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Avatar Help

Welcome to our avatar page!

List of avatars

Mad About Oranges=8 orange items

I'm Smelly=10 dung items

Grey Faerie=click here

Pirate Scorchio=click here

Pirate Krawk=click here

Pirate Aisha=click here

Pirate Shoyru=click here

Angelpuss-Angel=click here

Dr. Death=click here

Techo Master=click here

D.O.N Aisha=click here

D.O.N Lupe=click here

Illusens Glade=Beat Quest 20

Jhudoras Cloud=Beat Quest 20

Adam=Go to the About Us page and have the same amount of money as him

Fyora=Buy an item from the HT

Math's Nightmare=Score in the top 100

Zurroball Eye=Score in the top 100

Wheel of Excitement=Get 10,000 np

Sloth=Random event

Meowclops=Have a meowclops on your pet and refresh at teh pet ref page

Capara=Beat round 1 of cheat

Soup Faerie=Feed your pet at the soup faerie(a few times)

Chocolate=Purchase a r90+ chocolate at the candy store

Animated Usuki=Visit the spoiler list

Usuki=Visit usukiland advert

Faerie Grundo=Visit a faerie grundo's page

Better Than You=Beat better than you

Grundo Snowthrow=Recieve a high score

Maraquan Krawk=visit a maraquan krawk's page

Angelpuss=equip an angelpuss to your pet and refresh

Draik-Castle=score the top 100 in escape from meridell castle

Hungry Skeith=feed your skeith an item with skeith in its name

Space Faerie=defeat her in the battledome

Codestone=Have all 10 codestones in your inventory

Pant Devil=Have an item worth over 5 mill nps and refresh(trades won't work)

MSPP=Get the Malevolent Sentient Plushie Poogle (tcg)

Coconut JubJub=feed your coconut jubjub a coconut cocktail

Free Jhuidah=Retired

Heermeedjet and Meerouladen=Defeat them in the battledome

Grarrl Warrior=Equip a grarrl day weapon to your grarrl

Chokato=Hold the chokato (tcg) and refresh

Plushie Eyrie=Type Squawk

Meridell Knight=Retired

Darigan Darkling=Retired

Jetsam Chomp=Feed a mystery island petpet to your jetsam

Korbat Freaked=Score in the top 50 of korbat's lab

Save Mystery Island=retired

Fire Faerie=Retired

Werelupe=have a halloween lupe and go to its petpage

Evil fuzzle=play with an evil fuzzle on your pet

TCG Wiz=Retired

Edna=Complete her quests(random)

Potatoe Counter=Score in the top 100

Avatar Collector=Get on the avatar high score list

Deadly Dice=Beat vonroo in deadly dice

All stamp avatars=fill up each stamp page that has an avatar

Black Pteri=Beat him in the battledome

Plushie Tycoon=Get on the list of plushie tycoon

Sutek's Tomb=Get 2000+ points on suteks tomb

Mootix=Equip a mootix to your petpet

Hungry=Make your drackonack eat cheese

Slorg=Have an 100 day slorg

Mutant=Use any transmogrification Potion

Bilge Dice=Score 24 on bilge dice

Lucky Streak=Win several times in a row

Snowbunny=Have an equipped snowbunny for a year

Let it snow=have an icy snowflake and go to the terror mountain weather page

Attack Pea=Retired

Rock=Visit a sticks n stones concert

Helpful=Go to the help page and type in avatars then refresh


magax=score 3000 points on magax

Chia Bomber=score 1300 points

Turtum=get a high score on ultimate bullseye

Jester=score 800 on grumpy old king

Eliv/evil=score 1200 on eliv thade

Gadgads=score over 1000 points

Snorkle=eat a snorkle snout

Alien Aisha=Use a nerkmid at the vending machine

Buzzin=paint your buzz at the rainbow fountain

Elephante Surprise=feed your elephante a bag of peanuts

Pack Rat=Carry 1000 items in your SDB

Kacheek Swim=have your active pet a kacheek and go to mystery island beach

I love; sloth=retired

Siggy Pets