Title: All For You
Author: MelanyeBaggins
Rating: PG
Pairings: Ani/Padme implied; Ani/Obi *friends*
Disclaimer: All characters depicted are property of George Lucas and no profit is being made from this fic, unless you call satisfaction profit….
Summary: Anakin looks back on everything he has lost.

Mustafar, the end would come there.

Even now, years later, I still try to tell myself that she knew how much I loved her, but really, she never did. How could she? How could she have known how desperate it was, how deeply it went. She never understood.

I did it all for her.

I still remember her beautiful, perfect face; her smile, the softness of her touch, the breath of life from her lips ghosting over mine. That moment, all those years ago on Mustafar, when we were together for the last time – it was so perfect, but only now do I realize it. When it's too late. In that moment we were free – free from the stigma, free from the worry about what `they' might think, free from the burdening chains of the Jedi. The war was over- I had ended it.

But she never understood –

I had done it all for her.

Obi-Wan – even now that name is like acid in my mouth. The bitterness it leaves in my heart is still as fresh as the day he's left me there, on the molten shore to die alone. But I lived. Lived with every last lie he and the Jedi had ever told me burning in the very core of my heart; the memory of my mother's limp body in my arms, and the realization that had it not been for Obi-Wan, she would be with me now. The truth – that had it not been for him, Padme would be alive today, and our son would have known his father.

But instead she had turned. Twisted by his lies, speaking them to me as if she believed what she said. I had no choice – I had to silence those lips.

But she would never understand.

I did it for her.

And now I am left with the task of searching for our son, the one remnant of her I have any hope of salvaging. Aided by the only man who ever truly cared for me, now frail in his old age, we will make him see the truth – the wisdom and power of the Dark Side. Soon he will be with me, and then perhaps he will understand.

Now I do it all for him.

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