Title: Cloning Obi-Wan
Author: Di-Ana Wolf
Pairing(s): O/O/A
Rating: PG-13 for adult themes
Archive/Distribution: My Site, anyone else that wants it, just keep my name and all disclaimers attached and let me know where.
Category: POV, Slash
Summary: Anakin muses about having Obi-Wan cloned
Spoilers: AotC
Feedback: Need it, want it, crave it. On-list or offlist.
Disclaimers: The Star Wars Universe and all beings within it belong to George Lucas. No money being made.
Author’s Notes: Another one. Sheesh. My mind went there.


What if I had Obi-Wan cloned?

Was it possible? Could I do it? What would the Kaminoans need to clone Obi-Wan?

I could steal a hair out of his hairbrush, or a clipping from his beard.

I could have my own harem--errr--army of Obi-Wans… all for my pleasure. Chocolate covered Obi-Wan… Vanilla Ice Cream covered Obi-Wan… Honey covered Obi-Wan…

A bottom Obi-Wan and a Top Obi-Wan so I could double my pleasure. Two or more! Obi-Wan's to wake up to in the morning.

Screw the consequences.

I want to know how to get a hold of those cloners.


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