Charlie: *it's about 4am, and Charlie is outside the door of the flat. His hair is all messy, and his shirt is missing a few buttons. He's pretty much using the wall to hold himself up*

Charlie: *rests his face against the door for a few moments, trying to hear if Bill is still awake. Satisfied that he isn't, lets himself in, trying VERY HARD to be quiet*

Bill: *is asleep on the couch in his clothes, having obviously fallen asleep while waiting for Charlie*

: *freezes as soon as he sees Bill, and shakes his head* *picks his way across the room, as slowly as he can*

Bill: *starts out of sleep when Charlie trips on something, making noise* Char? *blinks into the darkness*

: *stumbles against the coffee table* Bill, I told you not to wait - *voice is hoarse, and he's slurring*

Bill: *stands, reaching out blindly until his hand connects with Charlie's arm* Do you know what time it is? Where've you been all night? I was worried about you.

: *sits down hard on the floor* I know what time 's. Well, I did. Um... *makes a random guess* midnight?

Bill: *frowns* How drunk are you, Char?

: Hmm. *short laugh* Not drunk enough.

Bill: *sighs, pulling him to his feet* Come on, I'll help you into bed. I have a few things I need to say to you, but I can't tell you like this.

: *lets himself be pulled up, stumbling against Bill but trying not to hold onto him* Bill. You shouldn't have waited up... I'm FINE.

Bill: *puts and arm around his waist and leads him, stumbling, into the bedroom* You're not fine. You're obviously so upset about me and Siri that you went out and got completely pissed. Do you call that fine?

: *tries to look daggers at him, but can't focus properly* 's as fine as 'm going to get, though, isn't it? *falls heavily onto the bed*

Bill: *frowns, taking his shoes and socks off, then reaching for his shirt* You're missing some buttons here. What happened?

: *sighs heavily, but doesn't answer*

Bill: *begins to take it off, then stops, staring at the obvious bite mark on his chest* Oh. I see.

Bill: *swallows hard*

Bill: *is very much Not Happy*

*closes his eyes, breathing deeply*

Charlie: Bill. You. And - *stutters over the name 'Sirius'* You're getting married.

Charlie: *not an accusation, or a question. Just a quiet statement*

Bill: *finishes taking off the shirt rather violently*

Bill: Yes.

: *nods slowly* I thought so.

Bill: *moves on to his trousers, unbuttoning then and pulling them down, careful not to touch or even look at Charlie's crotch*

Bill: *pulls the covers up over him, then goes into the other room for some Pepper-Up potion*

Bill: I should just let you suffer tomorrow morning, but I'll leave this for you anyway. *said stiffly*

*makes a small noise, and rolls over onto his side, reaching out for Bill's hand*

Bill: *takes his hand, albeit grudgingly* *traces shapes on his palm* *softer* Why, Charlie? Why does this upset you so much? Are you afraid of losing me? Is that it?

Charlie: *clumsily twines his fingers with Bill's, but doesn't answer*

Charlie: *squeezes his hand once, then loses his grip, hand falling down beside the bed*

Bill: *sits on the edge of the bed, reaching out with his other hand to brush the hair off Charlie's forehead* That's it, isn't it?

Charlie: *tries not to meet his eyes, but can't help himself* *thickly* Bill...

Bill: *leans down to kiss him on the forehead* Don't you know that you can never lose me, Charlie? That we've been together since you were born, and nothing can change that?

Bill: I love you so much, Char. You're a part of me. And no-one can change that, not even Sirius.

: *closes his eyes, turning his face into the pillow*

Bill: *is so very hurt by this* *voice catches* What is it? What can I do to help you?

Bill: You know I would do anything for you, Charlie. Anything at all. Just name it.

: *voice muffled by the pillow* Please... stay. Just stay. One night. That's all. *a cough, then something that might be a sigh or a sob*

Bill: *is surprised* Of course. *begins pulling off his clothes*

Charlie: *moves slightly over in the bed, still hiding his face, almost shrinking away from Bill*

Bill: *settles down next to him, on his side, looking over at him*

Bill: *but careful not to touch*

Bill: *finally reaches out a hand and ghosts it over Charlie's arm, barely touching him, in case he pulls away*

*sucks in a deep breath, and moves his arm towards Bill's touch, reaching out blindly*

Bill: *catches his reaching hand and holds it tightly, pressing his body forward until he's spooning behind Charlie*

Charlie: *shudders, leaning back into Bill's embrace, desperately trying to press their bodies together in every place possible*

Charlie: *is breathing easier now, but his heart is still hammering*

Bill: *kisses the back of his neck, shuddering at the thought of someone else doing this to *his* Charlie*

