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Disclaimer: I own nothing of J.K.Rowling's, I do not own Trisha, all I really own is myself and whatever's left over. Thank you, read on, and then review at the end.

Sometime at the beginning of the school year, you know, somewhere in August, a sudden, odd thought and obsession had taken over Kara. A strange sentence kept repeating itself over and over in her mind; join the speech team...join the speech team....join the speech team.... And in another house, at the same time, and in the same city (you will NEVER KNOW WHICH ONE!!! BWAHAHAHAAA!!!) another insane person (though really actually more of a psychotic) named Trisha was bored and decided to call her friend Kara to try and find some way to annoy her. She didn't know what she was getting into however, for, as soon as she had said hello, the voice on the other end yelled, "JOIN THE SPEECH TEAM!" Trisha fell backwards across her coffee table.
"What?!" She exclaimed, trying clumsily to get into an upright position. She should not have said that.
"JOIN - THE - SPEECH - TEAM!" Kara yelled even louder. Trisha dropped the phone, and could still hear it, loud and clear. "LET'S JOIN THE SPEECH TEAM AND DO A DOUBLE MONOLOUGE! IT'LL BE GREAT FUN!"
"Stop shouting into the phone!"
"STOP SHOUTING INTO THE PHONE!" There was a moment of silence.
Trisha, exasperated, picked up the phone and said, "Whatever! Just stop shouting!"
"Now, what are you going on about..."
"The speech team! It would be so much fun! We could do a dramatic bit from some book."
"I dunno...."
"From Harry Potter...."
"I dunno...."
"From Star Wars..."

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Yeah, sorry it's so short, but I think I will be updating this one, just because I want to get back at Trisha for her fanfic....and if she continues her updating....well....yeah. Don't ask about the ending, I really wanted to do that bit, and I DON'T care WHAT you say, I think it's funny!