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Nigel and Noleen's Noggy Hash
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About Nigel and Noleen's Noggy Hash 

Noggy Hash is held monthly give or take a few weeks.
After a very alcoholic amble we might or might not end up at The West End Gardens Restaurant, West End, Brisbane.
This is a wonderful Vietnamese Restaurant where 'Mine Host' Paul and his patient and lovely girls put on a feast to hash for.
  Sometimes we are daring and try other cuisines, we have even be known to pack clean undies and travel OS to Bribie Island.
One thing is always constant great NOSH, CONVIVIALITY and PLENTY OF ALCOHOL.



If you you would like to know more about Nigel and Noleen's Noggy Hash


Tim (Double Dick) Edwards
 PH: B/h 3821 4911,
Mob: 0412 354 926
Ah: 3286 7632
Fax: 3286 2989

How the appearance of Noggy in the living world arose from a mindless process

Nigel and Noleen were created from the fertile if not alcoholic minds of WHORATOR and BOY BIG over many glasses of red wine

In the beginning everyone was very athletic running around West End and ajoining suburbs with the Hares often venturing forth beforehand to set trail.
Through evolution and natural selection this was often abandonded in favour of the 'follow me' method as the pack meandered through the afore mentioned suburbs wine glass or beer bottle in hand.
The fruition of Noggy Hash was not due entirely to the efforts of its creators. A dash of panache was created by DRAG QUEEN and ONE NIGHT STAND who introduced a touch of class to Noggy. With their white tablecloths, wine glasses, cocktails and tasty nibblies they provided drink stops extraordinaire in some weird and wonderful places.

And thus Nigel and Noleen's Noggy Hash was born

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Friday, August 5, 2005