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    My family consists of four people and one pet. My family includes my dad, Don Insley, my mom, Pat Insley, my sister, Emily Insley, and my guinea pig, Aby. My mom is the principal at Paularino Elementary School in Costa Mesa, CA, and my dad is trying to start his own business. At the moment I do not have a job, but I would like to get one this summer possibly at The Wayne Gretzky Roller Hockey Center in Irvine, CA. My sister is in 8th grade, and will be going to my high school next year...a very scary thought indeed.

I consider my friends to be a part of my family, so click here to learn about them.

This is the Christmas picture that we took this year, and is the most recent picture my family has with all of us in it.


Here is a picture of my Guinea Pig Aby.

Isn't she cute!


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