Title: Before
Author: Sabey
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimers: I don't own them and I never will, sadly. They all belong to Mr. Lucas. :-(
Summary: Anakin gets drunk and gets in trouble. This is a prequel to Aftermath. Anakin is 18.
Notes: [i]italics[/i]= thoughts and dreams
//?//= telepathic dialogue


It was night on Coruscant. The street dwellers were out and about, either outside pleasuring themselves or inside the club doing Force knows what. One particular person sat at the bar, drinking a strong drink and swiping tears away. He'd yelled at his only love. The man he considered to be his mate was the one he was angry with. Anakin Skywalker knew he shouldn't be down here in a club, but it was the only place to go. Anywhere to get away from Obi-Wan. He didn't want to see the hurt in the man's eyes after screaming his pain at him. His friend, Tru Veld, had been on a mission and his ship crashed, leaving none alive.

He ordered another drink and after waving off more girls than he could count, he collapsed. The bar tender left him there, not giving a rip about the young Jedi Padawan, and took more orders. After a while, the man started to feel sorry for the boy and dug around in Anakin's pocket for an ID. When he found it, he saw that Anakin was in fact underage and found the number to his and Obi-Wan's quarters at the Jedi Temple.


Obi-Wan ran to the comm. link when it rang and hastily answered. A deep voice was on the other line and Obi-Wan had to struggle to decipher the words. He caught the words, "Hello…padawan… drunk…at the bar…Club Bounce…unconscious…good night." Obi-Wan felt his temperature rise to 100 degrees as anger coursed through his body. He knew it was a bad idea to let Anakin go out and he started to worry around 2:30 a.m. It was now 3:45 a.m. and the man jumped into a speeder, heading for Club Bounce.

He found his padawan there at the bar, unconscious and looking awful. Not to mention the disgusting smell. Obi-Wan picked his lover up in his arms, thanked the bar tender, and laid Anakin down in the back seat, giving him one last death glare before hopping in and driving home. He carried him in and laid him down on their bed, changing his clothes and covering him with the sheets. If his love wanted to get drunk, then he would feel the consequences.


Anakin woke with the worst headache of his life. Suddenly, the curtains were flung open and Obi-Wan ripped the covers off of him. He groaned and curled into a tighter ball, the light making the pounding in his head worse.

"Come on, Anakin! Get up!" Obi-Wan called and took the pillow, too. Anakin looked at him with disbelief.

"Lemme alone, Obi-Wan. I don't feel good," Anakin moaned and buried his face in the mattress.

"That's your fault. You shouldn't have gone out and gotten drunk. You're too young to go in there anyway. That's the last time you ever go to a bar alone. Now, get out of bed, NOW," Obi-Wan growled, "I expect you to be ready for class in ten minutes and if you're not, you'll be restricted to your bedroom." With that, Obi- Wan left the room and Anakin sluggishly got out of bed. He took the quickest shower of his life and was amazed that he could even get his clothes on with his head spinning like it was. His breakfast was on the table and Obi-Wan sat reading the newspaper.

"You'd better eat quick. Remember, your schedule changed and your classes start earlier so you can have more time to practice sparring," Obi-Wan said without looking up and took a drink of his coffee. Anakin's face fell and he jumped up, grabbing a piece of toast.

"What time is my first class?!" he exclaimed.

"In about five minutes."


"You shouldn't have slept so late."

"Why didn't you tell me?!"

"I did. I told you the day before yesterday." Anakin ran out the door and hurried to his class, not even sparing his beauty a good- bye. Even though his classes started earlier, Anakin felt like this was the longest and worst day of his life. He almost fell asleep in all his classes, he tripped at lunch, fell in the pool while he was with his friends, and got sick from the hangover. When he got home, he fell on the couch and threw his arm over his eyes, not noticing his lover.

"Why are you soaking wet?" the man asked and Anakin gasped.

"I fell in the pool," Anakin moaned, his headache getting worse. Then suddenly, his stomach rumbled and he ran to the bathroom. He threw up the contents in his stomach and when he was done, he laid his head against the toilet seat and tried to calm his pounding head. He heard Obi-Wan come in and felt him lift his head up to wipe his mouth with a tissue. The man then carried him to his bed and laid him on top of the covers.

Obi-Wan felt kind of sorry for his mate because he was sick from being in the wet clothes, but that's the only reason. Qui-Gon had done this with him the first time he got drunk underage and he'd hated it, but he learned a good lesson: never get drunk and go say hi to your master.

Anakin was miserable. The bantha in his head wouldn't stop running around. Then he felt his wet clothes being stripped away, but he was too weak to care. He was lifted and twisted and wriggled out of the clothes and was soon in a dry shirt and pants. He found himself being carried to a chair and sneezed about 3 million times while Obi-Wan changed the bed sheets. Obi-Wan put him back under the covers and a large hand was laid on his forehead. It felt so cool against his hot skin and he reveled in the feel of it. Then he looked at Obi-Wan with grateful eyes and gave him a small smile. The man lightly kissed him and made him lay down. Anakin snuggled his face into his pillow and sighed.

"Sorry...for yelling at you, Love...didn't mean to," Anakin mumbled, his words slurred with sleep. His eyes started to droop and Obi-Wan brushed his hair back.

"Shh, hush, Darling. Get some rest. We don't need you any sicker than you already are," Obi-Wan whispered. Anakin's eyes closed and he sighed.

"...miss Tru..."

"I know you do, Baby. I know, but he's right here beside you. He always will be. Now, sleep, my heart." The boy's breathing steadied and deepened and Obi-Wan brushed a kiss on his lips. He might be angry at Anakin for getting drunk, but he would help him through this difficult time.



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