Charlie: *tenses against him, then slowly relaxes*

Bill: *rubs soothing circles on his side*


Charlie: *slowly reaches out and takes Bill's hand, pulling his arm around him in a tight embrace*


Bill: *twines their fingers, squeezing his hand and chancing another light kiss to the back of his neck*


Charlie: *leans his head forward slightly, closing his eyes at the feeling of Bill's breath on his neck* *whispers a slurred 'stay with me, Bill' into the pillow*


Bill: *cards his other hand slowly through Charlie's hair* *softly* I will. *trails kisses down his neck to his collar bone, then gently urges him to turn over so that he's laying on his back*


Charlie: *goes with it, leaning slightly into Bill's chest, his eyes fluttering open again*


Bill: *meets his gaze as he leans over him and places a kiss on his forehead, then on at the corner of his mouth, seeking permission*


Charlie: *turns his head, unconsciously trying to make Bill's kisses land on his mouth* *one hand comes up to touch Bill's shoulder, his movements slow and clumsy*


Bill: *reaches up to squeeze his hand, his mouth hovering an inch above Charlie's, letting him feel his warm breath*


Bill: *lets the tip of his tongue trace Charlie's lower lip, gradually sucking it into his mouth*


Charlie: *reaches his hands up to tangle almost painfully in Bill's hair, squeezing his eyes shut tightly* *pulls away for a second and then fastens his mouth onto Bill's, pressing their lips together hard*


Bill: *parts his lips, clicking their teeth together as he kisses Charlie back with an urgency that surprises them both*


Charlie: *hands tighten in Bill's hair*


Charlie: *kisses him wetly, only breaking off to suck in air, but not opening his eyes*


Bill: *pauses to catch his breath, then leans over him again, kissing him hard, pressing his tongue against Charlie's teeth, insisting that he open his mouth*


Bill: *slowly rolls so that he's laying on top of him by the end of the kiss*


Charlie: *opens his mouth under Bill's tongue, sighing softly as their tongues meet, lips still crushed together almost hard enough to bruise*


Charlie: *hands trail down to Bill's shoulders, holding him close*


Bill: *tastes alcohol and something unfamiliar on Charlie's tongue, and growls in the back of his throat when he realizes it must be whomever Charlie was with that night*


Charlie: *opens his eyes, searching Bill's face*


Bill: *looks both hurt and angry, possessive*


Bill: *frames Charlie's face with his hands* *in a rough, dangerous voice* Was it male or female?


Charlie: *blinks at him* Was...


Charlie: *obviously caught off-balance, stroking at Bill's bare back*


Bill: The person I taste on you. *strokes his fingers over the bite* *This* person. Male or female, Char?


Charlie: *groans deeply* you know... I don't like girls. You know that. *reaches out, trying to touch the side of Bill's face*


Bill: *flinches away slightly* *he knows he's acting irrationally, but he's so incredibly jealous he hardly knows what to do with himself* And have you been seeing him for awhile and didn't tell me about it? Or did you just pick up someone tonight and let him fuck you? *can't keep the bitterness out of his voice*


Charlie: *stares at him, confusion showing* I haven' been seeing anyone. *slurring slightly more as he gets emotional* He was... there. In the bar. *drops his hand back to the bed when he sees that Bill doesn't want to be touched*


Charlie: *slides his other arm from around Bill's shoulders, gently touching the back of his neck* *almost apologetically* Just there.


Bill: *looks away from him, trying to get a grip on his emotions*


Bill: *looks back* What?


Charlie: *murmurs* Said he was... just there.


Bill: *anger slides away, leaving only hurt* *to himself* Because I wasn't. Oh, Char... I should've realised how this news would affect you. I was so wrapped up in myself and Sirius that I never thought... but dammit, I'm supposed to be the one to be there for you when you need someone. Me. I'm your brother. I should've done something.


Charlie: *turns his face to one side, pressing his cheek against the cool of the pillow* *bitterly* 's not you. *his hand clenches into a fist in the sheets*


Bill: *looks down on him, squeezing his hand* It is me. I should have warned you, or something. I'm sorry, Charlie.


Charlie: *murmurs* Not you... me. *reaches slowly to smooth the hair off Bill's face*


Bill: Why do you think that?


Charlie: *shakes his head, whispering something incoherent under his breath* *tugs a little on Bill's hair, trying to draw him closer*


Bill: *comes closer, until he's again hovering over Charlie's mouth, his lips ghosting over Charlie's* What was that you said?


