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Charlie: *walks up to the front door, and lets himself in, pausing in the hallway to kick off his muddy boots*

Charlie: *calls* Bill? You home?

Bill: *is puttering around in the kitchen, crashing pans*  *table is set and lit with a couple of candles, dim and romantic*

Bill: In here, love.  

Charlie: *walks through into the kitchen, looking around him* *the air is full of steam, clouding the windows* Hey. What are you making?

Bill: Cod.  All right?

Charlie: Mmm. Yes. *slides his arms around Bill's waist, resting his head against Bill's neck*

Bill: *turns in his arms, smiling, pulling him even closer*  How was your day?

Charlie: Hmm. Busy. They're rebuilding the East Wing, so. *turns his head a fraction to plant a kiss on Bill's neck*

Bill: *smiles*  Well, if you like, you can go and have a bath before dinner.  

Charlie: Maybe in a minute. *slides his hands up onto Bill's back, planting another few kisses along the line of Bill's jaw*

Bill: *turns his head to capture his mouth, letting his tongue sweep along Charlie's lips*

Charlie: *makes a low contented sound and rests his weight against Bill, nipping gently at Bill's tongue*

Bill: *slides his hands under Charlie's leather jacket, stroking his back*  *pulls back briefly*  If you like, I could come with you...

Charlie: *glances over at the stove, before running his hands up and into Bill's hair, twining it around his fingers* Could you? I mean, without anything burning...

Bill: *grins*  Mum's taught me a few cooking spells.  Most of them I need a bit more practice at, but the warming spell isn't too tricky.

Charlie: *runs his fingers along the back of Bill's neck* She'd be proud of you, Bill. You're easily getting to be the best cook in the family.

Bill: *laughs*  Don't you dare tell her that.

Charlie: Oh, I wouldn't. I wouldn't want to see her chasing you around the kitchen with a saucepan. *smiles*

Bill: Besides, I've only really cooked for you.  Mum and Dad only saw the terrible meat pie.

Charlie: Hmm. How selfish of me. But I'm GLAD you only really cook for me. *plants a slow, deliberate kiss on Bill's lips, tugging him gently in the direction of the door*

Bill: *pulls away to mutter a quick warming spell and follows*   Are you?  It means I try everything out on you first.  All my disasters.

Charlie: *laughs* But anyone else would want to kidnap you and keep you in the kitchen, so... *squeezes Bill's hand, leading him up the stairs*

Bill: *smirks*  And you have other uses for me.  

Charlie: Hmm, yes. It's just a shame the bedroom is such a long way from the kitchen. *presses Bill up against the door of the bathroom, kissing him lightly*

Bill: *pushes Charlie's coat, then shirt off his arms, kissing him back*  Love you.

Charlie: *leans over to turn the taps on before coming back to Bill, hands sliding up under his shirt to stroke his warm back* Love you, too.

Bill: *begins pulling off his trousers, leaning forward to kiss Charlie's chest*

Charlie: *leans down, searching through the pockets of his discarded jacket* *eventually finds a slightly crushed brown paper bag, and holds it up to Bill* Fizzing Whizbee?

Bill: *blinks, then laughs, taking it*  It's a bit flattened.  

Charlie: Hmm. I think we got carried away. *dips his finger in the sugar, and presses it to Bill's lips*

Bill: *sucks it in eagerly, nipping the finger after the sugar is gone*

Charlie: *leans forwards and swipes his tongue over Bill's lips, tasting the sherbert*

Bill: *kisses him hard*

Charlie: *slides his tongue into Bill's mouth, taking another sweet from the bag* *pulls away briefly and places it on his tongue, before reaching for Bill again*

Bill: *returns the kiss, enjoying the taste of the sweet*

Charlie: *puts his arms around Bill's shoulders, closing his eyes as the weightlessness starts to kick in*

Bill: *moves with him, feeling the effects*

Charlie: *laughs slightly into Bill's open mouth as they leave the floor completely, tightening his grip on Bill's shoulders as they wobble against the ceiling*

Charlie: *attempts to keep holding onto Bill and pull his shirt off at the same time, ducking his head to kiss his chest*

Bill: *helps pull off the shirt, hands returning to Charlie's waist*

Charlie: *looks towards the bath and laughs, kissing Bill's forehead* The bath is going to overflow before we get down.

Bill: Hmm.  *kisses him*   Let it.  

Charlie: *smiles at him, stroking his bare chest* Whatever you say, love.