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Created on October 6, 1958, the Moab Valley Fire Protection District (MVFPD) protects lives and property from fire, flood, man-made, and natural disasters in a 29.66 square-mile district that encompasses the entire destination resort city of Moab, Utah and adjacent lands in Grand County outside of the city limits. The permanent population of the District is 7,723 people (2000 Census) and another 209 people live in the Districtís contract response areas. The District has agreed, through Memorandums of Understanding for fire suppression & rescue aid, to protect another 1,277 people living in unincorporated areas of Grand County. MVFPD is also responsible for life safety inspection of new and remodeled commercial and public agency occupancy construction in the District. The District is proud of its rich heritage of volunteerism. There are currently 37 Volunteer Firefighters protecting the community. These firefighters are based in two fire stations and operate a fleet of 16 vehicles. The District maintains three full-time employees. Staff and Members annually reach approximately 600 school children with their fire safety and injury prevention programs. MVFPD is also the Regional Community Training Center for American Heart Association and National Safety Council programs delivering CPR and First Aid training to an average 500 participants per year (includes training sites in San Juan County and National Park Service, Southeast Utah Group).

The population has increased 27% in the District and 42% in the contract areas since the 1990 Census and a 66% increase has been realized in the agreed upon response areas of Grand County. The District is contracted by Arches National Park to provide structure and vehicle fire suppression services in the park and by neighboring San Juan County to provide fire suppression services for structures in its northern reaches as far south as a wildland / urban interface residential subdivision known as the Pack Creek Ranch. The District is a party to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Grand County that pledges resources for fire and rescue services in the unincorporated areas of the county and that assures aid to both the Castle Valley and Thompson Fire Departments (also in Grand County). Another MOU between MVFPD and the United States Bureau Of Land Management sets forth an initial response aid agreement for wildland fires in Grand and northern San Juan Counties.


Call Sign
Engine 1
2003 Ford F550, 4X4
Rescue/250 gallon tank w/foam injection
Rescue 1
1999 Ford F550, 4X4
Rescue/250 gallon tank w/foam injection
Engine 2
2001 HME/Smeal/Ferrara
75FT aerial ladder/waterway/pumper
Engine 3
2001 Ford F550 4X4
500 gallon/500 gpm/cafs mini-pumper
Engine 4
1999 Ford F350 4X4
Command (Chief) / Brush Fire
Unit 5
1999 Ford Expedition
Engine 6
1995 Freightliner/Ferrara
1000 Gallon / 1250 GPM Pumper
Engine 7
1947 American LaFrance
Retired: Parade Duty Only
Engine 8
1981 American LaFrance
750 Gallon / 1500 GPM Pumper
Water Tender 9
1985 Mack Economaster
3000 Gallon Mobile Water Supply
Engine 10
1993 Pierce Dash
750 Gallon / 1500 GPM Pumper
Engine 12
1988 Ford F700
1000 Gallon Brush Fire Pumper
Water Tender 13
1975 Kenworth
3000 Gallon Mobile Water Supply
1977 GMC 6500
Command / Rehab / Air & Light


3 Full-time Firefighters
37 Volunteer Firefighters
Utah Fire Service Certification Council (IFSAC & NPQS) Certified Firefighters: 35
Utah Fire Service Certification Council (IFSAC & NPQS) Certified Inspectors: 2
Utah Fire Service Certification Council (IFSAC & NPQS) Certified Instructors: 4
Utah Fire & Rescue Academy Certified Department Tester: 1
Utah BEMS Certified Emergency Medical Technicians: 8
Utah BEMS Certified Emergency Medical Technician Instructor / Training Officer: 1
SSI Certified Open Water SCUBA Divers: 8
American Heart Association BLS Instructor Trainers: 2


Station #1:

4-Double Truck Bays
Headquarters & District Office
District Training Facility with 3-story Fire Training Tower & 40-seat classroom
Community CPR & 1st Aid Training Center
Located in downtown Moab at 45 South 100 East

Station #2:

3-Single Truck Bays
Located at the intersection of Spanish Trail Road & Murphy Lane in Spanish Valley