Charlie: *as quickly as he can* Nevermind. *presses himself up against Bill, lips blindly seeking Bill's mouth*


Bill: *kisses him back, sinking into the oh-so-familiar rhythm and feel of Charlie's mouth, fogetting everything outside of the two of them for a long moment*


Charlie: *closes his eyes, trying to draw the kiss out for as long as possible, hands running over Bill's back in wide, lazy sweeps*


Bill: *finally breaks the kiss, panting, but doesn't pull away* *Charlie will be able to feel his hardening cock against his thigh*


Charlie: *swallows, moving his leg slightly to rub against Bill's cock, feeling Bill's breath hot on his flushed face*


Bill: *pulls his hips back abruptly, looking at Charlie* Are you sure?


Charlie: *exhales slowly, looking up at him* Of what?


Bill: *swallows* Do you even want to be with me anymore?


Charlie: *blinks* Do I... *trails off, taking his hands away from Bill's back*


Charlie: *bites his lip* I just... *shakes his head, trying to work out what he wants to say* I just. Need you. *looks up at him, almost avoiding eye contact*


Bill: *looks away* We haven't exactly been together much since you got back into town. At first I thought it was Sirius, but now I'm not so sure.


Charlie: *shakes his head dumbly, not understanding what Bill is trying to say* *tries to shift his weight under Bill, and his leg rubs hard against Bill's erection, making him hesitate and stop*


Bill: *sucks in a gulp of air at the contact to his cock*


Charlie: You... don't think I want you. *slow statement, trying to make the words as clear as possible*


Bill: *turns his head back to meet his eyes* Do you?


Charlie: Bill... *pauses, slowly threading his fingers back into Bill's hair* Want you. I want to... be with you.


Bill: *nods, satisfied that this is the truth, and kisses him gently, keeping his eyes open* you, Charlie...


Charlie: *squeezes his eyes shut, kissing him back a little desperately* ... so much...


Bill: *presses his cock against his thigh, shifting his own leg against Charlie's cock*


Charlie: *pulls back a little and swipes his tongue over Bill's lower lip, breathing heavily* *whispers* SO much...


Bill: *seals his mouth over Charlie's sucking his tongue in and sucking on it* Show me how much, Char.


Charlie: *runs his hands over Bill's bare chest, eyes a little wide, as if he can't really believe this is happening*


Charlie: *tentatively shifts his hips, pressing his erection against Bill's thigh*


Bill: *pushes his hand between them to stroke along Charlie's erection, thrusting his tongue roughly into his mouth and exploring*


Charlie: *closes his eyes, rubbing himself slowly against Bill's hand* *his voice is hoarse* Oh... please. Do that.


Bill: *runs his thumb repeatedly over the tip, collecting the fluid and licking it slowly off, clearly savoring* I want to taste you.


Charlie: *groans, and leans in to kiss Bill again, his tongue sliding suddenly between Bill's lips, tasting himself on Bill's mouth*


Charlie: *murmurs Bill's name into his mouth, moving his hands down to brush against Bill's nipples*


Bill: *slides his hand down the shaft, gathering his balls and rolling them against his palm slowly*


Bill: *arches up into Charlie's touch, nipples hard*


Charlie: *brushes his palms against Bill's nipples, dragging his hands slowly over the warm skin, his breathing harsh in Bill's ear*


Charlie: *swallows, feeling slightly dizzy, one hand going to clutch at Bill's back*


Bill: *begins moving down his body, finally kneeling between his legs, breathing hot air onto his cock*


Bill: *meets his eyes as he slowly laps at the head of his prick*


Bill: You are mine. Always, Charlie.


Charlie: *reaches down to wind his fingers through Bill's hair, letting it fall through his hands* *whispers, his voice thick* want to be yours... so much. *sucks in a deep breath and trembles at the feeling of Bill's tongue on his cock*


Bill: *takes the head into his mouth and pauses, sucking on it lightly, then gradually taking in the rest of the shaft, teasingly slowly*


Charlie: *gasps, his eyes fluttering closed again as he sinks back on the pillows, body shaking with the effort of stopping himself from thrusting into Bill's mouth*


Bill: *fingers explore around his hole, the ball of his thumb circling the entrance slowly*


Bill: *deep throats the prick, tongue sliding along the bottom*


Charlie: Ah, FUCK... *arches his back, hands tightening unconsciously in Bill's hair until they're holding his head in place* *presses his face into the pillows, his laboured breathing suddenly muffled*


Bill: *pulls back to keep just the head in his mouth, tongue sliding over the underside and pressing into the hole at the top*


Charlie: *moans Bill's name, hands sliding down to clutch at his shoulders, as if to reassure himself that he's not dreaming*


Charlie: *bucks sharply upwards into Bill's mouth before he can help himself*


Bill: *takes him in easily, then lets his cock slide out with a small slurp* Do you want to come now, or with me inside you?


