Title: Away from you
Author: Kate
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine, I'm just borrowing them for a time ;)
Warnings: M/M and F/F slash
Summary: Anakin thinks about having to leave Obi Wan to go with Padme to Naboo

Anakin stared out of the window, watching the bustle of Courscant. Obi Wan stared straight ahead, sometimes exchanging words with Padme or Typhoo.

Once or twice Anakin risked a glance at his master, trying to fit all of his feelings into one moment so he could hold onto them for the long journey ahead. He had never been away from his master before, the exhiliration of a solo mission was begining to fade as he realized that he may not see Obi Wan for a long while.

He wondered what was beneath that stern Jedi mask, often he had glimpsed what was below, the wonderful, funny man he really was. Again unbidden anger at Qui Gon who had been able to watch Obi Wan grow to see him smile and laugh.

'I don't want to leave you' the thought came to Anakin without warning and the force of it almost made Anakin open his mouth and utter them. He hadn't known the sourceof his unease, or he mearly buried them but now he knew. He was in love with Obi Wan.

His master turned to him curiously, noting his estatic elation, his gentle smile showing through his beard, obviously he thought his apprentice was happy at being given a solo mission.

The transport came to a stop and Anakin stood, still beaming, he knew that when he came home he would tell Obi Wan everything. How he felt how much he ached inside. He frowned slightly as Padme also stood, her handmaiden standing in front of her. The two young women stood staring at each other. He noticed how they clasped hands and stared,unsaid words flying between them. The Padme leaned forward her mouth brushing the handmaiden's cheek, gently brushing the mouth.

Anakin finally smiled as he realized he had a companion in his new found knowledge. Anakin turned to Obi Wan and was surprised when Obi Wan hugged him, Anakin buried his face in Obi Wan's shoulder feeling the soft blond,red hair against his neck. 'I love you Obi Wan' he said mentally.

"I know. I love you too," The mental voice was strange and new.

Anakin wanted to look up at his master but knew he couldn't instead he hugged Obi Wan tighter, once he let go he saw silent tears in Obi Wan's eyes. With Jedi serenity Anakin took Padme's arm and they began their journey away from the people they loved.


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