Chapter 2 - Dessert

Obi Wan lay partially on the bed wondering exactly where his clothes had ended up and trying to remember how he’d gotten in the bedroom. He could vaguely recall he and Anakin on the dining table, briefly in the hall, once … no, twice on the serving island, and possibly in the study. At some point he had felt the sensation of the night air on his flesh making the terrace also a potential contender. He could recall little else as his coherent thought had melted away into what had seemed like one long intense never ending orgasm. Silently he marveled at Anakin and his 24 year old perpetual erection … honestly, he was truly baffled how the young man actually functioned in society as a productive citizen. At 39 Obi Wan was not “perpetual” per se, but still had his own frequent moments of brilliance. Hair hanging wildly down in his eyes, his spent body still resonated with small involuntary spasms of delight in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Feeling almost intoxicated by lust and exhaustion he tried in vane to raise himself fully onto the bed but his legs were still too uncertain. In an instant of clarity he realized that it would be easier instead to lower himself to the floor.

‘I’ll just sleep on the floor tonight … Yes, excellent idea!’ His hazy thoughts confirmed the decision, ‘The floor is a good thing … excellent for the back!’ Finally safe on the carpet he laid his head heavily into the crook of his arm feeling sleep start to overtake him. His mind slowly drifting off as he could feel the last vestiges of consciousness ebbing away, ‘The smile’, was his last congruent thought before passing out, ‘It was the smile that did it!’

Anakin stood in the darkened doorway with his arms folded watching his disoriented Master slowly curl up on the floor next to the bed. Covering his mouth he could hardly contain his amusement at Obi Wan’s endearingly innocent thoughts. ‘No Master’ He reflected, ‘It wasn’t the smile’. Easily he lifted him onto the bed covering him cozily with the blanket. Gently he pushed the wayward hair from Obi Wan’s contented sleeping face still stunned at the absolute guilelessness of this man after all of these years. He sat on the edge of the bed recalling the man’s charmingly misguided attempt at seduction earlier. His Master’s effort at worldliness had almost been as amusing as his own bungled attempt at cooking. There was just something about Obi Wan Kenobi trying to act like a common tart that was just endearing beyond words. Careful not to awaken him Anakin padded silently back to the door leaving his Master to his much needed rest, hoping that in his enthusiasm he hadn’t broken him. Stepping from the darkened bedchamber into the dimly lit hallway he wrapped a soft white robe around his naked body as he quietly padded his way to the terrace. Crossing the threshold into the cool night air Anakin breathed deeply as he sat down watching the endless buzz of traffic move through the busy Coruscant corridor.

Secretly he had intended for tonight to be an opportunity to talk frankly with his lover about something … a small problem in their relationship that he wanted to discuss. After dinner and once they had cleared the air, he had fully expected that they would end the evening by making love and then slip off to sleep in each other’s arms. Albeit, things didn’t go exactly as planned. He had known almost from the beginning that things weren’t going well … possibly when the kitchen caught fire. After that it had been a struggle with the cooking and the last minute rush when Obi Wan had returned home early before he could clean up the mess. It went without saying that the meal itself had been no better then rancid bantha meat, but in the end, as usual, it was Obi Wan who had found a way to salvage the night, albeit unintentionally. Anakin had enjoyed the little game beforehand wondering all the while just how much Obi Wan was aware of the availablity of his thoughts to him. Although Anakin had needed very little encouragement to respond to the older man who had been busy licking his glass and crossing his legs and muttering nonsense about the heat all expressly for his benefit. Ani had found his Master’s willingness to make a complete fool of himself for his benefit strangley arousing and had been poised to seize his first opportunity once it presented itself.

He suspected that Obi Wan considered himself to be a prude and sexually backward. He also knew that his lover viewed him as the sexually aggressive one in the relationship. Ani strongly disagreed with this. Obi Wan was, at least in his opinion, the carnal axis on which the passion of their relationship hinged. The man had no sense of his own raw sensuality which made him all the more appealing. Anakin would take whatever time he needed to carefully fashion his image into his ideal whereas Obi Wan’s look, his scent, his sensuality were all simply who he was with no effort on his part to be anything different. Anakin found that unbelievably sexy. He was convinced that his lust for this man would someday drive him mad.

All the more reason the deep dark secret that haunted him would be difficult to confront with the elder Jedi. Ani had known for some time that they would someday finally have to speak of it openly. It wasn’t exactly something that either of them could ignore for much longer. Drawing a deep breath he leaned into his hands frustrated that tonight hadn’t worked out the way he had planned and that this problem still loomed over them. Soon he would have take the initiative and confront the problem with Obi Wan … something his Master, no doubt, was not going to want to hear!

In his years with Obi Wan he had learned a lot about this extraordinary man:

Obi Wan Kenobi was a man whose selfless devotion and integrity was unparralled within the Republic,

Obi Wan Kenobi was a man who would happily lay down his very life for a friend,

Obi Wan Kenobi was a renowned warrior whose exploits redefined heroism in their time,

Obi Wan Kenobi was a Jedi legend who had forgotten more about the Force then most Jedi would ever know in a lifetime, himself included.