Charlie: *murmurs something incoherent, trying to pull Bill up by the shoulders*


Bill: *lets himself be pulled up until he's lying on top of Charlie again, their faces an inch apart* What was that, Charlie?


Charlie: *presses his lips against Bill's hungrily* I... I want to be yours. *swallows, closing his eyes* Want you to have me.


Bill: *kisses him hard, hands cupping his cheeks*


Charlie: *slides his hand down to stroke along the small of Bill's back, following the curve of his arse*


Bill: *sits up quickly, pushing a pillow under Charlie's hips and placing his legs over his shoulders*


Charlie: *breathes deeply, watching Bill's face as he offers himself*


Bill: *reaces blindly for the salve and squeezes out a tiny amount, working it over his cock quickly* This is going to hurt, my love.


Charlie: *swallows, his voice strange* Good.


Charlie: *exhales slowly, feeling the dizziness sweeping over him again*


Bill: *presses against Charlie's hole, which has obviously been fucked once that night already* *swallows hard, seeing this, and meets Charlie's eyes again instead*


Charlie: *bites his lip at the blunt heat of Bill against his entrance, pushing down slightly*


Bill: *presses in gradually, feeling Charlie's body accepting him, though with the small amount of lube there's an incredible amount of friction and burning pain*


Charlie: *clutches at Bill's back, hard enough for his nails to leave tiny marks, as he pulls Bill into him*


Charlie: *spreads his legs as wide as he can, the alcohol dulling the pain a little*


Bill: *moans as he's encased in Charlie's tight heat*


Bill: *chants as he thrusts* Mine. You are mine. Always. Forever. Mine.


Charlie: *nods silently, rocking his hips out of rhythm with the thrusts, turning them into harsh, uneven strokes, trying to feel as much of Bill inside him as possible*


Charlie: *cries out as Bill rubs against his prostate, clenching his hands in the sheets*


Bill: *fucks him faster, angling to hit his prostate only occassionally, still punishing him*


Charlie: *hoarsely* So good, Bill, so FUCKING good...


Bill: *closes his eyes, feeling himself close already, and trying hard to stave off his impending orgasm*


Charlie: *opens up around him, eyes fixed on Bill's face*


Charlie: *catches hold of one of Bill's hands, squeezing it tight as he thrusts up against Bill, trying to drive him deeper still*


Bill: *opens his eyes, meeting Charlie's gaze as he squeezes back*


Bill: *softly* I love you.


Charlie: *starts to tremble* I... love you...


Charlie: *murmurs* want you in me want you here... want... *then gasps as Bill hits a sensitive spot, clenching tighter around him*


Bill: *moans, one hand going to Charlie's cock and stroking in the same rhythm*


Charlie: *thrusts desperately up into Bill's hand, too far gone to realise that he's whispering Bill's name over and over*


Bill: *screams Charlie's name as he comes hard*


Charlie: *closes his eyes, fighting to breathe from the pressure on his cock and the warmth of Bill inside him*


Bill: *after a moment resumes the stroking on his cock, though much more slowly*


Charlie: *runs his tongue over his parched lips* *whispers, hardly slurring at all now* Oh Bill, PLEASE...


Bill: *hand slows* What do you want, Charlie? Do you want to fuck me? Do you want me to suck you dry?


Charlie: *opens his eyes, looking up at Bill's flushed face* I want you to hold me. I want you to hold me, while I come. *whispers* Don't want to feel anything but you.


Bill: *lays down beside him, rolling onto his back so that Charlie can get on top of him*


Bill: *puts one arm aroud him, the other hand quickening on his cock*


Charlie: *settles on top of Bill, burying his face in the hollow of his collarbone and closing his eyes*


Charlie: *is breathing hard, squeezing Bill's shoulder as he presses himself into Bill's hand*


Bill: *licks at his neck, outlining the marks Charlie's earlier encounter had left*


Charlie: *makes a small noise, sliding his leg between Bill's thighs*


Charlie: *kisses the skin underneath his mouth, tasting the salt of Bill's sweat, moaning softly as he feels himself getting close*


Bill: *nips his neck, making his own marks*


Charlie: *tilts his head to one side, exposing more skin*


Bill: *bites harder, sucking the pale skin into his mouth and leaving purple welts*


Bill: *hand moves faster, thumb swiping across the tip*


Charlie: *arches his back and comes silently into Bill's hand, laying his cheek flat on Bill's chest as the tremors sweep over him, clutching his hand*


Bill: *holds him tight through it*


Charlie: *swallows hard, lying heavy against him*