siri talks to charlieHTMLAimC@оOоPmBINSirius: Siri's just wearing jeans, a concert tshirt from a Clash show in 1978 (somewhat the worse for wear), and docs, hair unbound.

Charlie: If it's in the evening, Charlie will just have got back from work - leather trousers, white T-shirt (slightly singed) and heavy dragonhide boots.

Sirius: *knocks on the rarely-used Burrow front door*

Charlie: *is finishing off the washing-up in the kitchen, arms up to elbow in soapy water* *dries them hurriedly on a teatowel and goes to the door*

Charlie: *a look of total shock passes over his face as he opens it* Oh. Sirius.

Sirius: *bites his lip* 'Hullo, Charlie. I was hoping we could walk down for a pint and talk?'

Charlie: *glances over Sirius's shoulder, obviously hoping to see Bill there* *smiles, but it doesn't quite wipe the shell-shocked expression of his face* Um, of course. Hang on a minute. *disappears back inside the house*

Sirius: *stands on landing, shifting about restlessly*

Charlie: *reappears a few moments later with a jacket, looking slightly more composed*

Charlie: *glances at Sirius* Okay?

Sirius: *starts walking toward the village, hands stuffed into his pockets* 'Yeah...I love the boots.' *smiles*

Charlie: Mmm? *runs his eyes over Sirius's outfit, but doesn't comment* Yeah, well. They're more for work than anything else.

Sirius: 'I thought we should talk, Charlie.'

Sirius: *blushing at the scrutiny and feeling incredibly inadequate*

Charlie: *raises an eyebrow* Oh? *stops walking and turns to face Sirius, hands shoved deep in his pockets*

Charlie: *frowns* What's there to talk about?

Sirius: 'I just...I'm sorry. I'm sorry that...this happened. I owe you an apology. Whether I meant to or not, I came between you and Bill.'

Sirius: *tumbles out in a rush*

Charlie: *short laugh* I think it was the other way around, actually. *chews on his lip, looking at the ground*

Sirius: 'I'm not so sure. I know you loathe me, Charlie. You have since the first night we met. I just don't want you to believe that I feel the slightest triumph over this.'

Charlie: *stares at him* I don't loathe you. You're making my brother happy. We've hardly even MET.

Sirius: 'Charlie...I don't want to debate over it. I've seen the dismissive looks, heard the disparaging comments. It doesn't matter.'

Sirius: 'I wish we could have been friends. I think if you'dve let me in, we could have been. It would have been better for Bill.'

Charlie: *takes a deep breath and lets it out* Well, much as I'm sure either of us would have - liked things to go differently - you're right, it doesn't matter now, does it?

Sirius: 'So this is it? We don't learn from this? We don't evolve? We stagnate here?' *pulls his hands out of his pockets, forcing them to unclench*

Charlie: What is there to learn? *his voice is quiet* You're marrying him, and I'm looking for somewhere else to live that isn't anywhere NEAR London. It's all over. *he leaves the 'and you've won' implied*

Sirius: 'It wasn't a contest. I wasn't trying to *win*. Winning isn't even possible in this situation.' *sighs and runs a hand through his long dark hair* 'Charlie...I knew you two were sleeping together.'

Charlie: *nods slowly* Bill said he'd told you.

Sirius: 'I knew all along. I gave him permission, not that I think it would have mattered when it came right down to it.' *rueful smile* 'I didn't know it was as serious as it was until after I'd proposed and he'd accepted.'

Sirius: *nods*

Charlie: And... and now we aren't. *swallows* Not any more. *looks up at him* And I expect you know that Bill will keep his word.

Sirius: 'Interesting choice of words. Yes, I'm sure Bill will keep his word. Charlie, if it were just sex, then you could shag him till we're all old and grey and it wouldn't matter a whit.'

Charlie: *hands clench slowly into fists, but he doesn't say anything*

Charlie: *looks down at the ground, not trusting himself to look at Sirius* And if it's not?

Sirius: 'I'll tell you what I told him. To me, marriage isn't for sharing. Not on that level. I told him that I wouldn't leave him, but that we'd have to find some other way to live.' *shrugs* 'I want to marry him. But I wouldn't, (more)

Sirius: not if I had to share his heart.' *voice goes a little lower, pitched just a little differently* 'In fact...I told him that if you would just let me in, we could have had a much more mutually satisfactory arrangement.'

Charlie: *looks completely blank, then the shock hits as he realises what Sirius has just said*

Charlie: *fighting to keep his voice calm* Sirius, it's over. I'm out of the flat. I've left. You don't have to think of ways to accommodate me, because I won't be THERE.

Sirius: 'It wasn't you I was trying to accomodate, Charlie.' *voice still understatedly seductive* 'You act as though it would have been a hardship, or a sacrifice on my part.'

Charlie: *snorts* Oh, and I suppose it wouldn't?

Sirius: *voice a soft, warm purr as he looks at Charlie through his lashes* 'Nooo. You are quite lovely.'

Charlie: *stares at him* And you're engaged. To my brother.

Sirius: ' Weasley boys are devastating.' *small smile as his eyes twinkle* 'And the fact that you don't even realise it makes you even more beautiful.'

Sirius: 'Yes, I am. I'm giving you something to think about.'

Charlie: *an odd expression on his face* And Bill knows you're doing this? That you're offering me... this?

Sirius: 'Do you think I would get his hopes up, when I was so very unsure of your reaction?'

