Title: Aftermath
Author: Sabey
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: AotC
Disclaimers: I don't own them and I never will, sadly. They all belong to Mr. Lucas
Summary: Anakin gets drunk one night after his hectic and tiring mission with Padmé...but being tired isn't the reason.
Notes: *italics*= thoughts; //?//= telepathic dialogue


Anakin groaned as the alcohol in his system went to his head, but he ordered the heaviest drink they had anyway. No mother, no strength, no arm, what could possibly make things worse?


He soon found out when he stumbled through the door to his and Obi- Wan's quarters and collapsed on the floor, not having the strength to get up again. He let the darkness take over his spinning head and moaned before blacking out.

Obi-Wan saw his padawan and ran to him. He knelt down and turned him over. The alcohol absolutely radiated off of his body and Obi-Wan almost gagged. He took a moment to breathe in the other direction before gathering his drunken lover in his arms and carrying him to the `fresher.

He laid him down in the tub after stripping him of his clothes, turned the water on, and proceeded to wash the offending smell from his body. When he was done, he drained the tub, used the Force to make Anakin stand, wrapped a bathrobe around him, and carried him to their bedroom. There, he used the Force to make him stand again, put dry, clean pajamas on him, and then laid him down on the bed under the covers. Then the man moaned and opened his eyes.

"Obbbi-Waann?" he drawled. Obi-Wan was mad at him, but not now. He sounded so helpless!

"Shh, I'm here. Go to sleep, but prepare yourself because you'll have one hell of a headache in the morning," Obi-Wan whispered and brushed his hair back before kissing his lips, not caring about the rancid scent or taste.

"Amm I--d-d-dru-nk?" Anakin moaned.

"Yes, you stupid boy. Why did you do that? You know very well that you're not allowed to drink unless I'm there with you ever since what happened last time…Look, tell me in the morning. Go to sleep, my love." He sent him a sleep suggestion and laid down next to him, holding him close and knowing exactly what the morning would be like. Then he drifted off into his own dreamworld.


Anakin woke with the mother of all headaches. He opened his eyes, but shut them at the light coming through the window. He turned over and put his head under his…pillow? Wait a second. He looked around, though it didn't really help all that much since everything was blurry, and saw that he was in his a bedroom in someone's arms. He couldn't remember anything except drinking and passing out in the doorway…

*Obi-Wan*, he thought as his vision came back to normal and he smelled the man's spicy cinnamon/leather scent and blushed. He noticed that he was in the man's warm embrace and sighed. He must've changed him. Suddenly, his stomach turned upside down and decided to throw the alcohol out rather than digest it and Anakin tore out of Obi-Wan's arms and ran to the `fresher.

He fell in front of the toilet and emptied his stomach contents into the bowl. As he did this, he felt a large hand on his back and heard soothing words in his ear. When he was done, he felt a tissue wiping his mouth and then a glass of water being pressed to his lips. He guzzled the life- giving liquid despite the foul taste in his mouth and choked once before throwing that back up. It wasn't so bad this time because it was water. When there was nothing left to throw, he leaned back against something warm and solid, panting and sweating, and tried to calm his pounding head. Then there were hands lifting him up and he couldn't help at all.

"Come on, Baby. Back in bed," Obi-Wan said softly and practically dragged him the rest of the way. Soon Anakin was back under the covers and he was staring at his beloved.

"Why did you do that, Anakin?'


"Anakin? Answer me now."

"Because…..because of everything I've lost."


"I'm tired from the mission, I don't have a right arm, and…Mom died."


"I went to see her on Tatooine during the mission and she was tortured by Tuskens. She died in my arms."

"Oh, Love, I'm so sorry."

"I realize now that it was for the better. She's not in pain anymore. She's free. At least I got to see her one last time." Obi- Wan stroked his cheek and Anakin smiled sadly, leaning into the touch.

"Get some sleep. It'll help your headache."

"Ok. `Night, Obi-Wan."

"Goodnight, Baby."



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