Charlie: okay. Charlie will have just got in from work, had a shower etc, and be sitting in the living room, writing a letter or something.

Bill: *comes in smiling, looking *very* happy about something*

: *looks up, and puts down his quill* *grins* Hey. Good day?

Bill: *hangs his coat up and takes a seat across from Charlie. I had an excellent day. In fact, it may just have been the best day of my life.

: *smiles at him* Work that good, hmm? *laughs, obviously happy to see Bill in such a good mood*

Charlie: *folds over the corner of his letter, leaning forward in the chair* So... tell me?

Bill: *laughs* Not work. Sirius. Sirius is... the most amazing man. He wants to spend the rest of his life with me, Char. No one else has ever wanted that, not with me. He's asked me to marry him.

: *stares at him* What?

Bill: *is still grinning, reaches out to take Charlie's hand and squeeze it* We're going to get married.

: Bill... that's... *lets out a long, shaky breath*

Charlie: *whispers* When?

Bill: *shakes his head, twining his fingers with Charlie's* I don't know. Not for a while yet, though. He has a lot of things happening, and... *trails off*

: *nods mutely, staring at their intertwined fingers* *long pause*

Bill: Well, I'm not just going to leave you, either. We'll figure something out, a place for you to live.

: *takes his hand away, and stands up, not looking at Bill* I'm very happy for you. For both of you. *his voice sounds all wrong*

Bill: *smiles* Don't I get a hug?

: *shakes his head slowly, as if in a dream, and starts to walk away*

Charlie: *Bill can't see, but his face has gone absolutely white*

Bill: *blinks after him, following him and putting a hand opn his shoulder* Char? What's wrong? I thought you, of all people, would be happy for me.

: *whispers* I said. I was happy. *takes a deep breath, and shrugs Bill's hand off his shoulder*

Bill: Is it because you don't like Sirius?

: *voice is unnaturally calm* No, it's got nothing to do with Sirius. Well, almost nothing. *turns around slowly, looking at Bill's face*

Bill: *stares, shocked, at the pain on his face*

: I'm going out for a while. *quietly* Please don't wait up for me.

Charlie: *walks to the door, opens it, and disappears*

Bill: *stares after him, not understanding anything*