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Funky ass shit like every single day

All bullshit below are some thoughts and feelings Dr. Sues Style, if you like, you do, if not......then is whatever.
Max Gordon Griffin
M>G>G> for life mother fucker.

Herbal Journal Off the Curbal, ill smoke a kernal, for nate geezy, word. My brain has me saying a really crazy word, that sounds obsurd, lets smoke some herb. Herb is fun, lets smoke a gun, no thats not a pipe, but it will take a life. One liners are fun to write, i drink on sprite because my skin color is white, and like BEATAMOS I"M SITING RIGHT.

I've got on a bullet proof vest, you can learn the rest if you feel my chest, but i get no rest, because im the best, at somthing solid and insane, i lost part of my life to cocaine, but it wasn't me that snorted the blow, it was my dad, it happened in CHICAGO, child hood in River Wood if i could go back i don't know if i would.