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Lapointe Lofts - The Birmingham Roller addicts!

We love our Birmingham Rollers!!

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Hello! We are the Lapointe family from Sherbrooke, QC. We first started keeping Rollers in the summer of 2001. After having tried out numerous different breeds, we settled on these guys. We purchased our breeding stock from Jean Favreau in St. Julie who got his first birds from Bill Pensom & Stan Plona in 1968. Rollers are a whole lot of fun to keep especially if you have the time to train and care for them properly! They fly extremely high and spin in backwards somersaults - what a trip!. Bill Pensom was the English guru who fathered the sport in North America and since his introduction of the breed, many fanciers have embarked on the BRP journey. We are presently breeding from 10 pairs and trying to build up a good kit-it's been challenging to say the least. We currently colony breed the birds but are hoping to set up a cage breeding system to ensure genetic purity. Our kit box dimensions are 4x4feet with a depth of 2 feet which we feel should be more like 3 feet. You want the birds to train well but they also must be comfortable in the kit box. We've had some real problems with hawks and will be building a trap for them this summer to try and reduce losses! If you are interested in some of these fine birds and you live in the area, we'll hook you up with some! Please take the time to check out our links especially Roller! God Bless!