Charlie: *takes a step closer* Does Bill even know you're here right now?

Sirius: 'No.' *breathed out*

Charlie: *sighs* So this is what you want me to learn from this? This is what you came here to say.

Sirius: 'No...I really did come here to apologise. This is just me running on instinct.'

Charlie: Mmm. *folds his arms* And do you often come on to your fiance's brothers on instinct? *looks him right in the eyes, unflinching*

Sirius: 'No. I could live the rest of my life with only his touch and count myself blessed. Don't cheapen this.' *meets his gaze head on*

Charlie: Well, I'm happy for you. At least you have that option. *unfolds his arms, trying to calm himself down a little* But it'll never be open to me, will it? No matter what you're offering me, or what you THINK you can offer.

Charlie: *said flatly*

Sirius: 'You think he doesn't want this. Both of us.'

Charlie: Have you asked him? Because I know he wants YOU.

Sirius: 'I mentioned it. He was most definitely interested. Trust me. He wants you, too. Do you think that's particularly easy for me to admit?'

Charlie: *shakes his head* I'm sure it isn't. But what makes either of you think that I'd want it? I don't even know you, Sirius. And now you're asking me to - SHARE - Bill with you.

Charlie: I thought I was doing the right thing in coming away. *laughs, a bitter note creeping into his voice* I thought that this was what would sort everything out.

Sirius: 'I don't burden myself with the delusion that I'm...that you would want me.'

Sirius: *voice hushed*

Sirius: 'In a lot of ways, you did do the right thing. For yourself, especially.'

Charlie: It's not that. Not - just - that.

Charlie: *looks at him sideways* and what's that supposed to mean?

Sirius: *looks at him quizzically* 'Just that your situation with Bill wasn't the happiest, healthiest place for you to be. I think that's pretty obvious.'

Sirius: 'I'm sure any counselor would tell you that you did in fact do the right thing.'

Charlie: Fine. I did the right thing. So why is all this even an issue? *sighs, rubbing his temples* I come home, and you and Bill are together. And then you come around to tell me that we can have - what? that I can fuck Bill?

Charlie: That I can fuck you? *looks at him* I just don't understand what you're trying to do, at all.

Sirius: 'I'm trying to make Bill happy.' *simply, quietly*

Charlie: *swallows hard* *quietly* Sirius... you do make him happy. And if you don't know that by now, then you're a bloody idiot.

Sirius: 'I don't do well with black and white, Charlie. I understand shades of grey. Yes, I make him happy. But so do you.'

Charlie: *shrugs, trying to look unconcerned* It's a different kind of happiness, though, isn't it? The two of you are going to spend the rest of your lives together. THAT'S happiness.

Sirius: 'Charlie...I can't do this. I've offered, you've rejected. For what it's worth...I hope that we can be friends.' *reaches out, tentatively, and puts a gentle hand on his shoulder*

Sirius: 'I really do like you, for all that you're terribly cranky with me.' *solemn nod*

Charlie: *looks down, slightly abashed* Hmm. After all, I've given you so many reasons to like me. But still. I can't take you up on your offer. Even if I wanted to, I still couldn't. *glances at the hand on his shoulder*

Charlie: *doesn't shrug it off, but looks caught off-balance*

Sirius: 'If you wanted to, you still couldn't? I don't understand.' *rather than snatching his hand away, he lets it run slowly down Charlie's arm, following the curve of muscle*

Charlie: *follows Sirius's hand with his eyes* Remember earlier? When we agreed that I'd done the right thing? I can't help thinking that accepting would be the wrong thing. *voice is low*

Sirius: 'Oh...I see. Then it's a very good thing that you don't want to, or else it would all be very complicated.' *voice equally low, rhythmic, as his hand travels all the way down to Charlie's, fingers tracing over his palm*

Charlie: *snorts* Complicated? Wouldn't be the half of it. *takes his hand away, looking hard at Sirius*

Sirius: *smile that could be construed as seductive* 'Mmm. Undoubtedly.' *crosses his arms over his belly, hips slightly canted*

Charlie: *bites his lip* That's what I'm trying to avoid. By not being there. I just want you and Bill to be happy together. *realises as soon as he's said it how hypocritical it sounds*

Sirius: *raises an eyebrow* 'Oh. All right.' *so very obviously not calling him on it*

Sirius: 'You're flustered.' *tone like warm honey* 'I'm sorry.'

Charlie: *mutters* Understandably so, I'd think. *looks up at Sirius, then away again quickly*

Charlie: It's getting dark, you know.

Sirius: 'Yes. I assume you'd prefer to forego the actual drink?'

Charlie: *short laugh* If that's okay with you.

Charlie: I'm sure you've got better things to do than hang around a country lane with me. *almost smiles, the first genuine smile since he saw Sirius at the door*

Sirius: 'Don't sell yourself short, Charlie. It has a certain charm, you know. Standing between the hedgerows with a handsome young man.' *winks* 'But since you don't want a pint...I suppose I should stop tormenting you.'

Charlie: *nods* I should be getting back, anyway. *hesitates, then puts out his hand*

Sirius: *takes it* 'Thank you for hearing me out.'

Charlie: *bites his lip, starting to look more guarded again* I suppose it was the least I could do.

Sirius: 'Don't, Charlie. Don't go back to where we were when we started. Okay?'

Charlie: *nods slowly, not trusting himself to say anything* *releases Sirius's hand*

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