He sighed deeply as he secretly acknowledged one more undeniable truth about his lover and Mentor,

Obi Wan Kenobi was a screamer!

He recalled the first night when he had discovered this feature about him … if he had been the first to discover it their elderly neighbor at the Nebula Towers, Mr. Saheg had undoubtedly been the second. Anakin was certain that Obi Wan was totally oblivious of this rather curious trait of his. Nonetheless it was now Ani’s problem to deal with in order to safeguard his Master’s reputation and Jedi modesty. It certainly didn’t seem within the Master Jedi’s power to control it himself that was for certain.

He felt that he had become very proficient at the discretionary maneuvers required to accommodate Obi Wan as a lover. Through experience he had learned, for example, that when they were in Coruscant he should discreetly arrange in advance for Mr. Saheg to be elsewhere. Ani would try his best to clear the way if he even suspected that a carnal moment was afoot. He had often gifted Mr. Saheg with small gifts as a kindhearted gesture from his Jedi neighbors, for his long suffering patience, for being a dutiful friend … but mostly just to get him the hell out of earshot. The man had accepted them all happily, the box seats to the opera, the tickets to concerts, passes to the theater, and even VIP seats for the speeder races. There was little left to offer the elderly man short of sponsoring his grandchildren’s higher education. At times Ani was hard-pressed to know which would hold out longer … his stipend or his libido.

He often wondered if Obi Wan would ever know that he had inadvertantly turned quiet Mr. Saheg into a bona fide patron of the arts. Another example of Jedi benevolence, he thought.

For his part Anakin was not much of a talker during sex, he was more of a moaner and an ‘Oh Yeah!’ kind of guy. He could be cajoled into talking if the moment and mood were right, but by and large he confined himself to the normal human range of sexual sounds. Obi Wan on the other hand seemed intent on providing an explicit running commentary about their lovemaking. For a man so reserved and soft spoken the things that would sometimes come out of his mouth when they were together actually shocked Anakin. It was clear that the older man had fully embraced his sexual being and was doing so at the top of lungs.

Either consciously or unconsciously, Obi Wan seemed to want certain things known to anyone within earshot of their intimate moments:
1.) That he was “close”,
2.) That he was getting even “closer”,
3.) What exactly it would take to get him “closer still”,
4.) The fact that he was just getting “so damn close”,
5.) His considerable gratitude to his Jedi ancestors for the fact that he was “so damn close”,
6.) The name of the man who had already gotten him this “damn close”, (i.e. Ani, Ani, … Yes, Ani … Oh, Yes! That’s it Ani! Don’t stop Ani!).
7.) That he was finally there!, (For some reason he always defaulted back to using Anakin at this point … he wasn’t exactly sure why?).

For awhile the young man had considered legally changing his name to Ani “Don’t Stop” Skywalker. There were very few things that would actually distract him from sex. Having his name screamed in his ear at a few decibels over, say that of a Republic Star Cruiser was, he found, one of them.

Walking out to the speeder slip he peeked around the corner and noted that Mr. Saheg’s vehicle was still gone … to the Art Gallery he believed. Good, because tonight Obi Wan had been in excellent voice.

At first everything had been fine. Ani had thought, perhaps this might be one of those rare occasions when his lover would just simply melt under his touch and that would be it. He’d even been brave enough to bring him out onto the terrace. Big mistake! Once the fresh air had hit his Master’s fevered skin something unexpectedly primal had emerged. It hadn’t helped that he had been tugging at their Force bond all night long just making the delicious torment last that much longer for Obi Wan. In that respect he had only himself to blame as he had used his Gaunlet to cover his lover’s mouth just in time. Running his fingers over the small bite marks along the palm he knew that it had either been that or alert half of Coruscant to his Master’s impending orgasm. The damnable thing was that when he had pressed his hand over his mouth it had just seemed to turn him on all the more.

He was now convinced that were Master Yoda to ever learn of their sexual relationship it would not be from subtle fluxes in the Force. It would not be from rumor or speculation, but rather he would have heard it directly from Obi Wan’s own wanton lips as his voice echoed over the city to the Jedi tower.

Shaking his head he walked back into the apartment letting the robe drop to the floor as he entered the dark bedchamber slipping into bed next to Obi Wan. Immediately he could feel the older man’s hands reach for him almost out of instinct. Rolling over to him he shifted slightly as he got comfortable with Ani now serving as a body pillow. Ani answered by molding himself to the older man breathing in his scent as he nestled close cloistered in his arms. Their bodies fit perfectly as though they were always intended to be together. Nature had made them that way. Ani felt himself starting to succumb to the same physical exhaustion that had claimed his lover. Letting his fingers tease the fine hair of his chest he considered the upcoming concert at the Coruscant Theater. He was sure that Dex could swing tickets to the sold out event and there was no question in his mind that Mr.Saheg was, by now, an ardent fan.

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