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Metz Outlawz BIO
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The Band Is.....

The Metz-Outlaws are Gilbert Quock, Bass Guitar and Vocals Adrian Carlick, Lead Guitar John P. Nole, Rythm Guitar and Vocals Chris Snoeys, Percussion They Got their start back in 2001 with Chris and Adrian joining the band. The band plays primarily country rock. The influences from Gilbert and John are country, bluegrass, and what we call the Tahltan Shuffle music. This means influences by Bill Munroe, George Strait, Waylon Jennings, Robert Quock,"Uncle" Andy Louie, and Andy Quock Sr. Chris and Adrian bring their influences which consists of Metallica, Creed (Alterbridge), Nickelback, Bill Ah-Clem, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and 3 doors down. This unique and eclectic mix of musicians is the result of a die hard desire on all parts to just play SOME DAMN MUSIC!!!! The band has played at many venues across the country!!! Tahltan country that is, just in case you were planning on going to the nearest record store. Metz Outlaws haev not released a studio album as of this date, but has been invlolved in numerous live recordings, mostly with Clare Quock Records, and Three of a Kind Studios in Kitwanga B.C.

Many Thanks!!

The Metz-Outlawz would like to thank their family and friends. They would like to thank their fans for constantly shelling out $15.00 to hear us play. We would also like to thank the Dease Lake Community Club and Iskut Rec Club for their support.