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Other Kenner dolls with Leia's body

Kenner appeared to use an existing body mold for Leia's body, and used the body for another doll too.


Here is a photo showing the Dusty doll, a sports-themed fashion type doll from the early 70s. Dusty's arms are jointed at the wrist, unlike Leia's. Otherwise, the torso and legs are identical as far as I can see.

International Velvet

Kenner also produced an International Velvet doll with this body. Note the face--I think they recycled more than the body for this doll!

Kenner's Darci fashion doll

Kenner also produced a more Barbie-like fashion doll named Darci in the 70s. Here is a pic of Darci's body. Note the more tapered waist. Interestingly, I think that at first glance, dolls like Leia and Dusty appear to be thicker/"fatter" than Barbie, but when they are dressed they look very slim, trim, and not at all "fat." I have nothing at all against Barbie, but this is a weird observation.

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