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Missie's Page

Welcome to my page :o)

Yo what's up this is Missie. I had a subprofile that was pretty cool except it kept on being deleted. Oh I'll resort to using this.

So yah, I'm Missie, a 2002 graduate of Walpole High School in Walpole, Massachusetts. I'm now a Freshman at Villanova University in fun fun!

That's me in the Michigan hat. Don't ask what I am doing.

I've compiled a few fun things for you to do:

Hey ladies...ready to have my babies? ~Jake @ (Go there I promise you'll become addicted)

Check out Conversations with...Danielle!

And now for some deep thoughts by Jack Handey...

Oh yah! Check out my live journal and see what I'm up to! :o) P.S. Guys, there is a lot of good info on there, like my 1-10 guy scale and a list of the qualities that all men should have...hehe. (Just is a joke..don't get all huffy or anything)

Quote of the Day

Other fun stuff for when you are bored:
Mr. Nice (Creepy dancing blob)
Boobs Hang Low
Fun Condom Game It's good to practice safe sex ;o)
I Love You Kitten Scaaary kitty...
Muffin Films (You'll Have Nightmares)
We Drink Ritalin (They don't really say We Drink Ritalin...)
New Musical Artist (He is amazing)
Find Out Your Smurf Name I'm Fundamentalist Smurf

Check out some pictures of me and my friends at college Gigi's Pics

You're listening to New Found Glory - "Dressed to Kill"

Games that I'm addicted to:
Text Twist
Diamond Mine

Check out My Friends Live Journals!

This is for Kristin

I love my boys!

I love Emily and Jess and Carilyn and Mari and Luke and Remo and Danielle and Jerzee and Erin and MIKE PERILLO and Lobster Mike and Dan and Wes and Mike and Kendra and James and Jessie and Amanda and Tristan and Mark and Bob and Murphy and Christine and Lauren and Becca and Jake and Mom and Dad (of course) and Andrea and John and Johnson and Fila and Drew and Jackie and Jay and Ben and Del and Tanya and Chris and Adam and everyone :o)