Title: He couldn't
Author : Monchy
Rating: PG
Category: humor, slash
Pairing: Obi/Ani
Archive: sure
Disclaimer: don't own, don't sue
Summary: mmm... doesn´t really have one... it´s just... fun 115 in words
Author's notes: I wrote this in about 5 minutes so it's not really brilliant or anything...

He was his apprentice, his padawan, his extremely young childish padawan, the one who had grown by his side. He couldn't let him do this.

He couldn't, he couldn't, he couldn't!

"Anakin…" he said

"Just allow me, master"

He knew he shouldn't, he couldn't. He was his apprentice. His attractive, handsome, strong apprentice, that smiled in that oh so perfect way, who had those marvellous blue eyes, and that hands that…

"Focus, Obi-wan!" his mind shouted

"Come on, master…"

He denied with his head. He couldn't!

Then Anakin left his uncovered chest and put his hands right under his pants. His perfect, strong and hot hands.

And Obi-wan let him do whatever he wanted.

Oh, yeah.


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