him from the others. A difference that was created when he fought the Sith that killed his Master.

It made him whole for in him he bound both the light and the dark into one Force. Though he knows the danger of the Dark Side, the potential threat of it, he does not see that it rests within him. He is strong for not calling upon it. He is blind in not seeing how thin the line that he treads is. How even one misstep could cost him everything.

But those shutters protect us all from the casual way he could use it. Casual for he would never know that he was using the Dark Side of the Force for it truly has become one Force inside of him. There is no division within him. No sense of deceit or lies. Somehow, it is different in him than with the others of the Jedi Order.

So I do it all of this to protect him from that fall. I bath myself in the blood of the galaxy so that he never will. He would never be able to face up to what he had done if ever he were to recognize it. I am strong enough to bear up under that pressure. I am not truly their Chosen One for all my strengths and abilities.

Obi-Wan is. Or rather, he and I are. We, the Team. Together, we are the blending of the light and the dark. We are both halves of a whole. I thrive in the darkness within while he flourishes in the light. And that is why I do what I do. I do it so that he doesn't have to. So that I will never have to see the day that his light dies.


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