Title: Bewildered Padawan
Author: Lilu
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Everybody knows that.
Summary: Obi-Wan comes home drunk one night and does something that has severe affect on his and Anakin's relationship.

Tonight my Master has been out drinking. He doesn't do it often, but every now and then he goes out and comes back smelling of smoke, alcohol and sex. He never talks about it, and I never ask. Having seen much in my time with the Hutts I can imagine quite well what's been going on.

It used to hurt that he left me for the company of others. But as I got older I understood. I realized that he was, after all, still a man. In the morning he would still be my Master and what ever he did in the night, it would change nothing between us.

I found my comfort in the fact that when he came home, he needed me. It was me who saw him woundable. The only one who could comfort Obi-Wan when the world had taken too much out of Jedi Kenobi.

I thought that this night would be no different from the rest. Obi-Wan had been restless all day. – I can always feel it, even though he tries to hide it from me. So I wasn't surprised when he suddenly walked to the door saying. "I'll be back late, Anakin."

He stumbled though the door and as soon as he saw me, he sank gracelessly to the floor. I went to him and gave him a gentle hug before I helped him to stand. I supported – almost carried – him to his room.

As I helped Obi-Wan undress I listened to his voice. A low rumbling sound as he mumbled incoherently. Strange as it may be, I have always liked that.

In the end I pulled the covers over him. Suddenly I felt his arms around my neck and then he buried his face at my shoulder. Then his lips travelled across my cheek…. And then he kissed me. His lips moved against mine and he sucked gently on my lower lip. Then he smiled and whispered "You still taste better than any of the others." That was all before he laid back and fell asleep.

I have been sitting here for hours. My heart races, my skin is amazingly sensitive and I can still taste him. My feelings are a mess.

I know this is wrong. He is my MASTER! It's almost incest. Not to mention that my destiny lies with someone else. I haven't seen Padmé for years, but I know that we are meant to be. It's the will of the Force. But this still feels so very, very right….

When Obi-Wan wakes up will he even remember? Will he just go on as always? As though nothing has happened?

What am I going to say or do? Will I ever be able to look him in the eyes again?

Oh Force…. Help me….

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