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4th of July - Moab Fire Department


Moab Fire Chief Corky Brewer announced today that the Moab Valley Fire Protection District and the City Of Moab, while not prohibiting the use of fireworks, are strongly discouraging the use of personal fireworks this Fourth of July. The announcement comes on the heels of fire and fireworks restriction orders issued by the State of Utah, The US Bureau of Land Management, and the US Forest Service. All three agencies have banned the use of fire and fireworks on lands they manage throughout Utah. Those orders, however, do not affect incorporated towns and cities. “The Mayor, City Council, and I strongly discourage the use of personal fireworks”, Brewer said. “Conditions are right for disastrous fires if fireworks get away from you. If the people of Moab choose to use personal fireworks they should do so with extreme caution. Fireworks should absolutely not be used in or near creek areas and open fields or any other areas with brush or vegetation nearby.” Chief Brewer also said that local law enforcement agencies have agreed to patrol for illegal fireworks and will issue citations subject to fines for their use. “We want everyone to have a safe holiday. I recommend that you avoid using fireworks altogether. Instead, watch the public display presented by Grand County on July 4; it is safer, cheaper, and you won’t have to worry about the potential for a fire," Chief Brewer said.

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